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What RICOL Healing?

Total biology - a science. This knowledge is absolutely practical importance. And demanded the need for time - otherwise how to explain the crowds at seminars and meetings devoted to the method of therapy of total biology. In Europe, for example, in Belgium, people are not only resorted to this therapy, but are beginning to study in detail the essence of the process of healing, learning, already as a method of followers.

the term "Total Biology" Author Dr. Claude Saba says:

"I called the total biology as it applies to all living organisms, it describes the basic mechanisms that control a person, as well as flora and fauna. The disease is an archaic form of survival. All are symptoms of biological response to certain events. For example, any eczema - a response to the conflict of separation, all the diseases of the bladder - a conflict area. For example, a piece that people can not digest, can be kakim- the ugly act against him. Breast cancer in women is always associated with the problem of nests and everything that relates to this concept, that is, to its relations with the family, children, spouse or partner. »

One of the most famous practitioners of the method of Total Biology - Gilbert Reno. It was on its cycles of seminars attracts people from all over the world. His phenomenal popularity in Europe and the United States are not the result of well-organized public relations company, and real help so many people in such situations, when it came to the very possibility of life. His mission and the essence of the method of treatment on its English-language website of Renault expressed as - "Let me help you find your answers»

. Speech about the answers, or rather of the words in which life is enclosed program. Code - a given, perhaps parents or other kinds of precursors. Renault calls this conflict - and their great variety: the conflict of motion, the conflict of their value, the loss of space conflict, etc. etc.

Gilbert Renaud: "While working with a patient I have been leading the definition of psychological conflict, which I learned to identify thanks to the work of Dr. Hamer (Dr. Hamer practiced technique of the New German Medicine) and Dr. Saba. In just a few years before his acquaintance with their works, I was Naturotherapeutists, studied kinesiotherapy. With two partners, we opened a clinic in Quebec. But we are not 100% helped our patients. Often the same people on the same complaints addressed again, that I was very upset.

Once there was a woman in my office, who for 10 years suffered from migraine. All this time she was treated in a leading Canadian specialist clinic, but it did not help anything.

After three sessions of acupuncture, which in addition to the impact on certain points, I talked to her about her illness, she recovered. No allopathic medicines it is not accepted. Her husband - the oncologist, we started to send all their patients in the terminal stages of cancer.

Naturally, we realized that these patients must first give comfort and tranquility. But this is not enough to cure them. During this time I found a translator in Ontario, and asked to edit the works of Dr. Hamer translation from French to English. Through this work I compared what was written so, with what came across in his practice. I began to apply the methods of Hamer in my work, and after 5 years, I became acquainted with the methodology of Total Biology. By this time I parted with my partners in Quebec and moved to Vancouver.

One of my patients was an elderly woman with breast cancer. She was very weak, walked with a cane and with great difficulty got me on the stairs of the seven steps. She came with her husband - a professor, who did not believe in aid no classical medicine. During the consultation we talked with the patient about the history of her life. The woman admitted that she had more to anyone so do not open. After 2 hours we had descended to the car, and the professor asked in surprise: "Where's your cane?" She said, with surprise, that did not feel pain. We met with her for two weeks. However, she still agreed to the operation, which it has long been suggested that the surgeon. A week after the surgery, she called and said that the surgeon came to apologize to her, as it turned out during the surgery that the tumor is not. This was my first patient with breast cancer cured. The first, found in a conversation program canceled at the end itself, but not its

media. " Total Biology is based on the works of the authors of antiquity and the Middle Ages, in the work of major psychologists, psychiatrists, neuroscientists, gastroenterologists, pulmonologists, neuropsychiatry, mathematicians, physicists. In particular, the work of the American neuroscientist Antonio Damasio.

Jean Reno: "For many years I was engaged in the development of new technologies and methods of work with patients. For example, I often use doctors GERARD ATHIAS method associated with the correlation of certain psychological conflicts with the specific acupuncture points.

One patient I could not achieve improvement. Although we found it a leading conflict, she could not get him "let go." On the eve before her next visit, I came across a book in his hands BRANDON BAYS «THE JOURNEY» - in this book, I found that in a week helped in this case »

. Total Biology and the method of Jean Reno RECALL HEALING - are the same processes. This method is based on the discovery of Dr. Hamer, the disease is the external manifestation of the internal conflict. The disease is a program that includes the brain in specific situations. For example, such as severe stress or emotional conflict.

Dr. Hamer discovered that the same conflict will cause the same disease in different people. For example, the loss of the conflict will lead to the development of ovarian cancer, or the testicles, the conflict of guilt and low self-esteem leads to depression and loss of self-conflict space - to a heart attack. This kind of dependence is easy enough to observe if said such conflicts occur in reality, but it should be noted that the brain remembers the same way and that he once thought presented or imagined. One man was accidentally locked in the refrigerator, which was not included. Accordingly, the temperature inside was about 18 degrees Celsius. However, this man, paralyzed by fear, was out of reality, it has joined the program of self-destruction, and he died of hypothermia, this was the cause of death according to the findings at the verdict. of the human brain has included a real program of death from hypothermia. The brain is not able to assess whether the information coming to it - real

. The brain only works in order to come up with a solution and the solution corresponding to this command and response based on the information received. No matter how the situation corresponds to reality, information is defined as coming true. In connection with its truth, the resulting momentum should necessarily lead to an adequate response of the brain.

Thus it is not always the real events affect the person, and, especially, their interpretation and person's world in general. Furthermore, this process also affect beliefs parents and other ancestors. In this context, we can perceive genes as a way to sort of transfer stories, life experiences of their ancestors. And can be transmitted as a positive program to assist in the resolution of conflicts and negative, that is, those that have not been resolved and is transmitted to man "inherited." And then the situation must be inadequate to turn into adequate.

The brain responds to all. Unresolved conflict can be many years "to wait" to the most inopportune moment on and have an impact on the behavior and health of the person. Sometimes it is necessary to analyze all the family tree to a distant hundreds of years, the event, which is relevant to the patient, including in it the mechanism of "cellular memory" or "chronological cycle", and helped to understand or realize the internal communication of its status with the events or emotions that ancestors failed adequately to live or survive. Going this way, it becomes possible to cure the patient of severe and chronic diseases, as well as the improvement of the whole of his family.

Jean Reno: "The RECALL HEALING believe that if we work on them, by the same token, we are working with the past. We do not expect a few sessions to ensure that the patient is opened to us and was sincere with us, we are Asking questions. We have a certain pattern and sequence of questions asked, to help us build a "lifeline" of the patient, to understand his "plan - the purpose of" family tree, and especially

. Thanks to Dr. Hamer's discoveries, we know exactly what questions to ask when it makes sense to certain diseases and how to gain insight into the patient's condition. Every organ and every part of the body speak for themselves. One day I got an appointment with a female doctor, who has 10 years before it was removed the thyroid gland, and at the time of the visit of the thyroid gland is growing back again, it appeared knot again. Before this case I had not encountered such patients, but thanks RECALL HEALING concept, I knew exactly what to ask and what the topic should be addressed in a conversation with my patient.

Important reasons for diseases of the thyroid gland, is the concept of "injustice", the conflict, such as those associated with the frustration of parents about the fact that instead of the expected boy had a girl, or a man complex relationship with time - everything that happens in life, the person said "at a wrong time". Hormonal system is also connected with communication, with the ability to build relationships in the family and at work. I began to ask her questions related to possible causes of the above, and she began to cry. It began erupting a huge amount of emotion. And after five days I have resolved node.

In Skype, I came up with your login: "Finding Solutions". The therapist often asks himself: "What an important question I have not asked my patient? I feel that something else is hidden in the depths of his subconscious. " It often happens that even the most deep and sincere conversation reveals only 20 per cent of the iceberg life of the patient, the remaining 80 are located below sea level (of consciousness).

But! Even if it is possible to open only 1 additional percentage, then this is enough to awaken in the patient and initiate the process of healing from disease.

If there are many ways to get sick, and then there must be many ways to get better. "


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