mirror Act - whom you see

Mirroring - a repetition of facial expressions, intonation, gestures to the other party. At the level of the subconscious mirroring gives the impression that you think and feel the same as your partner. That's why this technique and the law of the mirror to help the best way to make contact with another person.

As practice shows, in business at the business communication is achieved in about one and a half times more than the agreements for transactions where, along with the words, set in motion the law of the mirror.

mirror Tactics mirror effect uses natural human narcissism. This is a nice way to seduction. You learn concealed thoughts, values, tastes and interests of the object, and then reflect his soul in itself, becoming his own likeness to him. Seeing his second "I", the man reaches for it. The principle of the law of mirror works well with the seduction of both men and women in romantic relationships. Emphasize their behavior, how much you have in common, that you like one, just a different floor. Few people do not want to see their reflection mirror effect works.

The repetition of gestures and facial expressions - it's not as simple as it seems at first glance. You will need observation and naturalness. You should be able to tune in to his companion, as if on the same wave. As a result, you will become a companion to anticipate movement, and sometimes he will also repeat your expressions and gestures. It turns out that now not you go after him, repeating his actions, and he follows you. Such nonverbal interpenetration allows you to direct the person using the law of the mirror in the desired direction.

However, it needs to reach a certain degree of trust in a relationship with a man. And it does not always work. For example, you got a client who demonstratively "Control yourself," without showing emotions without making any gesture. However, anyone who still performs at least some fleeting movement. You can see them, if you please, and then mirror your movements in the enhanced version. In addition, the person somehow changing posture. You do not should take the same stance. The most powerful tool in the construction of the contact is customized for the breath of another person.

To correctly copy poses and facial expressions, it is necessary to be able, to understand their meaning. Adopt a protective posture, unhappy expression, posture and gestures of insecurity or superiority can not, if your goal is to have a human impact, rather than set it against yourself.

The effect of the mirror - the ability to reflect reality - can be used as a ploy, a means for fraud. It works in the fight against the enemies. Try to copy their every action and they get confused. You also give them to understand that share their values, and tear off their masks.

When we come to the mirror, we see in him only himself, his familiar appearance. But as eyeing longer, the more we feel that we see ourselves as well as other people see us. This effect is even more enhanced when we throw in the mirror casual casual look.

The effect of the mirror - a reflection of our actions of other people. Often this behavior starts to annoy them. But in other cases, the opposite happens: the people you mirror your, it seems that you are exactly reflected their desires. Reflected the reality concerning someone able to act on the most primitive feelings. With the effect of the mirror, you can neutralize the enemy, doing exactly what he was doing. So, using the law of the mirror, you will be able to hide their true intentions. You copy his behavior, and he can not understand you and work out a strategy against you. Often, it seems your opponent mockery of clean water, similar to the way a child someone teased pass, repeating every gesture and every word. You can imitate such a child to a higher and more subtle level and to bring opponents to distraction. The effect of the mirror - a shield. He blinds the enemy, and you do not waste time and put the invisible traps.

If you slipped the pill, there is a method using a mirror effect podsunuvshemu return it and make him swallow it himself. This is something that a kid we called "fight back." Instead of complaining, do unto your enemy exactly what he did to you. Make him not only to understand but also feel as

┬źnice┬╗. Mirror at first glance reflects the real world. In fact, this is an illusion, in which copies of people and objects overturned. When we look at this piece of glass, we never think about it, taking a reflection of the truth. Almost identical to the likelihood is easy to camouflage anything, this is based on a great variety of everything from fake goods to the fake democracy of the unreal feelings before the great and daring kidnapping. Mirror World - a world of illusions, which are able to strike at the reality. You can adjust and direct the blow.


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