Yet without a pair

"I have no one now"... a Time without a relationship, the gaps between them we sometimes appreciate as something empty, meaningless. The company, the only worthy goal which can only be a search for a partner and nothing else.

But is it really? Is it possible to be happy when a relationship no?

Experience shows that is even possible, if you try:



1. Stop to consider this period as "negoziant", "off-beat" before the real event

We are no longer living in an agricultural society, where women's initiation, a recognition of maturity, the transition to the next phase of life was a wedding and the birth of children. At the same time, many of our stereotypes are far more ancient than us, and we difficult it is something to do with it. Yes, I can at the age of 27 to take the position of CEO and have the whole collection of diplomas, but if the finger no wedding ring, life seems to be passing by. And grandmother at the entrance will not judge me based on career achievements, size of revenues and diplomas, from their point of view, the ring is important.

In fact, marriage is just marriage. This is an important, but only part of your life, not whole life. However, as job, position, awards and other achievements. You are, you are significant regardless of how much and what you achieve.


2. To deal with health

In the absence of relationships have their advantages and disadvantages. Think you'll have much less time and effort if the relationship will be, and do it now, while they are not.

If you meet a loved one, and then, and look, relationships develop into family and marriage, you will need a lot of health. However, health is always good, and extra will not be.

These days, many doing different types of physical activity to look good. To lose weight, give your body a desirable shape. But not always, achieving external results, we begin to feel better.

Sometimes the body knows best what exercises he would be than our rational part.

While there is free time, try this practice: stay in an empty room alone with gymnastic Mat, in comfortable athletic clothes or no. Try to do all the things the body currently requests. Pulled? Sit down? To jump on the spot? Follow your impulses, go where the body went. Then you can explore what it's like, what set of exercises would fit you now, what kind of sport or direction. Pilates, dancing, stretching, running, swimming? Perhaps this will become a hint that will help you get more energy, feel better and become healthier, not just to give himself more "marketable" appearance.


3. To build "his village"

Many nowadays suffer from a lack in people's lives. If we don't have a pair, we often focus on finding "suitable" men, we decide that if we need him, you're not Dating and friendship with women, couples, people much older or younger than you.

In fact, for a harmonious life each of us very desirable "own village" — a wide range of people who share your values and interests, world view, support, allow close to them to be real themselves, to implement all the aspects of his personality.

Why not take advantage of a time without men for the construction of "their village"? Meet new interesting like-minded people regardless of their gender and age, to involve them in your life, find a new common cause. Regardless, see if you have a family and how soon, life will definitely come a time when the support of their native communities will be invaluable.


4. To do what you love

Many women, for years on hatch watch unloved, uninteresting, low-paid work in teams with an unsatisfactory relationship to them, consoling himself with the thought: "Once I get married, leave and sit at home."



Yes, it is possible, and in fact, one day will come and go, but until that happens, how much more are you willing to endure what we have now, how still have the strength to stay in this? Maybe the dream about the plight of mothers and Housewives is to wait and to change something right now? To think about another job or a more global change — change of profession, further education, starting a business? Even ahead of the decree, rarely anyone of the women in our day can life to sit at home. Most likely, to earn a living sooner or later in any case have, and better to do it the nice way you love, and not the fact that you now barely tolerate.


5. Travel

Many family people regret that he did not see the world before when it was easier to lift and freer in their elections. When the route you can choose to your taste and not to reconcile with her husband, and in the trip to collect two huge suitcases with things for three young children.

Unfortunately, women sometimes miss that opportunity, including out of fear to go alone. There is a stereotype that travelling definitely needs company, and she drags or "trailer" to a friend at her favorite Spa resort, which you most boring, uninteresting and expensive, or nailed, for example, the company of canoeists, even though she has no experience of boating and likes active rest.

Now is the time to take a trip just for yourself. Any wander through the museums, if you are a lover of works of art, or limit yourself to lying on the beach, if you want "petulant". Perhaps a solo trip will be way better than a meet.published


Author: Olga Gumanova

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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