Two years of waiting

Here's what the story took place sometime in the Moscow airport "Vnukovo". Was landing on aircraft "IL-18" flying off somewhere to the north. People scurried Semen for duty, first slowly sit on quiet location in the tail. Only one passenger was in no hurry. He missed all because it was flying with a dog. Airport technology, witnesses of this history, argued that a person on the ticket was a dog, but the shepherd was not allowed on the plane - there was no help from a doctor. Man to prove something, persuade ... Do not persuaded.

Then in "Vnukovo" he hugged the dog, took off the collar, even for the concrete, and the top of the stairs. Shepherd, deciding that it was released to walk, ran around the plane, and when I returned to the place, the ladder has been removed. She stood and stared at the closed door. It was some kind of mistake. Then he ran down the taxiway for buzzing "sludge." She ran after him as she could. Plane pour it hot kerosene fumes and gone to heaven. The dog was left on an empty runway. And waited. The first time she ran every soaring "Ilyushin" on the runway. Here it and saw the captain "IL-18" Vyacheslav Valente. He noticed a running dog next to a board, and although it during take-off was a lot of other things, gave aerodrome services: "You have to strip Shepherd, then the master will take, and then crush." Then he saw her many times, but thought it was dog someone from port officials and the dog lives next to the airfield.

He was wrong, the dog lived in the open air at the airport. Next to the runway, where it was seen soaring "Elah". Later, after a while, she apparently realized that leaving the car in the sky will not bring her to meet, and moved closer to the parking lot. Now, settling for small car builders, right in front of the terminal building, she saw coming and going "IL-18". Barely fed ladder, the dog approached him and stood at a safe distance from people, zhdala.Priletev from Norilsk, Valente again saw the shepherd.

A survivor of Dachau, has seen a lot in his time of grief, he learned it in the eyes of skinny dogs. The next day we walked on the tarmac to the site "Il-18". "Listen, my friend, - addressed to the commander of the tanker - you never seen a dog here?" - "Our? Now, perhaps, comes in to land. " - "Who does she live?" - "No one. It is in the hands of anyone not given. Otherwise she would not survive. And it caught here. And other dogs tore, her ear, you know, mashed. But it is from the airport nowhere. Neither snow nor rain. All waiting for. " - "And who feeds?" - "Now we are all its Feeding the. But it does not take from the hands and not let anyone close. In addition Volodin, appliances. With him like a friendship, but for him to go does not want. Afraid probably miss the plane ».

Appliances Nikolai Volodin we saw near the aircraft. At first he suspected something was wrong in our visit, said that the dog saw, but where she does not know, then, to learn that nothing bad she is not threatened, said: "There's taxis 18 minutes, then come now." "How are you calling her?" - "Call Palma. And so, at the airport who knows her nickname? "" IL-18 "has to offer, doverchival screws ... From the train station to the aircraft rolled off the ladder. On the other hand, from the runway, ran the dog - Alsatian with a black back, light tan and smart living muzzle. One ear was torn. She ran slowly and ripe to the ramp when the door opened. "If I found the owner, for my money would have sent her to him - said Valente. - And every commander in the port would have taken it on board ... "The dog stood at the ramp and looked at people. Then, not finding someone was looking, stepped aside and lay down on the concrete, and when brought new passengers, came over and stood until the door closed.
What happened next?

This question in one form or another is contained in each of the many thousands of letters received by the editorship of that old "Komsomolskaya Pravda" after the publication of "Two years waiting for." No, the owner did not come for the Palm. But still found. In Norilsk pilot Valente handed a piece of paper covered in block letters without signature. The note said that a year and eight months ago, wrote her man flew from Moscow to the Yenisei by Norilsk. Signs of dog: the left ear is torn and left eye patient. This detail gave reason to suppose that he wrote really a former owner of the dog: that eye Shepherd injured, I did not tell anyone. Because of this, the eyes, according to the owner, he gave no help. Now, two years later, he apparently feared condemnation friends and family for a long time parting with the dog and did not dare to declare themselves. The dog he was not going to come back, but I wanted idyllic finals. He came, however, quite different.

Hundreds of people from different cities were going to take the dog to his home, and she flew to Kiev. By the time of the Kiev Pedagogical Institute Associate Professor Vera Kotlyarevskaya using the airfield employees reached Palma, the dog was frightened by excessive attention and sympathy, and zealous specialists in catching stray animals, which provoked the activity of publication in an old newspaper, reprinted around the world. It was necessary to overcome the wariness of the dog and gain her trust. It was difficult. Kotlyarevskaya conducted with Palm days from dawn to dusk, with patience and tact. The day came evacuation. Sheepdogs were given sleeping pills and made the plane. Arsenevna faith and palm trees on the road accompanied by a volunteer, veterinarian Andrew Andrievskii.

The first time Palma felt uncomfortable in new home Kiev. But a large family Kotlyarevskaya well prepared for the arrival of Vnukovo Shepherd. Home talking quietly so as not to scare the dog, do not close the doors of rooms, so it does not feel trapped ... Gradually began to take root Palma. Faith Arsenevna wrote in her diary: "It is very balanced dog, with a stable nervous system and persistent habit to man and the house." And one more entry from the diary: "House approached the sleeping daughter, lick cheek teeth and gently took the ear." And then there were puppies Palma. Three.


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