The robot dog

Almost every child who has no pet wants to have it. Someone wants a kitten someone rats someone's cat, someone's Guinea pig, but most children want a dog. This is due to the fact that dogs, unlike other animals, spend a lot of time with his master and play with him. Fun, after all, to teach a dog to bring Slippers to continue to forgive her do it, or teach others to certain commands.
Since ancient times happened that a dog is man's best friend, but there are a number of reasons why a family can't have a dog. Such reason may be the small living space (agree that it is inconvenient to live in, say, three people in a Studio apartment and with a dog), allergic to wool, or simply a phobia of dogs. With that, the dog always needs a walk to feed. In General, the dog is not only a great joy but also great responsibility.


But families who for whatever reason can't have a dog, you can get a dog robot. The last dog-Zoomer is a robot. Zoomer behaves more like a real dog. He walks and runs like a real dog when he moves on wheels, it is reminiscent of the wavy slithering movement. Zoomer also played a variety of games, it is only to charge and give the command. So is he like a real dog raises his leg in order to pee.
It is easy to move as on the moving and carpet. To ensure that the battery is discharged – enough to actively play with Zoomer for over 40 minutes, and he would rest, waiting for their charge. Zoomer has a function of recognition of persons and voices.

Perhaps someone will love Zoomer, but most will find it somewhat creepy, as the dog-robot, imitating the joy of touching or acknowledging his love for her is somehow scary. Lively pup is much happier and that is really there, alive.
As already mentioned, not everyone for various reasons can afford a dog, but since I can't afford live – better not to have this "artificial joy." In the end, is it good or bad, to solve everyone personally.

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