Georgia offered Russia talks

Georgian Foreign Ministry on Sunday handed over to the consul of the Russian Federation in Georgia a note, which states that, according to the order of the President of Georgia of 10 August, the armed forces cease fire in South Ossetia. "The Georgian side has created a humanitarian corridor, and provided an opportunity to the population and the wounded to leave the conflict zone", - the report says the Georgian Foreign Ministry.

Tbilisi claims that Georgia is ready to immediately start negotiations with the Russian Federation on the conclusion of hostilities and a cease-fire.

The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed the fact of the transfer to the Russian embassy in Tbilisi note of the ceasefire, but pay attention to the continuation of the Tbilisi military action in South Ossetia. This note really is & quot ;, - said a source in the Russian Foreign Ministry. At the same time, he said, "the Georgian side has not stopped the military actions in South Ossetia, Georgian forces continued shelling».

In turn, another source in the Russian Foreign Ministry also said that the Georgian side of the cessation of hostilities and the withdrawal of their forces from the zone of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict does not correspond to reality.

"We handed over a note that since five in the morning, Georgia cease fire and withdraw its forces from the conflict zone, but our information from the scene did not confirm the Georgian side", - he said. According to him, the Russian Foreign Ministry, "there is evidence that the continuing skirmishes and Georgian armed forces from the conflict zone is not completely withdrawn».

There is evidence that during the shootings, the Georgian side is using, inter alia, large-caliber guns, in particular mortars, transmit "».

Meanwhile, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that for the normalization of the situation in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict, you must withdraw all Georgian troops, as well as to sign a legally binding agreement on refusal from further use of force.

This statement was made head of the Russian state on Sunday during a telephone conversation with French President Nicolas Sarkozy. According to the press service of the President of the Russian Federation, "Medvedev gave a detailed assessment of what happened as a result of the leadership of Georgia unleashed large-scale offensive military actions of the tragic events in South Ossetia».

"It was emphasized that the barbaric actions of the Georgian side has led to the deaths of more than two thousand civilians, most of which - Russian citizens, killing and wounding of Russian peacekeepers, starting from the region more than 30 thousand refugees, the destruction of the South Ossetian capital Tskhinvali," - notes the press-service.

"The region - a humanitarian disaster. Politically, the aggressive action of Georgia unleashed the process of finding a peaceful solution for the settlement of Georgian-South Ossetian problem. Thus, in essence, the Georgian leadership has caused irreparable damage to the integrity of their own state ", - quotes" Interfax "The Western media is now also analyze the conflict in South Ossetia. Against the background of the predominance of one-sided assessments of the actions of the Georgian and Russian sides, in which the West criticizes Russia, British The Times published an unexpected comments. The publication recognizes the fact that the initiator of the aggression it was Georgia, and bears responsibility for what happens the Georgian president. His attempt to return Abkhazia and South Ossetia by force in an article called "dangerous and reckless" step that actually put Russia and Georgia in the face of war.

Journalists also believe that Saakashvili is starting a campaign relied on the support of the United Kingdom and the United States. In addition, for the first time openly called the reason that makes the Western countries to support Georgia. It is not so much a democracy as in the economy. In Georgia the pipeline passes, uncontrollable Russia.


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