15 things that can save the lives of your family. This is better to know in advance!

Today, there are many devices and gadgets designed to make our lives easier. This is something to which we are most concentrated - our everyday lives, but what happens if something goes beyond the familiar? So, what we generally prefer not to think - robbery, fire, missing children. Some things that can save in these situations, you may have, on the other you can not even suspect.

So, to protect yourself and your family, you will need:

1. Flashlight

Most of us at home have a flashlight. It can be very useful if there are some problems with the electricity. The problem is that few people know where it is, and in what condition his batteries. Put a flashlight and the batteries in a place where you can always quickly they get it.

2. Radio

In the event of a disaster, if something happens to the telephone lines, the radio can be your way of communication with the outside world, and the only opportunity to receive information and learn news. In any case, stocks of battery-powered radio, bottled water, non-perishable food, clothes and other necessities.

3. Burglar alarm

Burglar alarm makes your home more safe and secure. All you need to do - to enter the code a little before entering and after leaving. All districts will hear if someone tries to get in, not to mention the protection that immediately come to the place. Today, there are many different security systems, installing many - much easier and cheaper than you think.

4. Smoke detector

The smoke detector should be in every home. It is simple to install and requires no special skills to operate. All you need to do is occasionally change the batteries. On account of smoke detectors saved many lives. Do you think that you will wake up, when to start a fire? The odds are not so great. Install a detector on each floor of the house and do not forget to check from time to time, or they are working.

5. Timers

On the market there are different kinds of timers. In the simplest models, you just need to put down the time on and off, and then insert the device into the socket. The connected device will operate only in certain you watch. More advanced models can be established, for example, a plate. After a certain time, the timer will automatically disable it. Such devices can be salutary, if you forget to turn off the stove. Often they are useful in homes where elderly people live.

6. Plugs in the outlet

They have been around for a long time, but all the same effective. The houses there are more and more socket connectors, and children are usually drawn to him like cats to cream. Buy and place the package of caps, and you will save your children from serious injury.

7. Regular phone

It may seem old-fashioned, as most people use mobiles. But do not forget that the mobile network is more sensitive and susceptible to malfunction than the telephone cable, for example, in the case of very bad weather. Without a landline phone you can stay without a connection to the outside world and not be able to call emergency services.

8. GPS Navigator

GPS Navigator - a new word in the field of child safety. Since then, they have ceased to be expensive device used by many parents. With this device, they can constantly see where their child that gives confidence that he's all right. Simply attach a small tracker to a backpack or jacket child and can occasionally glances, not if he skips school, as well as to monitor its safety.

9. The video surveillance system

With the current level of technological progress, CCTV has long ceased to be the privilege of only the people living in large estates. The cameras have become cheaper and their installation easy. Video surveillance system - a great way to know everything that is happening around and inside your home. Also, the mere presence of cameras may scare off a thief.

10. CCTV

Do you live alone or do not want your children to open the door to strangers? Then the video phone for you. With it you can see everyone who calls at the door. CCTV will protect you and your family from all sorts of thieves and charlatans, who are just waiting to be opened.

11. Child Locator

Child Locator - is the latest trend, which allows to keep track of children, especially in crowded places. Have you ever been to an amusement park, and tried not to lose sight of the child, fidget, trying to climb up everywhere? In such situations, parents can seldom remain calm. This little gadget consists of two parts - one can be attached, for example, to boot the child, the other - to leave at home. Press the button on its part of the device, and the second will emit a loud enough sound, so you can just easily observe your child, even if he will be at a certain distance.

12. Magnetic door alarm

Magnetic Door Alarm is suitable for those who do not want to install the entire security system, or those who want to protect themselves even more. If someone opens the door, and the alarm is activated, it will emit a loud sound. Good safeguard against unwanted guests.

13. Wireless Baby Monitor with Night Vision Camera

All parents are prone to feelings of anxiety whining when their children are not with them. Of course, there is a baby monitor that will let you know when the baby is crying and asks attention. A new type of monitor will also allow you to see the baby, even if the room is dark. You can ensure that everything was in order, or just to watch the sleeping child.

14. Taser

Taser could save your life. It may neutralize the enemy without inflicting serious harm. You and members of your family will feel safe with him, even on the way home late at night. In the majority of countries do not need permission shocker. It can also serve as a good alternative to the cold steel.

15. Parental Control

Parental control is used to protect children from inappropriate content on the Internet, as well as to restrict their activities on the computer. Block some websites and forums, you can also protect children from kidnappers who sometimes try them over the Internet to lure somewhere.

Here is a brief list of devices that can help protect you and your family. Choose the appropriate options and use them to ensure that no situation has not turned out to be a windfall for you. It is better to prevent a nuisance than to pay for his own negligence. With these devices, you can sleep peacefully, and nothing to worry about.

Share this knowledge with your friends, let them also pay attention to the safety of their families!

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