What to do with myself on maternity leave

What to do with myself on maternity leave? This question excites many women, certainly women, tired from work, I was counting the days until maternity leave, and when the holiday came, they simply do not know what to do. In fact, the decree is a great time to do a how to relax and gain strength for the upcoming meeting with the baby. Not all future moms go on maternity leave, some prefer to remain in the workplace almost up to the birth. The reasons may be very different, e.g. high salary, working not under an employment contract and so on. In some women, pregnancy is difficult, there is irritability, drowsiness, nervousness and General reluctance to see anyone. Of course, in this case it is better to go on maternity leave and not to embarrass colleagues his bad mood. In the decree the woman first I just want to hide in the house with nothing to do, but unfortunately, doing nothing is boring very quickly.

Carry out the decree. In the decree you can finally do their favorite things, watch movies, listen to music, read books. Before the baby is born you can enjoy your free time, then you will not. Can redo all the small things around the house, for example, to restore order in the medicine Cabinet or start to grow flowers. If health allows, try to walk in the fresh air. Besides, the spare time allows you to earn a little money. In the Internet you can find a lot of work that would have approached the women sitting in the decree, it is necessary only to type in the search — work for sitting in the decree

Childbirth preparation expectant mother needs is preparing to leave, so you can enroll in special courses, if you have the opportunity to visit them with the future father. Furthermore, apart from the invaluable knowledge that will help the expectant mother to overcome the fear of childbirth, where you can meet other women who are in an interesting position. Get a special book where you will record important information about the children, so that nothing is forgotten. It is possible to write from all kinds of magazines and interesting articles on the Internet.

Needlework rescued from the boredom Crafts helps to preserve the peace, wards off anxiety and excitement. Many expectant mothers in the decree begin crafting; knit, sew, embroider, do beadwork, to create original Christmas cards. Most women begin to create something for your baby, for example, knit him booties and blouses.

Get yourself a blog! This is a very trendy and exciting activity. In my blog you will be able to share your experiences, observations, new ideas, and to mingle and chat with people. For example, you can tell other moms your secrets to parenting or to share a delicious new recipe for pancakes. So future moms in the decree, you can spend fun and useful, appreciate your free time, as with the birth of a baby it you will be sorely missed.


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