7 products that are often counterfeited

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Products, familiar to our table, can be not what we take it. However, Site there's good news: you can protect yourself from above fraud is quite real.

Ground coffee

In the ground coffee may be roasted and crushed barley, wheat, soybeans. To reduce the cost of production, even add crushed branches.

How to protect yourself?

To buy coffee beans and grind yourself.

Pomegranate juice

The inscription on the packaging States that inside the bottle is 100 % pomegranate or cranberry juice. But, most of all, the drink is properly diluted cheaper Apple juice or just water.

How to protect yourself?

Carefully read the part, pay attention to the percentage of juice.

Olive oil

Buying a bottle of expensive olive oil, you can bring home more than cheap corn, palm or soy.

How to protect yourself?

Pour into a glass and refrigerate. Real olive oil forms a precipitate.


One of the leaders in the market of fake products. In this cheese find about 10% wood chips, or issued for the mixture of cheaper cheeses.

How to protect yourself?

To buy the whole round, pre-reading of the label.


Only with honey don't! Most often diluted with syrups with a high content of fructose.

How to protect yourself?

Read storage requirements. Natural honey is optional to keep in the fridge.


This reddish slice on the roll, probably not salmon. In most cases, when ordering sushi with a certain kind of fish, you get a cheaper grade, sometimes tinted.

How to protect yourself?

If you really want fish, order her steak.


Among all the imitations, this is probably the most dangerous. Fake rice in the picture above is made from starch mixed with plastic. Granules like grains of rice and even smell the same — they are sprayed with a flavoring.

How to protect yourself?

Fake pic not sink in water, and when burning smokes like plastic. When purchasing, pay attention to the manufacturer and trust only trusted brands.

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