Heat the fat or the acceleration of metabolism. Part 2

In the second part of the article dedicated to the subject of metabolism, we continue to consider ways in which you can speed up the metabolism due to the amount of calories consumed.

2. Food

2.1. Eat frequent small meals 4 times

Big breaks between meals slows the metabolism, but eating every 2-3 hours in small portions opposite causes our metabolism to constantly be "in good shape".
— supported more-or-less stable blood sugar levels and reduces hunger in times of energy deficit. That is, it is easier to carry 4 snack than to wait for a meal once a day;
— fractional power improves protein biosynthesis and resynthesis of glycogen (a substance stored in the muscles, liver and energy giving);
— improves fat oxidation and preservation of lean muscle mass;
— improve blood counts.

2.2. Water

No chemical reaction in our body cannot occur without water. Metabolism — the same chemical reaction, so in order to maintain it in a state of constant activity you need to drink enough pure water. It is believed that daily intake of 35g water/kg of body weight.

2.3. Eat bran

Bran is composed of fiber — a special fibrous material, the natural cleanser of our intestines. Passing through the gastrointestinal tract, fiber is not digested and, along with displays the rests of food, slime and fecal stones littering the intestines. After this cleaning is better absorbed nutrients, metabolic processes are accelerated, and you lose weight faster.
I recommend once a year to clean the intestines in fiber or bran. To do this within one month eat 1-2 tablespoons 3 times a day. After this cleansing you will lose weight, feel energized, improve your complexion, skin and hair.

2.4. Eat foods rich in iodine

The thyroid gland produces hormones that directly affect metabolism. And probably all know that for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland, we need iodine. So be sure to include in your diet any foods rich in iodine (seaweed, iodized salt, seafood, saltwater fish), or take iodine in the form of special food supplements.

2.5. Eat enough calcium

Know why after the diet recommended to eat more cheese? One of the reasons for the restoration of the metabolism. Cheese contains lots of calcium, namely calcium responsible for the supply of nutrients to the body cells — it is a real "driving force" of our metabolism. In addition to cheese a large quantity of calcium contain other dairy products, fish, almonds, and sesame seeds.

2.6. Limit foods that violate the metabolism

Overeating as malnutrition has a negative impact on metabolism. But in addition to the amount of food necessary to monitor its quality. Especially, you should limit foods high in animal fats, simple carbohydrates (sweets, pastries), chemical additives, preservatives and flavor enhancers — they all negatively affect the metabolism and cause obesity.

2.7. Eat proteins and complex carbohydrates

The longer digested food eaten by us, the more work metabolism, the longer we remain full, and therefore eat less. So in your diet make an emphasis on protein (white meat, cheese, legumes, dairy) and complex carbohydrates (cereals, wholegrain bread).

2.8. Eat the right fats

No matter how afraid of fats those who are on a diet, there are fats you need, but not all, and in limited quantities. As mentioned above, the intake of animal fats should be kept to a minimum and replace them with healthy fats high in omega-3. Contains the fats in marine fish, walnuts and vegetable oils (linseed, sesame and soybean). In addition to the numerous health beneficial properties, these fats regulate the level of leptin — the hormone responsible for metabolism in the body.

2.9. Abstain from alcohol

Alcohol affects the metabolic rate as well as your will power. So to reduce the number of used alcoholic beverages to a minimum or abstain completely.

2.10 Use vitamins

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables or take special medication. Saturating your body with essential vitamins and minerals, You will help all the organs and processes of Your body work smoothly and efficiently. In metabolism to vitamin has a vital role, so without them to lose weight without harm for health will not work!

3. Supplements
No Supplement in the world doesn't directly affect the "acceleration" of metabolism or lipolysis. I am not going to touch the exogenous lipolytic hormones (testosterone, triiodothyronine, epinephrine, growth hormone, etc.). We're talking about ordinary supplements store or pharmacy. When choosing, it is sufficient to ask a familiar question: WHAT WILL be SPENT on ADDITIONAL ENERGY as FAT, in consequence of the reception of a particular additive?

The principle of operation of most of them based on stimulating the Central and autonomic nervous systems, increase production our glands of certain hormones and, consequently, increased energy expenditure through increasing your activity.

4. Otherwise

4.1. Douche

Another way how to boost our metabolism after waking up and configure it in active work all day — a contrast shower.

4.2. Healthy sleep

Deep restful sleep has rejuvenating and revitalizing effect. Also during sleep is actively produced by the growth hormone somatotropin, which prevents the deposition of fat, helps burning fat cells and positive effect on the metabolism.

4.3. Bath / sauna

High temperature actively affects the rate of metabolic processes in the body, so try to visit the bath or sauna once a week.


1. Not is fat-burning workouts – they are ALL the fat burning;

2. Training is not "dispersed" metabolism in the truest sense of the word;

3. Metabolic rate, namely the rate of a chemical reaction unchanged;

4. Does not slow or broken metabolism, only adaptation;

5. Household activity is the most effective load, from the point of view of calorie consumption and weight loss;

6. If "promotion" of metabolism, should be considered the final energy consumption.


The most energy-consuming items:

  • mechanical work of muscle tissue (training and domestic energy consumption);

  • heat production;

  • protein synthesis;

  • the restoration of glycogen.

Most "fat burning" workout:

  • low-intensity aerobic exercise;

  • high-intensity strength training in many or malapantaram mode;

  • high-intensity interval loads. published

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Author: Victor Kornev


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