How did we saving on lighting and have developed more energy using the light meter

The human eye is a unique tool. He discerns thousands of colors and shades, distinguishes brightness and saturation. But, like any tool, it is sharpened by work in certain conditions. For example, to work in the shadows for eyes is not very comfortable and even harmful. And explorers without special glasses just going blind from the amount of reflected light from the snow. In the SI system was adopted, the unit of illuminance is Lux, after which it became possible to measure this parameter. Not to go into details, let's just say that there is a device that allows you to know immediately whether to strain his eyes in the darkness and whether to add or subtract light is a Luxmeter. We have tested indoors and outdoors, with a variety of artificial and natural light sources.

It began with the fact that my hands were not very common, but quite an interesting device — the meter. As you can see from the first photo, it is quite compact, but functional. Main tasks: measurement of illuminance, luminous flux and pulsation of the light source.

These are the basic settings that you need to know for the workplace or your living space. I think almost everyone noticed the shimmer of long fluorescent lamps — especially well it is visible side sight. Eyes get tired, fatigue grows and vision deteriorates. It is necessary to change something.

Take out of the box meter. In the scope of delivery includes the device itself, USB cable-microUSB and battery charger with USB output.

Under a monochrome display, there are only three buttons that include the appropriate measurement mode. The device switches off automatically after 70 seconds of inactivity.
Button "E" — measurement of illumination. The unit Lux, lx
Button "L" — the measurement of brightness emitted by a light source. Unit CD/m2
Button "P" — measurement of illumination pulsation. Unit of measure %

Thus it is necessary to observe the rules of measurement: the Luminance is measured directly at the object. It is necessary to place the device on a table and press the e button to measure the brightness of the lamp is required to press the sensor towards the light source, and if the object is hot (e.g., tungsten), then position it as close as possible. Measurement of the ripple is similar to the measurement of brightness.
For example, here are values I got on my desktop.

It is clear that the most reliable option here is lighting. We now turn to the norms SANPIN, which specify light levels in different rooms.

As you can see, the readings almost fit into the norm, and all because any measurements should be averaged. Moreover, measurement should be conducted not only in different working hours, but even at different times of the year. But discomfort I do not test, since we have blackout blinds and good lighting.

But at work, we spend up to a third of his time, but what about the house? Here it is necessary carefully to choose the light sources. You will need two other buttons. And going to the store lamps and lights, should bring the device with you. For example, new, but poor quality, led lamp can twinkle with a low frequency, which will lead to fatigue. And the lack of light in the room leads to depressed state. The total level of illumination may be lower, and the local lamp can significantly improve the situation. For your "smart house" project I also used this meter as a reference.

Sellers will often disingenuous, pointing to the box with the lamp brightness against the incandescent lamps.

Offer to take the table below and compare with the offers of the sellers, to make sure that the 100 watts from the seller are very different from standard filament lamp of 100 W power.

Well, to me this device is useful not only to measure illuminance at the working place and home, but also for more energy. Explain clearly. Having left recently on nature, we took a mobile solar power station from "Mikroart" about which I wrote earlier. This alternative is forever rumbling generators by farmers.

Feature energy from the sun is that the maximum energy we get when the location of the solar panels perpendicular to the rays of the sun. The eye this can be done only approximately. Solar panels fixed on the roof, it is impossible to rotate with the sun, and with this mobile station we quietly achieved the maximum generation, just turning the solar panels in place and applying a meter to the panels. Once we found the maximum value, we stopped the search of the maximum output. In principle, this procedure enough to do several times a day to have enough energy for all our needs.

We have not tried is connecting to the computer to complete information about the measured light output, its amplitude, shape and frequency. There is a special utility which is available on the website of the store. It is useful when it is made a comprehensive survey of a large number of areas, but I just didn't have such needs. The interface is simple and clear.


I specifically singled out this paragraph in a separate section, since few people now are not sitting in front of a computer. And an incorrect setting of the monitor leads to fatigue and vision impairment. Next, just give the recommendations of the measurements and settings from the user.

When measuring the brightness of the monitor should display a pure white field. Measuring the brightness of the monitors is carried out at 5 points in each corner and in the middle of the screen. In addition to brightness for monitors regulated another option of "unevenness brightness of the working field of the display" — that is, the measured brightness values at different points of the monitor screen should not differ by more than 20%. Particular attention should be paid to the level of pulsation of the brightness of the monitors – it should not exceed 5%. Basically, the level of pulsation of the brightness of the monitor is dependent on the preset brightness of the image on the screen. Intermediate levels of brightness of the image, ripple, as a rule, the maximum. To reduce the ripple of the brightness of the monitor is recommended to set the brightness level to the maximum level. If this happens an uncomfortable level of brightness, you can try to reduce the options of colors.
I decided to check the monitor screen and phone no presets — just the way this technique works by default. And that's what happened.

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I device like. I have actually used in controversial situations and to actual measurements of illumination in the room. It is compact, lightweight, holds a charge for more than 7 hours full of work. Swivel head with sensor allows you to comfortably retrieve the data from the lamps and thus to see the screen. Only once I faced a problem: in bright sunlight the screen is literally blind and has to close his hand, creating a shadow. The rest of the device is not failed and never worked as it should. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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