Three Universal Laws of money: the keys to abundance

Many people strongly believe in a conscious handling of subtle energies. This is not surprising. Indeed, no one is taught to "communicate" with similar substances. Unfortunately. Because it is there, in the field of subtle energies, hidden keys to abundance.

When I speak of subtle energy, I mean around us an invisible force. The Hindus call it prana, the Chinese - qi, Hawaiians - the manna, and the Germanic tribes called it odes. This is the same power by which life is possible on Earth, due to which the universe is generated.

All that we see around us - people, animals, plants, rocks, rivers, clouds, - not that other, as the material manifestation of that energy. And the money - not the exception, a kind of universal chi energy; coins, banknotes, jewels - its visible embodiment
. In essence, energy, including energy and money, is neither positive nor negative; it is neutral. Only when we begin to use the energy for their own purposes, when we activate it with our thoughts and feelings, it takes certain qualities.
Energy can heal and enrich, but it can also destroy. I say this for those who think money is something dirty, bad, and the pursuit of it - low, shameful, "sinful." Money can be harmful as it may be harmful to any thing, any drug, if you do not abide by the laws of morality.
Money can blacken a man's soul, which put them above everything in the world and is seeking (that is seeking, from the word "beat"!) At all costs, but can also enrich it and help to do good, to discover and realize their ability to make the world around them better.
One of the ideal images of the Renaissance - a rich nobleman or a citizen who learned humanistic knowledge, has good taste and becomes the patron of scholars and artists. In other words, the ideal of wealth - is the ability to equip the house or refined state, promoting the prosperity of the sciences, arts and crafts
. A similar opinion manifested itself in Russia in the XVII century. Prince Vasily Golitsyn, co-ruler of Sofia Alekseevna (1682-1689), said: "The wealth of the need not to fill his coffers, and to show the correct way of life subjects enlightened person. The library is my one of its kind more than talk about the nobility of illiterate serf than bursting barns with grain. »
Even the word "wealth" - the word special, same root word for "God". Rich those who know God in your heart! Maybe that's why today's rich people call themselves oligarchs and businessmen, not rich?
So, in order to achieve well-being is important to understand two things. Money is the essence of the energy that gives a person the opportunity.
Opportunities to acquire, manage people, to rejoice, to command respect, have the authority ... And the more power, the greater the opportunity. And this applies not only to the power of money, but also to the personal power of the man himself. More energy in all of God - hence his huge opportunities
. Energy of money you can control. To do this, you must enter it into resonance, and the first - know the laws to which it is subject
The first law of money power states:. "The energy of abundance obedient attention" These words I heard from the Chinese, and by the Hawaiian Teachers. Attention is very important for energy in general. From our care from our concentration depends on the how the energy - poverty or wealth - we "charge" of our lives
. Attention has control over the thoughts and desires. Management attention - a kind of "education" of the psyche. "Education" attention - very important, we can say, a key element in attracting money
. Feel free to think and dream about money, focus on the money power. Unfortunately, none of the elements of the world around us is connected with so many "bad" myth, as well as stemming from their superstitions and prejudices, like money.
Even about sex people think more openly, honestly and frankly, than about the money. Think of the energy of prosperity without shame and embarrassment! This mistaken attitude to money and creates greed, theft, misery and poverty, full of problems, joyless existence.
. The second law of money energy is as follows: "Any my promise will come back to me." In practice, this means that I activate the object, which focused my attention, and this type of energy, like a magnet, attracts the attention of a response. Attention acts like a magnifying glass, focusing the rays at one point.
That is to say, to attract money, you have to become something of a magnet for them; you need to attract their "attention».
3. THIRD LAW OF POWER MONEY "Suggested as a joy to GET in joy»
The third law of money power states: "You can not be in the condition of the debtor." Oh, and if you took the money in the debt, return them joy. He who pays the debt (. And pays the bills - rent, communications, utilities, etc.), happily, is sure to become richer: the energy of joy will attract the energy of money. The principle of "give joy to receive joy" - this is the principle of working with the energy of money
For each person there is an individual, but it is inherent in the reason for blocking the flow of money income in your life. This can be either passed down from generation to generation, a generic program, and acquired in this life, and created on the basis of a negative personal experience.
What have you heard as a child from his parents about the money? It may be that "the money is given to the work", and to make them, you need to "work hard"? Or that "money not grow on trees" and how she loved to talk my grandmother "lived richly and start nothing," which, by the way, came from a large and very wealthy family, narrowly escaped dispossession, and once and for all have learned then that the new government does not like the word "wealth" and the poorer you are - the more whole

? Maybe your childhood took place in a serene atmosphere, love of family, which protects you from everyday problems and did not burden the participation in the discussion of financial matters, only joining the independent life you begin to notice that money is somehow trying to avoid you, or go "through fingers "and do not stay for a long time?
All of these beliefs, formed under the influence and the influence of family, friends, society, collective programs - all of these beliefs are rooted in your subconscious mind and influence on your life and on your ideas and what to you may safely and
. You can dream, wish to manifest anything but negative beliefs will prevent the display of wealth and financial well-being.


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