Why do people of Generation Y are unhappy

It seems to us now explain why many of us feel happy and everything goes tak.Vsya essence of the problem, as usual, in ourselves. Website is an excellent adaptation of the American articles, has received a fantastic response in the minds of the people - half a million likes on facebook.

Meet Lucy. It is - part of Generation Y, those born from the late 1970s until the mid-1990s. Lucy is also considered part of the culture Yuppie («young urban professional»).

For these it is possible to introduce a special term - Excellent Y Generation. Or just navel.

Navel - is the one who thinks he is the focal point of some of its particular universe.

So, Lucy enjoys her life Pupa and she is very happy to be Lucy. Only one small problem:

Lucy is somehow not very happy.

In order to understand why is it that we need to define what happiness or unhappiness. And there is a simple formula:

It's quite simple: when the reality of the individual is better (more later) than his expectations, he is happy. When reality is worse (smaller lower) than the expectations, the individual is unhappy.

To explain the system as a whole, we need to meet with the parents of Lucy.

Lucy's parents were born in the 50's -60's, during the great fertility. Their grandparents brought Lucy, which are part of a generation of heroes who survived the Great Depression and collectively fought in different wars. It is certain that they are not Pupami.

Grandparents Lucy were grown with thoughts about the economic security and stability, and they are taught to parents Lucy choose practical and reliable career. Grandparents have always wanted to grass on the lawn Parents Lucy was greener than their own. Thus, Lucy's parents came to the idea of ​​a prosperous and growing career. It looks something like this:

They were convinced that nothing will stop them in the pursuit of this juicy, green lawn growing career, but they will need to put the years of life and hard work to make this a reality.

After graduating from university and cheerful student years, Lucy's parents went to their career goals. As a result, in the 70's, 80's, 90's world has experienced unprecedented economic takeoff. Lucy's parents did everything better than they expected. It made them happy and optimistic.

With such a successful and more positive experiences than their own parents, Lucy's parents raised her with a sense of optimism and boundless opportunities. And they are not alone. The parents of the generation of large Childbirth around the world raised their children in Generation Y with the idea that they can be whatever they want. Thus, parents laid a deep sense of the uniqueness of the psyche of their children.

This led to the fact that Navels began to perceive their own career expectations are very optimistic and career lawns of their parents seemed to them even high enough. This lawn should be at the Navel with flowers!

This leads us to the first fact about Pupah:

Navels INCREDIBLE ambitious

This Navel expects his career lawn a lot more than just reliability and safety. The fact that such a simple lawn enough individual and unique to the Navel. At the time, the parents of the generation of large Childbirth like to live in a brighter future, real Navels want to live solely in their personal touch brighter future.

Statistics from Google shows that the phrase "secure career" over the past 20 years is becoming less popular, while the popularity of the phrase "successful career" is growing by leaps and bounds.

To make it clearer, Navels want economic well-being as well as their parents. Just Navels, in addition, they want to be so successful career, as their parents once did not even think.

But it is going on something else. At that time, as the career goals of Generation Y are becoming more unique and ambitious, Lucy gets a second message from his childhood:

This leads us to the second fact about Pupah:


Lucy thinks: "Of course, now all come to a successful career, but I have something so extraordinarily magnificent that my achievements will still stand out from the crowd." Thus, in this generation, in addition to the career of green lawn with flowers, each Navel thinks it is waiting for something unique and individual -

Brilliant unicorn on top of the floral lawn!

So what are delusional? And the fact that everyone thinks navel. After all, they are special! And especially - it means not all the others.

Even now, Navel read this article and think, "Ha, not bad word, but actually I'm actually one of the few really special" - and that's the problem.

The second wave of delirium covers navel when he enters the labor market. While both parents Lucy needed many years of hard work to achieve the goals, Lucy thinks that a successful career - is granted for such a unique person like her. And all it takes - it's a bit of time and choose what to do. Her expectations before the start of a career look like this:

Unfortunately, the funny thing with regards to this world is not so simple in fact, and strange to say, but turns out to be quite difficult to build a career. Successful careers are earned over the years of sweat, tears and blood. Even those without flowers on the lawn career and unicorns. Even the most successful people rarely do something interesting and exciting in the middle of their third ten.

Navels But not one of those who can just take it.

Professor Paul Harvey of the University of New Hampshire in the study of this issue concluded that the people of Generation Y are characterized by "unrealistic expectations and a strong resistance to the adoption of the negative reviews", and "high self-esteem." The professor said: "A great source of frustration for people with a strong sense of righteousness are unmet expectations. They only believe that they are entitled to a certain level of respect and rewards, in fact at this level has not yet been reached. Thus, they often do not get what they expect to receive. »

For those who hire members of generation Y, Mr. Harvey advises asking the interview question: "Do you feel generally that outperform their peers. And if so, why? ". The professor said: "If the applicant answers" yes "to the first question, but begins to falter on the question" why? ", It can be a certain sign." This is because it is often self-perception is based on the feeling of superiority. Rather, it occurs in childhood, because of the zealous belief that the navel is very special, though often it has no real baseless.

And as all the world has the audacity to build on the basis of distinguished achievements, a few years after the formation of Lucy finds herself here:

Inflated expectations Lucy, coupled with arrogance and misconceptions about herself, leaving her much lower than the plank, she even asked myself the first years of a career path. And the reality of it pales in comparison with the expectations, and its evaluation of happiness in the end goes into minus.

And it becomes even worse. In addition to all, from the Navel there is another problem, which refers to the entire generation Y:


Of course, some people from the generation of large Childbirth more successful than parents Lucy. Although sometimes they can learn about the success of some of their peers, mainly the parents Lucy simply did not know about the real achievements of the majority of his former classmates, classmates, and other old friends.

Lucy, in this time, under the influence of the modern phenomenon of social networking.

Social networks create for Lucy world in which:

1) All of what others are doing, open and known
2) Most of the people represented an improved version of yourself this

3) People usually show itself only in moments of success and moments of struggle, they prefer to stay in the shade.

This leaves Luce mistaken feeling that everyone around her more successful, and it strengthens her suffering:

That's why Lucy feels unhappy or at least irritated or worried. In fact, it is likely that she began her career very well, but it is still disappointing.

Here are some tips for Lucy:

1. Stay wildly ambitious. The modern world is seething opportunities for ambitious people who want to succeed and put flowers on his lawn. A certain direction can be vague at first, but the road itself is determined, just keep going.

2. Stop thinking that you're special. The fact is that right now you're not special! While you're just another completely inexperienced young person that has not much to offer to others. But you can become a special working a lot and for a long time.

3. Do not pay any attention to the rest. Grass on someone else's lawn always looks greener, is not new. But in the modern world often alien lawns look simply incredible meadows. The truth is that the rest of the same half-hearted, hesitant and frustrated as you are. And if you just do the trick, then you will never have any reason to envy others.

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