The relationship between a man and a woman can really change the fate of each other

You'll be surprised at how much of a relationship between a man and a woman can really change the fate of each other. It's not about happiness or suffering, we are talking about radical change of a lifetime!

Strange but true — the energy exchange between a man and a woman begins even at the meeting views, not to mention some more friends, and especially intimate relationships. Energy exchange means that man and woman become energetically vzaimozavisimost, United in a single system vessels. The result is the beginning of between them in the exchange of energy from low to high order according to the law of communicating vessels.

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Energy exchange between a man and a woman

The nature of man — the energy of ideas and goals, and the nature of the woman is the energy of power and Love.

For the implementation of the idea requires strength and energy it can be obtained only from women. Therefore the woman, as the Keeper of power, can only give. The only question is, to whom and how she gives her force, with whom and how she communicates? No matter whether many families crumbling, that his wife begins to give its power to someone else and not your husband?

It is important to understand that between a man and a woman the power exchange starts literally from the first encountered sight. Therefore, it is vital to understand the principles of operation of the energy exchange and in accordance with them to build their behavior in relations with the opposite sex.

For example, since the birth of each boy has a mother, a Keeper that inspires him, presenting the power of maternal love, sister, first love — every woman is a man subconsciously looks for the source of power that would charge it activity to achieve their goals. Responsibility of women — to whom, how and how much to give her the Keeper — energy woman protecting someone she gives her.

As earlier in Russia the girl is attracted, she needs a boyfriend.

Dear girls and women, especially virgins, that is Your powerful energy potential just attracts and then really forms of your choice in accordance with Your energy. The purer and more powerful Your energy, the more successful will be Your beloved happier and the whole family.

You need to be responsible for the purity of their thoughts and emotions, inner values, a state of harmony and joy within yourself, and, of course, the condition of fullness of love. All this determines not only the fate of women but also the fate of her beloved, the relationship for the whole life and whole family in General: since the energy and inspiration for the activities of the family give the wife.

Man is only a machine, but what can even the best car in the world, if it is devoid of fuel? That's just fuel for all the achievements of her husband and his family is the wife, so she should carefully relate to its purpose since childhood. Family is the most valuable to women and the success and well-being of the entire family depends on the woman. But how she will use the stock of godliness and opportunities that she has given birth, she decides the woman...

When it starts with a strong energy exchange between a man and a woman.

The strongest energy exchange begins at the level of sexuality, especially if they occur in Love — at all main levels of the person: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In this case, the energy exchange and, consequently, the energy-information relationship between a man and a woman becomes incredibly strong and, moreover, there is a synergistic effect when 100% + 100% = 300% or more.

With energy-information point of view, any pair of men and women came into direct intercourse with each other secretly become husband and wife with all the consequences on the energy level till the end of life in these physical bodies, if it is not cut off.

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That's why, when someone from the family or a couple starting a relationship of some kind with another partner, then the energy-information level — hot lover, the energy of this couple instead of bonding and strengthening relationships within couples, was already beginning to spill over to another, and it is very sensitive. So family relationships that have previously swapped liferadio was a misunderstanding, quarrels or conflicts then they nachinyut really be destroyed, and from that moment recovery ever less likely.

And the couple that feel that there's energy weakening, which tries to compensate for some external action, that is what is the cause of jealousy, fear of losing a lover, resentment, lack of focus, anger etc... All this is the result of one of a pair that is held together by the exchange of energy begins to "merge" the accumulated energy "left" to someone else... It brings regret "mate pairs". That's why, when the family is treason, the second feels it on a subconscious level, literally "feels", but there is no evidence to explain their condition can not...

That is why Russia had previously tried to marry a virgin.

This ensured the strongest of Energo-informational interaction of husband and wife, provided strong and virtuous offspring, and warned of the various "love of suffering", which is literally filled modern society in which there is no knowledge of the principles of energy exchange between a man and a woman...

The secret to keeping the energy exchange between a man and a woman.

Maintenance means the continuous flow, accumulation and transformation of energy. A man who received the power to implement their goals and plans, easy and simple, without pressure and manipulation, without "should" — he has inner desire, returns to his woman through something material, gifts, care, physical assistance, equivalent received from her powers, thus creating the basis for transformation akkumulirovannaya energy for a new round of higher energy.

So, the wife even more inspired and gives more energy, the husband achieves a higher goal... And so on to infinity. This is the secret of Love — she is Growing and Ucestvovala — so we learn unity. And here a very important point — in a harmonious pair is not the main, neither men nor women — only correct method of interaction which brings the fruit of both.

When one of the actors begins to rise, offended or in any other way to get out of bundles of interaction — there is a failure in the beginning one, and then another. Now a common setting — take everything from life. The majority of the understanding of "love" is the frequent change of sexual partners.

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When a man is living before marriage with different women, older people say: "walk up, raging". About girls do not speak. Them from forming a specific attitude accompanied with a bitter smirk. Even if at first the man says that it doesn't matter who to him was his other half, then still this question arises.

Because the girl is a future mother. Motherhood is a bright and clean phenomenon. A child who is born of woman must be born healthy in every way. When the girl had several sexual partners, it usually does not go unnoticed at all levels.

There is a comparison of relations with the Scotch tape: the first time it is attached so that it is almost impossible to unstick, then the bonding occurs is weaker for the fifth time tape attached with some difficulty. That is, after several novels women have not raised a genuine attachment to her man.

This is not surprising because the same memory is, and whether we realize it or not, but there is a comparison. If you take it at the level of organism, it is necessary to note an interesting fact: the female body even adapts to the male at the level of the microflora. When she begins to live with others — is changing. This process can be repeated several times. And then a failure occurs, the start of the disease.

Therefore, any relationship is first and foremost a harmonious and amicable command to achieve unlimited happiness, or a variety of grief to the process of reflection — the choice is always yours...


Pay attention to whom you share your intimate energy!

We have to sacrifice for love



If a woman filled with Love, subservient to Everything her husband would get all the power for his self, and that everything will happen naturally and easily. And dependent on men what are his goals and where he this Union will lead. So, a lot depends on each of us of our responsibility to other men and women. Let's protect and care about each other…


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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