Chronicle of the war in South Ossetia, a third day

Recent reports on events in the conflict zone in real time

August 10 in the zone of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone fighting continues with the participation of the Russian army. From the zone of conflict is constantly receiving conflicting reports about the losses of the parties, as well as during the fighting in general. We continue to conduct a brief chronicle of events in the conflict zone, reported news agencies.

August 10, 2008

18:56 Georgia declared a ceasefire
Russian consul handed a note, which referred to the appropriate order of Mikheil Saakashvili. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia states that the Georgian troops have withdrawn from South Ossetia

From 18:39 Tskhinvali to Vladikavkaz came first convoy with the wounded
Evacuated 50 people

18:30 Journalists Killed Alexander Klimchuk and Grigol Chikhladze
They entered South Ossetia from Georgian troops, told the correspondent of the magazine "Russian Newsweek» Orhan Jemal

17:33 Abkhaz army took up positions on the Inguri River along the border with Georgia
Abkhazian units are located in the zone of responsibility of the peacekeeping forces. The representative of the President of Abkhazia Christian Gianni said that there are no plans to move into Georgian territory

17:13 Abkhaz forces continue to put air and artillery strikes on Georgian positions in the Upper Kodori Valley
This was reported by the official representative of the President of Abkhazia Bzhaniya. The representative of the Abkhazian autonomous republic in exile, said that the Georgian army repulsed the attack of Russian troops

16:38 Close to Tskhinvali came under fire crew NTV
Wounded television producer Peter Gassiyev

15:23 The Russian Foreign Ministry has put forward conditions for starting negotiations with Georgia
Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin said Georgia should withdraw its troops to their original positions and make a commitment not to use force

14:40 Georgian State Minister for Reintegration Temur Yakobashvili said the bombing Zugdidi
Abkhaz President Sergei Bagapsh has promised to "restore order" in the territory of the Zugdidi district

14:02 Deputy Chief of Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Anatoly Nogovitsyn confirmed that the Georgian army moves away from Tskhinvali
Russian troops control most of the capital of South Ossetia

13:18 Russia and Georgia agreed to establish two humanitarian corridors to evacuate refugees
This was reported at the headquarters of the Joint Peacekeeping Forces. Georgia denied the fact of agreement

13:15 Georgia accused Russia of preparing an attack on Zugdidi near the Abkhaz border
The speaker of the Georgian parliament, said that the operation will start in the next few hours

12:41 The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia admitted that Tskhinvali is under the control of the Russian army

11:23 The source in the General Staff of the Russian Navy announced that a maritime border with Georgia Black Sea Fleet flagship profits missile cruiser "Moskva" and the patrol ship "Smetliviy»
Sailors will block supplies to Georgia weapons and military equipment by sea

10:25 The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia announced the withdrawal of troops from South Ossetia
Russian peacekeepers denied this

9:07 The Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia, Vladimir Lukin, has demanded to establish a tribunal to punish Georgia
Lukin called to find those responsible for the murder of civilians in South Ossetia and to bring them to the international court

8:45 Abkhaz army launched an extension to the border with Georgia
In addition, on Sunday morning, the Abkhaz side has renewed massive shelling of upper Kodori Gorge in Abkhazia under the control of Georgian forces

8:20 Georgian media reported new bombing the Kodori Gorge Russian aviation
Bombardment, according to their data, about 8:00 the village was subjected to Adjara in the upper Kodori Gorge

7:27 Irina Gagloyeva reported marching all night fighting for dominance over Tskhinvali height
In her view, it is from these heights Georgian forces shelled Tskhinvali, vital installations, and in particular the hospital in

6:43 korablinh Georgia reported Russian Navy in the Abkhazian port of Ochamchira
Previously it was suggested that the perpetrators of regrouping in the Black Sea Russian Black Sea Fleet ships are moved to the port side of Abkhazia

6:19 Russian aircraft bombed the factory "Tbilaviastroy»
According to other sources, the Russian Air Force aircraft fired missiles at military airfield, located near the international airport of Tbilisi

5:22 Russian Emergency Situations Ministry sent to residents of South Ossetia 120 tons of food
In humanitarian aid, the total weight of 120 tons, includes meat and canned fish, buckwheat and baby food

4:57 Russia will provide South Ossetia to help at least 10 billion rubles
This was announced by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, noting also that, if necessary, this amount will be increased

4:26 Medvedev promised to instruct the military prosecutor to document crimes committed in South Ossetia
Earlier, the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office opened a criminal case on the murder of Russian peacekeepers by Georgian troops in Tskhinvali

3:56 UN mission in Georgia withdraw its observers from the Kodori Gorge
According to the Deputy UN Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, on the initiative of the withdrawal of the observers, due to security concerns, made by the authorities of the unrecognized republic of Abkhazia

2:08 In South Ossetia wounded commander of the 58th Army of the Defense Ministry, Lieutenant-General Anatoly Khrulev
According to "Vesti", Khrulev injured during the shelling of the Russian columns, as a part of which is also the crew of TV channel

1:21, BP does not know anything about the bombing of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Russian aviation
According to the company, the pipeline does not work on August 6, but it is not related to the events in South Ossetia

00:56 South Ossetia has reported the destruction of the Georgian Air Force bomber
In addition, South Ossetian authorities said that during the fighting around Tskhinvali were hit 12 Georgian tanks

00:21 Russian Air Force planes struck at the Georgian part of the Kodori Gorge
Four Russian aircraft bombed the villages Gentsvishi, Azshara and Chhalta killed there


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