Culinary skills to a new level: 9 mistakes that you are always doing in the kitchen and how to avoid them.

No one is immune from mistakes in the kitchen, even the most experienced hostess. Sometimes it can be a trifle spoil the appearance and taste of the dish, was very angry at this. To avoid such situations was less, you have a great chance to replenish their stocks of knowledge in the culinary field. These techniques will help you avoid embarrassing mistakes and prepare meals at its best! Memorable and enjoy it with pleasure.

1. Cook the pasta in a small saucepan is appropriate only if you cook very small amount, per person, than when not too hungry. In other cases, in order to get the perfect meal, take a pot large - so make Italian Grandma. It boil the pasta evenly and will not be sticky. Required Ambassador boiling water before you throw to the pasta.

2. Use your knives correctly, knowing their species. Wide Chef Knife wonderfully suited for chopping vegetables and cutting meat, narrow knife - for a thorough cleaning of vegetables, removing small parts such as the eyes on potatoes. A knife with serrated ideal for bread and rolls, butter. Use them as intended, without the hassle, so much easier to work in the kitchen.

3. Using a small cutting board, you're making a mistake. You often have to pour the chopped ingredients, little pieces falling, appearing not only on the table, but also on the kitchen floor ... save time and effort when cutting different ingredients for the dishes you will board a little more. Why, do you think? Everything is logical - for cutting vegetables, meat and greens need a large knife, as described above. A knife is suitable for a large board of the same size.

4. Stop store tomatoes in the refrigerator! Doing this is not necessary, because everyone's favorite vegetable loses its flavor due to changes in temperature, it becomes a very different consistency. It is best to store the tomatoes in a paper bag or to arrange them in a single layer in some cartons. Tomatoes can be stored as about 5 days, depending on the degree of maturity.

5. In no case do not put knives in the dishwasher! From the heat, they become dull, the blade is very spoiled. To extend the life of a good knife, wipe it dry after use and washing, store in a dry place.

6. To cut a perfect fried food look and taste, it should be cooked in a pot large. This should be done so that the pieces do not touch each other during frying, then get the best result. Another tip: if you vytresh dry potatoes and chicken before frying them, you'll be able to cook the most delicious version of the familiar dishes - crispy on the outside and tender flesh inside.

7. To dish of minced meat obtained tasty, choose beef, in which there is a sufficient amount of fat, small slices of bacon. This will help keep the meat juicy during cooking - such as pies, pasties with meat are obtained tasteless, if you choose to cook them minced lean meat. To improve the palatability of minced certainly adds a bit of raw onion.

8. If you cook a tender dough, puff or sponge, add the flour to the remaining ingredients slowly and gradually. With the rapid mixing butter and flour the dough becomes sticky. This is good if you cook the cake for pizza, but it is not suitable for air test. Very convenient to gradually add flour, stirring dough mixer at low speed.

9. Know about it all, but this point is so important that it is worth his voice again. Before mark products in the pan with oil, be sure to reheat it. If the ingredients for the dishes to put on a cold pan, they will stick in the process of frying. Do not do that annoying bug!

These little tricks will help you to avoid disappointment during cooking. There are many useful techniques that will make your cooking experience is very successful. Gaining experience and are ready to love, because it is also a valuable ingredient in any dish!

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