Gilbert Renaud: The disease is a program that includes the brain in specific situations

- When we met 4 years ago, you said that it takes a total of biology. And now you say that doing Recall Healing. Frankly, neither the first nor the second name, I absolutely did not say anything. And it seems that it is not just me.

 - Total Biology and Recall Healing - the same method. Creator of the New German Medicine is Dr. RYKE HAMER. Unfortunately, Dr. Hamer recommended their patients to give up the classical treatment, which led to numerous protests by doctors and many supporters turned away from him.

In order to abandon the classical treatment, disagrees as total creator of Biology Dr. CLAUDE SABBAH, therefore, on the other hand, supporters of the German New Medicine accused that do not follow the precepts of their Master.

I often conduct seminars in the US, where there are psychologists, doctors and Naturotherapeutists. Many of them began their search for a new German Medicine, where they were warned that they should not engage in the Total Life Science.

But doctors have heard of numerous errors of Dr. Hamer, so I was asked to come up with another name that is not associated with an adverse public opinion. Dr. Saba has not this name until the end satisfied, but on the other hand, we understand that the most important thing - correctly, with integrity and a deep knowledge of the transfer, rather than the name of


 - And how did you come into contact with this method

?  - I was Naturotherapeutists, practicing kinesitherapy and massage. With two partners, we opened a clinic in Quebec. But, unfortunately, we are not 100 per cent helped our patients.

Often the same people about the same complaint has been accessed repeatedly, which is very frustrating for me. Once there was a woman who for 10 years suffered from migraine in my office. All this time she was treated in a leading Canadian specialist clinic, but it did not help anything.

After three sessions of acupuncture, which in addition to the impact on certain points, I talked to her about her illness, she was absolutely vyzdrovela. No allopathic medicines it is not accepted.

Her husband - oncologist, began to send us all their patients in the terminal stages of cancer. It was for us a lot of stress, because at first we did not understand what to do with them, and our work is not effective enough with them. Naturally, we realized that these patients is necessary, first of all, to give comfort and peace of mind, but this is only for their healing, is clearly insufficient.

During this time, I was contacted by a translator from Ontario and asked to edit the translation work of Dr. Hamer from French to English. Because of this, I compared what was written in Dr. Hamer's work with that with which I have encountered in my practice and tried to apply his techniques in my work.

New Methodology of German medicine, I worked for 5 years, but realized that she was totally does not satisfy me, because some of my patients recovered, but did not change in some state of health. Finally, when I was faced with the methodology of Total Biology, then I realized why I previously could not help all my patients.

At this time I parted with my counterparts in Quebec and moved to Vancouver. One of my patients was an elderly woman with breast cancer. She was very weak, walked with a cane and with great difficulty got me on the stairs of 7 steps. She came with her husband - a professor at the University, who did not believe in medicine nekonventsionaluyu

. I sat on the seat of her husband, so he waited for 1, 5 hours wife in the next room. During the consultation we talked to her about the history of their lives. The woman confessed to me that never before to anyone so do not open. After a while I heard a noise behind the wall.

I looked at my watch and found that from the beginning of consultations has passed for 2 hours. I realized that her husband was "worried", and decided to continue the conversation with my patient the next time. We had walked down to the car, because I wanted to say goodbye to him. A moment later, we went to his wife (my patient). And he asked in surprise: "Where's your cane?»

She was surprised admitted to us that she did not feel pain in his leg, and after two hours ago, she could hardly overcome the seven steps, using a stick. We met with her for two weeks. However, she still agreed to the operation, which it has long been suggested that the surgeon.

A week after the operation, she called me and told me that the surgeon came to her to apologize, because during operation it was found that the swelling has resolved itself, though, before she came to me to visit all of the studies point to the fact that it malignancy.

This was my first patient with breast cancer cured. After it had many similar cases. For many years I was engaged in the development of new technologies and methods of work with patients. Korma Dr. Saba, I had a few more important teachers. For example, I often use doctors GERARD ATHIAS method associated with the correlation of certain psychological conflict with the specific acupuncture points. I'm trying to connect a variety of other methods.

One patient, whom I could not achieve improvement, was leading the conflict, she could not get him "let go." On the eve before her next visit, I came across a book in his hands BRANDON BAYS «THE JOURNEY» - in this book, I found that in a week helped in this case

. During my work with the patient, I am primarily engaged in the definition of the master of psychological conflict, which I learned to identify, through the work of Dr. Hamer and Dr. Saba. I always emphasize my deep gratitude to these two my main teachers, because I personally did not invent anything new.

The only thing I added to the methodology «RECALL HEALING» - this is my experience, thanks to which I was able to improve some elements of this method, such as the concept of a genealogical

.  - What method is based RECALL HEALING

?  - This method is based on the discovery of Dr. Hamer, the disease is the external manifestation of the internal conflict. The disease is a program that includes the brain in specific situations.

For example, such as severe stress or emotional conflict. disease program ceases to operate when a long conflict persists. The brain stores the program and information about the evolution of terrestrial beings over the past 4 billion years. Therefore, the brain remembers all archaic program.

The brain controls the body, and its main function is to maintain life at each time point. If a man happens unpleasant event, or he feels sadness, anger, it is this situation or feeling is only psychological in nature - a person is healthy. But as soon as this conflict goes into the category of biological, that is, the stress level exceeds a certain threshold, a person becomes ill, because his brain is not able to adequately control the body.

Dr. Hamer discovered that the same conflict will cause the same disease in different people. For example, the loss of the conflict will lead to the development of ovarian cancer, or the testicles, the conflict of guilt and low self-esteem lead to depression and loss of self-conflict space -. To a heart attack

This kind of dependence is easy enough to observe if said such conflicts occur in reality, but it should be noted that the brain remembers the same way and that he once thought presented or imagined.

One man was accidentally locked in the refrigerator, which was not included. Accordingly, the temperature inside was about 18 degrees Celsius. However, this man, paralyzed by fear, was out of reality, it has joined the program of self-destruction, and he died from "hypothermia", this is what was the cause of death, according to the post-mortem autopsy. of the human brain has included a real program of death from hypothermia.

The brain is not able to assess whether the information coming to it - is real. The brain only works in order to come up with a solution and the solution corresponding to this command and response based on the information received. No matter how the situation corresponds to reality, information is defined as coming true.

In connection with its truth, the resulting momentum should necessarily lead to an adequate response of the brain. Thus, not always real events affect a person, and, above all, their interpretation and the human world as a whole.

Furthermore, this process also affect beliefs parents and other ancestors. Among the programs that affect the biological health, take precedence those associated with the viability of the individual and the entire human race.

In this context, we can perceive genes as a way to transmit the history of the human race, as well as the experiences of their ancestors. And can be transmitted as a positive program to assist in the resolution of conflicts and negative, that is, those that have not been resolved and is transmitted to humans "by inheritance».

The idea is that if you enter and archaic content, it can lead to a real change in the actual state of mind and body. To vyzdrovet, you must review and change the attitude to the pathological conflict has arisen.

Improper situation must be converted into adequate. Naturally, this is not an easy task, because the unconscious conflict is the cause of abnormal program. To reveal this conflict RECALL HEALING used not only to study and observation, declared in the New German Medicine, but also psychogenetics, genealogy, symbolic methods, the method of the biological clock and the cellular memory mechanism (identity cycles, self-sufficiency, the birth of children in the family, hormones and etc.).

NLP elements are also used, behaviorism, classical Chinese medicine and the latest achievements of Western medicine. It is necessary to examine the complete history of the patients and their family members, their impact on the environment, education, culture, religion and philosophy. RECALL HEALING is quite extensive and deep knowledge. With this method, we can significantly increase the chances of treatment of serious diseases. But it is not a panacea.

 - Did you assign a diet or other natural treatments for their patients

.  - As a naturopath, I worked on a diet, gathered in this area a lot of information, but since I started RECALL HEALING, I have been extremely clarifying the emotional traumas and conflicts that were formed due to inadequate reactions and ways of human behavior.

If someone does not digest milk, then I would do it conflict with the "milk". Healthy people can eat whatever he wants. Naturally, I recommend a massage and other methods of natural medicine. I can also recommend to my patients to visit a therapist, because sometimes I just identify conflicts, but I have no time for detailed study of psychological conflicts among my patients.

Typically, the patient visited my office 2 - 3 times. In very rare cases, I do individual patients within a few years, but we see each other 3 - 4 times a year. In New York I have been a patient diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She is now 68 years old and she suffers from 35 years old. Her doctor is a leading specialist in New York, which has seen thousands of patients with this disease.

This woman writer profession. He writes with his left hand and has great difficulty walking. When she came to me for the first time, the general could not write, and almost did not go. Its current form is much better, it is more self-assured, and her self-esteem has increased significantly. I talk to her on Skype 3 - 4 times a year. During our next conversation, she complained that he saw no improvement.

We had the agreement to the following conversation at 3 months, and she has done during this time resonance imaging of the brain. Suddenly, she called her doctor and said he urgently wants to do another study. When she was horrified to see him, he asked her about what she was treated more recent years, as among all the thousands of patients who are under his supervision since a long time, but her health has not worsened.

Encouraged by this information during our next conversation, she began to tell stories that are not told before. It was possible to find out a lot of new potential conflicts, and this led to the subsequent long-term improvement. One of my teachers Dr. «ATHIAS» argues that only awareness of the causes of a particular disease can already significantly improve health.

 - Some argue that the contact with the healing of the reason is, and nothing more should be done in this direction. So says Bert Hellinger and experts in the field of regression analysis.

 - The brain reacts to everything. Unresolved conflict can be many years "to wait" to the most inopportune moment on and have an impact on the behavior and health of the person.

Sometimes it is necessary to analyze all the family tree to a remote for hundreds of years, the event, which is relevant to the patient, including in it the mechanism of "cellular memory" or "chronological cycle", and helped to understand or realize the internal communication of its status with the events or emotions that ancestors failed adequately to live or survive.

Moving in this way, it becomes possible to cure the patient from serious and chronic diseases, as well as the improvement of the whole of his family. An important aspect of therapy is not only the definition of such an event, situation or condition, but a holistic awareness of the causes "of each brain cell," and "every cell of the whole organism."

At that moment, when we are aware of the deep internal cause of the disease associated with negative unconscious program, this program is modified, and cure disease. We are fighting the disease with the help of consciousness of each cell. To do this, we use a variety of methods.

I actually do not know the true life of the patient coming to me. But I have prepared 3 - 4 scenarios of how to work with him, because before the consultation the patient fills out a questionnaire, which I'm learning on the eve of the visit. During the consultation it is allow you to select the patient's response to me one of the prepared script.

Also important is the contact with the patient on the emotionally subtle, allowing the therapist to intuitively choose the only correct script for the treatment of a patient, as, for example, can be observed in cases of family constellations Bert Hellinger, or in the method of Dr. MORENO.

Interview with Gilbert Renaud

 - And if you can not find a family history, drama and trauma? For example, parents have died or do not want to tell unpleasant stories for themselves?

 - In RECALL HEALING believed that if we work on them, by the same token, we are working with the past. We do not torture, and not subjected to torture. We help therapists who work in our method to learn to analyze the period of 18 months before the person's birth (9 months before conception and the first 9 months of pregnancy), as well as the first year of life already born child, to find out everything that was associated with his parents .

We do not expect a few sessions to ensure that the patient is opened to us and was sincere with us, we do ask questions. We have a certain pattern and sequence of questions asked, to help us build a "lifeline" of the patient, to understand his "plan - target" and features a family tree. Thanks to Dr. Hamer's discoveries, we know exactly what questions to ask when it makes sense to certain diseases and how to gain insight into the patient's condition. Every organ and every part of the body speak for themselves. Once I came to the reception woman doctor, whose 10 years before it was removed the thyroid gland, and at the time of the visit of the thyroid gland is growing back again, it appeared knot again. Before this case I had not encountered such patients, but thanks RECALL HEALING concept, I knew exactly what to ask and what the topic should be addressed in a conversation with my patient. Important reasons for diseases of the thyroid gland, is the concept of "injustice", the conflict associated with the parents' disappointment over the fact that instead of the expected boy was born a girl, too intense pace of life and constant stress does not have time to perform a "plan". Hormonal system is also connected with communication, with the ability to build relationships in the family and at work. I began to ask her questions related to possible causes of the above, and she began to cry. It began erupting a huge amount of emotion. А через пять дней узел рассосался.

Мне хочется сказать здесь еще одно замечание. Когда я работаю с пациентом, то «продаю» ему «мой продукт», Но кроме этого, я иногда сотрудничаю с коллегами. Если существует множество способов заболеть, то также должно существовать множество способов выздроветь. Я очень редко встречаюсь с одним пациентом более трех раз. Если мой метод ему не помогает, или между нами не образовалась тонкая связь, то ему надо искать другого специалиста. И я никогда не уговариваю пациента отказаться от конвенциональных методов лечения. Одним из главных принципов RECALL HEALING, является правило: «Твоя работа с пациентом не может ухудшить его состояние, и не может увеличить количество его жизненных проблем».

 — Работая с пациентами, используете ли Вы метод провокационной терапии?

 - Yes. Но только тогда, когда чувствую, что это необходимо для лечения. Я никогда точно не знаю, каким образом я буду работать с конкретным пациентом. Все начинает происходить спонтанно. Однажды, ко мне обратился пациент, которому врачи диагностировали последнюю стадию рака печени и сказали, что он скоро умрет. Он жил в Аризоне и относил себя к Свидетелям Йеговы. Мы разговаривали с ним по телефону всего один раз.

Я обнаружил у него конфликт, связанный с неумением выражать агрессию, и начал его провоцировать: «Ты, дурак!!! Хочешь умереть от такой ерунды?!» Он разозлился, был в ярости и перестал быть милым и приятным человеком, который лучше «умрет», чем скажет что-нибудь резкое, агрессивное или «неприличное». Я «разрешил» ему кричать и быть «естественно агрессивным». С тех пор прошло 4 года, он по-прежнему жив.

 — Я много слышала о провокационной терапии, но думала, что в RECALL HEALING пациент должен быть сам активен.

 - Of course! Такой метод не действенен, если пациент отказывается вступать в диалог. Если он уже сдался, никто и ничто не может вернуть его к жизни. К сожалению, диагноз рака, часто является приговором пациенту. Он теперь знает, что умрет, а врач только доливает «масло в огонь». «Рука судьбы» и «Домоклов меч» не могут быть отменены или даже мало-мальски изменены моим тоненьким жалким тявканьем. Это часто происходит потому, что в детстве мы слышим от родителей «ВРАЧ сказал, и…!!!». В нашем подсознании врач уподобляется БОГУ.

 — Какими качествами должен обладать терапевт, использующий Ваш метод?

 — Доктор САБА об этом говорит так: «Во-первых, терапевт должен быть образованным и культурным человеком. Чем более образован терапевт, чем большим жизненным опытом он обладает, тем больше у него возможностей соединить ВСЕ со ВСЕМ».

 — Культурным и образованным должен быть каждый врач. And what else? Наверно, не помешала бы чертовски развитая интуиция.

 — Не помешала бы.

 — И еще хорошо было бы такому врачу немного иметь в себе Шерлока Холмса.

 — Да, я тоже часто так говорю. В скайпе я придумал себе логин: «Находящий решения». Терапевт сам себя часто спрашивает: «Какой важный вопрос я еще не задал моему пациенту? Я чувствую, что еще что-то кроется в глубине его подсознания». Часто бывает так, что даже самый глубокий и искренний разговор открывает только 20 процентов величины айсберга жизни пациента, остальные 80 находятся ниже уровня моря (сознания). But! Даже если удается открыть всего лишь 1 дополнительный процент, то и этого бывает достаточно, чтобы пробудить и инициировать в пациенте процесс исцеления от болезни.



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