Algorithms for optimal happiness

Anyway, no matter how much we deny it, but personality psychology is of interest to all.

Offer certain "Rules", formulated by our contemporary Ernest Tsvetkov. To agree — to disagree with them is Your right, but the fact that they perfectly help in difficult situations, in situations of hopelessness, excessive mental fatigue, it is a fact.

Approach to the stereotypical life situations somewhat strange. But why strange? Nobody calls upon to behave consistently. Although... why not... When to use these algorithms in what situation to use it, everyone decides for himself.

Fifty two million four hundred eight thousand one hundred seventy six

The code of good conduct gives the correct behavior, which You can accept or not accept. But to think, to reflect about these algorithms will definitely not superfluous.

"You know the rules, but you don't know all the rules by which the World lives. The world is sophisticated, but not malevolent.»

Optimistic statement "Don't worry about yourself. In fact, the universe cherishes you too, to you in vain" and not always in care of this hard to believe. You can certainly question this statement and thought often to go back to thinking about the Universe cares about us, about each of us.

How does this mechanism of "care", and whether this mechanism is analogous to the treatment of a man with a supplication to God or something else unknown to us the phenomenon?

When we look for information, it just comes to us. I think that everyone in practice, faced with such an inexplicable fact. Just about and a defense mechanism... because sometimes we do not even assume that what is really best for us! The focus of the consideration of their personal problems are sometimes incorrectly chosen.

Twenty eight million one hundred eleven thousand nine hundred ninety five

How the perception of physical objects (property space) depending on the angle of consideration, and when considering the life situation may change.

Good or evil has been done — judge a LIFE!

  • You can't know what is good, what is evil.
  • But just know that imposed good is evil.
  • You don't know what the Universe.
  • If you're right, you're wrong.
  • Is not what is called right and wrong, you know what is what.
  • Not bad, there are things that upset you.
  • No good is what pleases you.
  • The universe is too big, so you could hurt her.
  • Perhaps your error is that you need the Universe.
  • Your mistakes will not destroy the Universe.
  • Do not seek the truth, it is not. And if she is, then she doesn't need me.
  • Don't look for sense in life, if it exists, lies beyond.
  • How do you determine the purpose of what you do? And if it belongs to you?
  • Don't worry about yourself. In fact, the universe cherishes you too, to you in vain.
  • Don't look for the guilt. There's nothing your fault.
Thirty one million five hundred thirteen thousand four

  • Don't worry about which way you direct other — you know, what true, what false?
  • If what you're doing, it's hard for you, think if you need this.
  • Go with what is given to you is easiest, but do it hard.
  • If something you do accidentally, you're doing it on purpose.
  • Keep what you like and escape from what you don't like.
  • If you can fix the consequences of their mistakes, you're not wrong.
  • What happens, happens in time.
  • Sometimes finding the right solution will cost you more errors.
  • What is happening is happening in addition to your will, but your will to accept, or not accept.
  • If in doubt about the road, take a companion, if you believe, move one.
  • To be strong means to be alone.
  • Strong is strongest alone. You yourself can choose how to be.
  • Each person alone.
  • Strong accepts and blesses his loneliness. Weak running from him.
  • Be calm and attentive to the World, then you don't miss a moment of the Force.
  • When you are trying to learn about yourself from others, you give them power over you. Therefore, be the measure of what is going on with you.
  • Bless the lost opportunity, you have gained a great opportunity.
  • Give — easy,
    Lose — easy,
    You can — easily.
  • Don't worry about that joy was not enough, that you will become another sadness.
  • Love thy enemy to defeat.
  • If the enemy caught you by surprise, and you're still alive — he's in your hands.
  • Than proigrysha situation, so it is advantageous.
  • Don't be afraid of somebody trying to break your will, because he is weak.
  • True revenge is to ignore.
  • Behind you stand the test. Give in to weaken the resistance.
  • Do not strive to be the better team, but look where the opponent is weaker than you.
  • When you love your enemy, you better get to know him. The more you learn, the more benefits you get over it.
  • You can't always win, but you can always make themselves invincible. Victory depends on the enemy. Invincibility — from himself.
  • Whoever your opponent, always try to see him as a person. And soon you will be convinced that this approach gives you a huge advantage.
  • Eat and be sated — each to their pleasure, but don't mix them up.
  • You know the rules, but you don't know all the rules by which the World lives. The world is sophisticated, but not malevolent.
  • There are people who stay next to which destroys you. This does not mean that they are bad. This means that staying with them is destroying you.
  • There are people with whom stay strengthens you and makes you stronger. This does not mean that they are good. This means that staying near to them strengthens you.
  • Be attentive to yourself in the moment when you communicate with others. And you will become clear who is who.
  • Avoid to chat with first, and seek to communicate with the second. If this does not work, then do avoid friendship.
  • If you're getting what you're doing?
  • When the fire approaching, he first shines, and then
    warms and then burns.
  • Now you're immortal, for it has not died.
Thirty six million nine hundred twenty nine thousand eight hundred sixty

  • Do not be afraid of curses, seek not the praise, nothing new, they will not bring you.
  • You create worry and anxiety, when success measure the measure of praise or censure.
  • Not to think about where to go next when you are in the middle of the suspension bridge.
  • Making — do it now, then you never will.
  • You will never be able to tell where you're going, only where I hope to come.
  • Not struggle. Because you will inevitably be those against which you fight.
  • Remember about the law of the thirteenth blow.
    If one day the clock struck thirteen times instead of twelve, and the watch should be thrown, what would be the warranty on their repair is not allowed.
  • Any behavior consists of opposites. If you're doing something and trying too hard, sooner or later, there is the opposite of that something. Any excessive desire produces its opposite.
  • Too much power leads to the opposite result.
  • A wise leader does not produce an event but allows you to turn the process myself. If you're some kind of situation seems difficult, leave it herself. Left to itself, it by itself and be resolved.
  • A wise leader does not block the process hard predetermination and cause the event to develop a certain way.
  • Do not rush things. Let the process unfold itself. Silence is a great source of Strength.
  • Periodically people leave and come back to silence. Learn to come back to himself.
  • Silence and a clear sense of life — sources of any effective action.
  • Silence and empty space detect your mood. This is the field of your being. The force field of Life.
  • Strive to be genuinely interested in himself. It will teach you dedication.
  • Look rather easy than hard. Let effort listening to every word. Dive into your inner silence and be watchful. Then you have the chance to clear thinking.
  • Experience your innermost depths, you will be able to speak with the depths of another.
  • when you are freed from what you are, you be who you can be.
  • When you are freed from what you have, you get what you need.
  • When do you feel most destroyed, know that you are in the beginning of the growth period.
  • When you do not want, many will come to you.
  • When will you stop trying to impress, you will become quite impressive.
  • An ability to influence is not based on techniques or set of controls. Stay in Being and not in Doing.
  • Remember hidden wisdom: Give to reach
  • Excessive attempts lead to the opposite results.
  • Being in the Being, not in Doing, use the formula: Be — Do — Create.
    If you want to create something, ask: What am I supposed to do? But do not rush to do not repeat the mistakes of many of those who are trying hurriedly to do something but accomplish nothing. Recede one step, the beginning of the formula and again ask: How am I supposed to be? And stay in existence. And making will be done by itself, without your participation. But you'll get a clear, specific result, it's the one you wanted to create. This is the core of magic.
Sixty five million four hundred sixty nine thousand one hundred ninety five

  • Whoever is in Genesis have nothing to do, but everything is done.
  • Know where you are and know that you stand for. This is your Foundation.
  • MAG is not defending and not attacking. His touch to the World of easily, almost imperceptible.
  • Clarify your purpose. Then you can achieve it with no fuss.
  • Watch natural processes. They have power and strength because they simply exist. The movement of the planets, the Sun, the pull of the Earth. In accordance with these principles work and your body. Freedom comes when you begin to obey
    When you are outside the event, take time to ponder the question: What happens when nothing happens?
  • There is no difference between What happens and How it happens.
  • Learn to be led — in order to learn how to lead others.
  • Your influence begins with you and spreads like the ripples on the water.
  • Stay neutral and don't take a draw position.
  • Trust what is happening. Take what's going on.
    Trusting and accepting, you will survive.
  • Government formula — a formula for management. The art of management is based on the attainment of this formula.
  • If you want to control many, imagine that you control a few. Seek in large to see small, they somehow manage. The same people easier to manage than different. People aspiring to a common goal, easier to control than people who do not have a common purpose. People having a common enemy is easier to manage than having different enemies.
    Divide large for a small number of parts. And you get small. Do without effort. That would split itself, without your participation. To effectively manage, people do the same. But the skill to make people the same grows out of the ability to see them.
  • Be a Host, not a Guest. The owner is the one who allows or authorizes, allows or does not allow. He's not the one who asked, but someone asked. Not the one who needs, and one to someone in need. Not the one who goes, and who are the Guest — the one who asks permission to come in or log in. The one who asks. Who needs. Who comes, and who requests a meeting.
    If you have an appointment, try to hold it on-site. Let them come to you. But if you find yourself in the position of the guest with the host switch places. A lot depends on the internal position. To be the Owner, rather the position of the internal than the external.
  • Arguing is always the petitioner. Secretly he requests that his arguments took interested.
    So arguing guest.
  • Avoid dispute and do not let debaters to engage you. Do not abet the same stupidity.
  • The one who starts the argument, obviously is in a weak position, because it — albeit unspoken, but the petitioner.
  • Think about the Power that is behind you, and then this Force will actually stand up for you.
  • Stay indifferent to any messages. Do not be like the king who executed the messenger for bad news. The power of indifference. This force obeys the world. Learn to distinguish between reversible and irreversible — and you learn to wield a time.
  • Time to let your teachers will be:
    Darkness. Nothing is impossible to discern.
    Thunder. Not to predict. Who will hit and who will hit.
    Fire. Next heat, but at the approach of burns.
    Learn the unpredictability and unavailability.
  • Your best Teacher is your Way. Do not look for Teachers, He is near.
    His presence is here. One has only to open and see it.
  • To distinguish between Empty and Solid.
    Quality Solid — support.
    Quality Blank — unreliability.
    Solid is information that can be trusted. Is the person on whom you can rely on. The promise will be fulfilled. The car, which promptly starts up and go. The order will be executed. The word that is heard and understood. Solid is what gives the result. Blank — information is not trustworthy. Unreliable ally. Denying the other. The lazy worker. Dishonest steward. Unfulfilled promise. The interaction of the Solid and Empty gives Empty.
  • My grandfather gave his grandchild to strangers to learn the craft. However, the craft they taught, and were forced to work for themselves. But while still treated him badly. And then, when it became quite painful, the boy wrote a letter, begging to take him back, but the address written vague – in the village of my grandfather. Never get such a letter.
    The letter itself is Solid, but the address is Empty. The result is Empty. If in case you conceived at least one element is empty, then all efforts will be in vain.
  • When you have something does not add up, which look Empty. To separate the Solid from the Empty inside.
  • Your best Teacher is your Way. Do not look for Teachers, He is near. His presence is here. One has only to open and see it.
  • Strive to feel your Way. Path — the Great Manager. If you know your Way, good fortune and bad fortune equal to advance you forward.
  • You can't distinguish luck from failures, while not live to see tomorrow.published 

Author: Vlad Emet

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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