Standards of feminine beauty at different times

10th place: The ideal of beauty of ancient Egypt was a slender and graceful woman with full lips and huge almond-shaped eyes. To extend the pupils and give luster eyes dripped into them the juice from the plant "deadly nightshade." The most beautiful eye color green was considered. But this is a rare color. Enterprising Egyptian eye contours of the green paint carbonate of copper. To complete the image painted in zёleny nails on the hands and feet.

9th place: Women maya body stained red ointment, which adds a very sticky and fragrant resin. After this procedure, they became ornate and perfumed. On the face also bear the different paint.

8th place: The ideal of beauty in ancient China - a small, frail woman with tiny feet. No decent Chinese would not take a wife girl with big feet. To stem remained a small, tightly bandaged foot girls, and she ceased to grow. By the way, the main advantage of men in China were considered long hair braided in that fancy braids.

7th place: In ancient Greece, the cult of the trained body. Benchmark beautiful body Greeks became sculpture of Aphrodite: height - 164 cm, chest circumference - 86 cm, waist - 69 cm, 93 cm bedёr. According to the canons of Greek beauty beautiful face combined the straight nose and large eyes.

6th place: In ancient Rome ruled the cult fair skin and blond hair. It was the first Roman women have mastered the secret of hair bleach. They wiped with a sponge soaked with oil from goat's milk and ash beech tree, and then destained in the sun.

5th place: In the Middle Ages was considered sinful earthly beauty and pleasure to her - unlawful. Blondirovanie hair proclaimed wicked occupation. Figure hidden under a layer of heavy fabrics, and hair - under the bonnet. Now the medieval ideal of women was the Blessed Virgin Mary - an elongated oval face, big eyes and a small mouth.

4th place: At the beginning of the XIII century started a cult of worship "beautiful lady". The woman is now compared with a rose - it delicate, fragile and graceful. By the way, for this reason, in fashion - small breasts.

3rd place: In the Renaissance considered beautiful pale complexion, slim "swan neck" and a high brow. To lengthen the face oval ladies shaved hair and plucked eyebrows in front, and to the neck seemed as long as possible, shaved their heads.

2nd place: In the era of Rococo main emphasis - on the haircut, it's - a time of miracles of hairdressing. Expensive fun trying to keep as long as possible: not prichёsyvalis weeks and did not wash his head. Queen Isabella of Spain Castile once confessed that his whole life washed only twice - at birth and on the wedding day.

1st place: XX-XXI century, today. Life has changed. However, the fashion historian agree that in the future it will be possible to determine the twenty-first century as the century of women's short hairstyles and cult dystrophy. Nevertheless but clean and trim much more ...


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