Read your child a story, or the Whole truth about employment

Whether the world is changing, whether I'm getting old. If earlier in response to the duty question "How are you?" friends told me about their children, travels, purchases, is now increasingly on the work of: "Circling like a squirrel in a wheel, busy every day."

— Let's meet, sit!— I'd like, but don't know when... At work loaded do anything no. The feeling is that employment has become our "default state". In the first place in modern society, employment is correlated with success. People who continuously don't get a lot of time, a matter of respect — well, he's such a good guy, tries, works, earns money. And the fact that because of the constant employment of the people not enough time not with family, no companionship, no rest, so it is seemingly minor. Which can be fun when you have the money?

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We are ready to take the "bride-price" to get a second job. Many are trying to make money online. But really if employment improves our lives?

Of course not.

I recently read an article which cited an interesting statistic from the category of "it would be funny if it were not so sad": 75 % of parents in the UK are too busy to read to children before bedtime. It would seem that it may be easier to open the book, read your child a story. Ten to twenty minutes of time, but even they are difficult to find in congested list of work and chores.

Carl honoré, the Evangelist, Slow Movement — the movement for universal rejection of the haste, in his book "No fuss" tells about one incident which has been forced to reconsider all their attitudes.

I came across the title: "Tale-odnominutka". To help parents cope with the responsibilities, consuming too much time of the classic tale are pressed in a one-minute narrative. Such summary Hans Christian Andersen. I almost exclaimed "Eureka!" At that time, every night I tinkered with a two year old son, which required a long tale, and to read it slowly, with feeling, with properly, with deliberation. I slipped him shorter books and drove at full speed. Because of this we quarreled. "Too fast!" — was indignant the kid or caught me already at the door with the exclamation: "you Want another tale!"Partly I was ashamed of my own selfishness when so ruthlessly reduced the ritual of laying, but I was eager to go about their business, dinner, email, reading, bills, work, watch the news on TV. I could not bring myself to go for a long leisurely walk in the world of Dr. seuss: it's too delayed.So, at first glance, the series of fairy tales-the minute seemed like a lovely solution to the problem: you can banish ten of these tales before going to sleep and still stay within a quarter of an hour — what would be better? I'm wondering how much you should expect delivery if order a full set of discs on Amazon, but then I like thunder struck by the thought: "am I completely crazy?" Sounds crazy, isn't it? But the world is getting faster, and if you had won the strongest, but now the ball is ruled by the fastest. Life became a mad race for money, success, new information.

I remember as a child my friend went twice a week in the evenings at the music school, and for him it was a real tragedy — the whole day was spent in the study, while the other guys play football. In our days in the schedule of many kids is not even a place for simple fun — it is filled with additional coaching, training, pool, English. Again, there is homework to do, but now ask no greater example.

In adults the same. According to the research center "Empire of shots" approximately 24 % of respondents say they stay at work each day, and another 16% are delayed 2-3 times a week. In Western countries the situation is much worse. In the dictionary the Japanese even have a word that means literally death from the processing — karoshi. The main reasons Carosi — a stroke or heart attack due to severe stress.

In Russia there is no accurate statistics on stress, but, according to rough estimates, around 70% of Russians are in a state of stress. Almost 80% of people earn a disease called chronic fatigue syndrome. Perhaps you are familiar with the symptoms: fatigue, weakness in the morning, insomnia, headaches, susceptibility to loneliness. Regular stress are conducive to the development of cardiovascular and neurological diseases, they weaken the immune system, cause digestive disorders and urinary system, significantly impairing quality of life.

It is obvious that congestion and its attendant stress is a big problem, and it should be solved. Each of us can take some steps to relieve your life.

Here are the steps to non-employment, I have formulated for myself.

1. To take on too much — it is a conscious choice. No one is forcing me to do a certain thing or maintain a certain lifestyle. It is clear that employment often occurs due to lack of finances, and if you are making ends meet, the overload can be understood. But employment is not justified when you are trying to maintain a certain (not low) standard of living. The more you inject, the faster comes the understanding that there are things that can not buy for any money. At least it's health.

We have a choice. This is the first step to freeing your life from overloads. We don't have to live, and if you think otherwise, then it's only you.

2. Cease to boast of his employment. It is not an indication of my success and my achievements. Rather, the lack of free time suggests that I do not know how this is the time to plan.

3. To appreciate the rest. One of the reasons that make us so busy lack of understanding of the importance of rest. But the rest required by our bodies and our brain. If earlier it was believed that the more you work, the more effective you're, in recent years there is increasing evidence to the contrary. The key to efficiency — the balance between work and leisure.

At least one or two days a week I postpone all Affairs and have a rest. I plan these days and protect them at any cost.

4. To reconsider their priorities and values. Employment almost always says the wrong priorities. Often much time is spent on what we really do not like and do not need. You need to plan your time, paying more attention to do the right things. When what I do brings joy, this excessive pressure disappears.

5. Find time for intangible assets. Allocate time in the morning to sit quietly and gather my thoughts before starting the day. You can engage in quiet practices — yoga, tai Chi, meditation. This is my opportunity to be alone, to escape from the bustle of the surrounding world. Small moments of calm during the day bring to life a sense of meaning and harmony.

6. To Say "No". Now much has been written about what we need to learn to say "No" to others, but the same can be said about our desires. Seneca wrote: "Power over is the higher authority; a slave to his passions, the most terrible slavery". Busy people trying to catch up, they often want to grasp the immensity, I want to have anything they want without thinking whether they need it. But life can be compared with a classical statue — just cutting off the unnecessary things, you can create a work of art. Conversely, the more you will bring into your life debris (primarily information), the more your statue will be like a shapeless piece of rock.

Employment makes us who we really are. Your life is in your hands. Only you can determine what it will be is a noisy and congested, or simple and harmonious. published



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