The history of Czech lamps

To date, there is no shortage of proposals of lighting fixtures of different types, manufactured in any country of the world. However, most people prefer chandeliers Czech production. Such preferences are rooted in tradition and have a fundamental basis.

Lights of Bohemia was conquered by his glory long enough. And the path was far from simple. Competition in this segment of the market was so high that it seemed, from the then Czechoslovakia entered into this battle, there is practically no chance. The indisputable superiority had countries such as Italy, Germany, Austria, Canada and the United States. Moreover, very rapidly to recognized favorites moved up the countries of South-East Asia (Japan, Korea, Taiwan and of course China).

Light coup
However, the still United Czechoslovakia, being at that time a member of the socialist camp, is not afraid to enter into competition with quite a number of developed capitalist countries. Moreover, this country has won an incredible, sensational, resounding victory, coming in the unconditional world leaders manufacturers of artificial light sources! What was the reason for this "revolution of light"?

Of course, the hard work of local craftsmen. But only one performance they are unlikely to be able to do. Helped the Czechs and the forces of nature. Lights of Bohemia in particular and the Czech Republic in General are known for their high quality, reliability, durability and optical characteristics. This is achieved, in addition to experts, the following features
  • the extraordinary properties of natural rock mineral, get that only in this territory;
  • the rich and ancient traditions in processing crystal;
  • attention to every detail, starting with the crystals and ending with the most small and insignificant (seemingly) element hardware.
Here's how you can win in the competition, even if the initial odds of success were quite ephemeral!

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