How to change the "ideal feminine body" For the last 100 years

Had one of the most successful to date supermodels, Brazilian Gisele Bundchen in the 1930s, it probably would have been called an inconspicuous gray mouse with a featureless figure. It looks brilliant Giselle in those days was considered as the least unhealthy. Since the beginning of the XX century standards of female beauty transformed repeatedly, making more and more obvious differences between "attractive" healthy body and from a medical point of view. Following Buzzfeed project propose to see how varied representation of the fashion industry and society of a perfect female body in the last hundred years.

1910. Girls GibsonaVysokaya, with a narrow waist, lush breasts and wide hips - so the ideal of female beauty promoted at the beginning of the XX century illustrator Charles Gibson of the US. Ladies with a figure of "hourglass" dominated the fashion and advertising the western world until the beginning of the First World War. "Gibson Girl" was accompanied by posters, signboards of shops and beauty salons.

1920. Affordable flepperyNa shift feminine, cutesy and tightened in corsets merciless ladies Gibson in the early 20-ies of the last century came with the appearance of a girl leaning - they were called flepper. Small breasts, narrow hips and, most importantly, no corsets.

Priverzhenka introduced this style in fashion loose dresses below the knee, heels, bright make-up and cap-Cloche. They were characterized by a rather eccentric and even cheeky behavior. They did not hesitate to smoke cigarettes, laugh out loud, and even driving. Image flepper life has become very popular, romanticized it in his works, many writers, such as Scott Fitzgerald.

1930. Femininity, curls and emphasized taliyaVo the Great Depression, women are noticeably changed. In place of a frivolous and eccentric flepper came a little strict, balanced and self-confident ladies who preferred more conservative outfits, emphasizing at the same time bending the figures. One of the most famous icons of style of that time was a Hollywood actress Mae West. Incidentally, it was during this period originated the style of "glamor».

1940. Fit and stroynyeV postwar period at the peak of popularity were a woman with a masculine and a toned figure. In vogue, in particular, form-fitting dresses with wide shoulders.

1950. Curvy and feminine formyPopulyarnaya in the 1920 figure of "hourglass" again became a model of feminine beauty. The ideal female figure was to combine large breasts, wide hips and thin waist. Style icons were considered, in particular, the actress and singer Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Dandridge. The ladies are so eager to lush forms that traders have adopted special means - selling steel plates on the chest and buttocks, allows you to make the figure more feminine


1960. TviggiSeksualnaya Revolution 60s made significant adjustments in the public perception of female beauty. In place of busty beauties with wide hips came androgynous girl with a flat chest. And efforts supemodeli Lesley Hornby (pictured), nicknamed Twiggy became fashionable short dresses and miniskirts. Girls who want to be like Leslie (and there was an overwhelming majority), became known as Twiggy.

1970. Tanned and podtyanutyeKrasavitsa in 1970 was bound to have a slim trim figure. In a fashion also it was tan and a "natural" makeup - makeup ladies use to a minimum. Style icons during this decade was, in particular, actress Farrah Fawcett (pictured).

1980. Long-legged and sportivnyeV 80s many women simply obsessed with fitness and a healthy lifestyle. In Western countries, one after another open gyms and fitness centers - have grown like mushrooms after rain. The most attractive were considered slender woman with a sporty physique. Thinness gradually became an ideal of beauty. Well, the epitome of style and perfection of that time was, in particular, a model and actress Jane Fonda. Her body tighten envied by millions of women around the world.

1990. Thinness and pale kozhaSpustya 10 years, tightened beauties with a sporty physique to fashion magazine covers pushed more fragile girl. In the 90s at the peak of popularity were anorexic ladies with pale skin. A new trend in fashion, the most famous representative of which was the British model-skinny Kate Moss (pictured), has been called

«heroin chic."

2000s. Again sportV the beginning of the new millennium, ladies suddenly remembered about the sport. The focus, as in the 1980s, were tightened and strong shapes and style healthy lifestyle, came again. Women tried to get cubes on her belly and buttocks Defined. The tone of this area was set model with a sporty physique. One of the most exciting and well-paid - Brazilian Gisele Bundchen (pictured)

. 2010s. Curvaceous beginning of the second decade of the XXI century world of fashion once again captured the lush, but tightened form. One of the main representatives of the conditionally new direction became an American actress and model Kim Kardashian, the owner of a prominent bust and wide, but, according to some, attractive thighs (pictured).

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