5 days of fatty foods and changes in muscle metabolism guaranteed

In just five days the prevalence in the diet of fatty foods is changing the way of absorption muscles nutrients. This can lead to long-term problems — weight gain, obesity and other health effects.

To such conclusion scientists in the new study. Professor of agricultural Sciences and Sciences of nature Virginia technical College (Virginia Tech College) Matt Halver (Matt Hulver) explains: "Most people believe that they can treat themselves to a few days food with high fat content, and then abandon it. But just five days the muscles of your body enough so that they began to argue [against such a diet]". Of course, the decision whether or not to continue their acquaintance with fast food, each person takes himself.


On the resource page ScienceDaily was the results of a new study showing that even a short excess fat in the diet can harm the process of assimilation of nutrients to the muscles. People can believe that a few days supply of mainly fatty foods no significant changes in the body will not happen. But in fact it is not.

In the article, recently published an online version of the journal Obesity, Halver and other researchers from Virginia technical College found that a method of absorption muscles nutrients changes in just five days of a high fat diet. This is the first study to prove that such changes occur so quickly.

He notes:

It shows that our bodies can dramatically respond to [composition] diet for a shorter period of time than we previously thought. If you think about it, [they'd] five days is a very short period of time. There are many time periods when we eat fatty food for several days, it happens on holidays, vacations and other celebrations. But this study shows that such a high fat diet can alter the normal metabolism of man in a very short period of time.When food is eaten, glucose levels in the blood rise. The muscles of the body are the most significant consumer of glucose. They can extract from glucose to energy or store it for future use. Because muscle accounts for approximately 30% of the mass of the human body and they play an important role in the uptake of glucose if the metabolism was normal, it leads to disastrous consequences for the whole body and can lead to poor health.

In the study, healthy College students consume saturated fat products, including "biscuits with sausage", pasta and cheese products with oil, increasing daily consumption of fats. In a normal diet of about 30% fat, and the diet of the students in the study contained approximately 55% fat. Total calorie intake remained the same as before the "diet" high in fat. Then, we analyzed the muscle tissue. It turned out that the way of glucose uptake by muscles has changed. The students did not gain weight and did not show any signs of change in insulin resistance. When the body can no longer cope with the absorption of glucose, increases blood sugar levels.

The halver and his team are now interested to determine whether these short-term changes in the muscles to cause long term adverse effects on the body and how quickly these unpleasant changes will disappear after returning to a diet low in fat. The scientists would like to understand reversible if detected changes and, if so, how much muscle fast metabolism will return to its normal condition.

Alarming is the fact that changes in muscle metabolism occur in such a short period. On the one hand, it would be premature to conclude that five days of unhealthy eating habits can cause obesity in humans, not full-bodied.

On the other hand — offers to reflect on the fact that such a prospect is. And another disregard for the rules of fat content in the daily diet can permanently alter the course of metabolism in muscle cells, which comprises almost a third of the mass of the human body. Not to mention the fact that such periods of saturated fats food sometimes happen in humans very often.

However, a lot of what EN masse is aware of certain products, sometimes it turns out myths. For example, potatoes and corn is not as harmful as commonly believed.published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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