Girls in the history of Russia

Each of these girls has its own history and the history of the most famous and well-known persist for a very long time and acquire all sorts of legends. They became popular in different years for different reasons, but they share one thing - they were all Russian. "Alenka" - Elena Gerinas

Eight-Elena Gerinas more than half a century, is the emblem of the famous Russian chocolate "Alenka". But there could be Vasnetsov "Alenka", for example. But the photograph unsuspecting person in a soft scarf daughter of photographer Alexander Gerinasa won the competition announced in 1964, "Red October". Before this picture, "Alenka" with wide eyes and ruddy cheeks graced the cover of the first issue of "Health" in 1962. A small Elena had brown eyes and a slightly different shape of the face, but the final image, which appeared on the cover of chocolate, created by artist N.Maslov.

By the way, Elena Gerinas receives no fee for use of the image of his face on the famous Russian chocolate has for over fifty years. In February of 2000, it announced its copyright as a successor to this image, but the court, which lasted more than two years, has ruled against her.

Anastasia Romanova

Grand Duchess Anastasia, the daughter of Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, will forever remain in the memory of the Russian people girl. In the memoirs of contemporaries, and then you can read that in spite of his 17-year-old age Anastasia was a living child who loved to romp, play and parody others. What time to make this girl canonized as Martyr along with his entire royal family?

During World War I she was just fourteen years old, and she could not, as the older sisters and mother, to be a nurse. Then she became the patroness of the hospital, gave his own money for the purchase of medicines for the wounded, read them aloud, gave concerts, wrote a couple of letters of their loved ones, play with them, to distract suffering from pain, they sewed clothes, preparing bandages and lint. Their photographs were kept after her home, and she remembered the wounded by name. Some illiterate soldiers she taught to read and write, and they really liked it. In the night from 16 to 17 July 1918 together with Anastasia close shot in Yekaterinburg. Many years after the massacre of the royal family did not abate conversations that Anastasia survived. About Anastasia Romanova to make films and cartoons, creating a cult.

Vera Mamontov - "Girl with PeachesĀ»

Vera Mamontov all Russian people know the portrait by Valentin Serov "Girl with Peaches." There is another portrait of her - nine years later, written by Viktor Vasnetsov, it is called "Girl with a maple branch." What is known about this girl after she was twice captured in the paintings of the great masters? It is known that she had to wait long for marriage: she married the leader of the nobility of Moscow Alexander Samarin in 1903, after the death of his father, he did not give blessing to the marriage.

She suddenly died of pneumonia at the age of thirty-two years old, having to give birth to three children. Her husband, Alexander D., lived after her death twenty-five years, but are no longer married, and in memory of Vera Mammoth built a snow-white temple of the Holy Trinity in the village Averkieva, not far from their homestead.

Faith Kondakov

Faith Kondakov all know the famous picture where the girl in the school dress with white bows and kisses Joseph Stalin. She was seven years old, she is still poorly knew how to read, but wonderfully recited, and congratulations, which she had told Stalin memorized by ear: "Dear Comrade Stalin, this is for you from the Moscow guys ..." No one told her that Stalin can kiss - it was a personal impulse of the child, believed in the bright image of the leader of the Soviet Union.

Little girl in the arms of the huge Stalin, white bows with thin braids and bushy mustache at the adult's face - Photo huge numbers scattered throughout the Soviet Union and made Faith Kondakov popular. The "Pioneer truth" came the poems of Sergey Mikhalkov: "This is - happiness! / There is no other word! / Girl! / Could you ask for? / What do you / Stalin's native / On this day, to see and hug?" She found out on the streets, invited on the radio and on the day of Stalin's death, the whole school came to her in class - divided ... Mount Vera Kondakov is still alive and lives in Moscow, and the famous photograph of a lifetime hanging on her wall.

Katya Lycheva

Junior Goodwill Ambassador from the Soviet Union Katya Lycheva visited in 1986, the United States on a peace mission. On this girl was charged with the mission to become a symbol of "the Soviet policy of peace", and the way it was set up after the manner of dead American Samantha Smith. But the glory of it was not very long. At first, Kate starred in the children's films, was surrounded by journalists during his trip to America, which recorded her every move: "Katya Lycheva making paper doves", "Katya Lycheva participates in a press conference", "Katya Lycheva meets with students." Sportswoman, Komsomol, beauty, besides knowing English ...

But when the media stopped writing about the child-diplomat, Katya Lycheva is forgotten. She emigrated to France, and graduated from the Sorbonne, although it continues to engage in international projects, avoid talking to journalists.

Nadia Rusheva

The girl, who died at 17 years old and left behind 12 thousand drawings. "I do not know of any other similar example in the history of Fine Arts - wrote about Nadia Rusheva Doctor of Arts Sidorov. - Among the poets, musicians rarely, but were unusually early creative explosions at the same artists - ever. All youth have spent on Study and development of skills ".

The very same Nadia said she immediately wrote a fair copy, without eraser, because the pre-sees all his drawings. "They show through on the paper, as a watermark, and I left them with something to circle." Her legacy - it's mostly graphics, illustrations for books that were read aloud to a child, or that she read herself later. Illustrations of ancient literature, Pushkin's fairy tales, "War and Peace", "Master and Margarita", "The Little Prince" - is not a complete list of what made this girl to his 17 years. In different countries: Japan, Germany, USA, India, Mongolia, Poland and many others - it passed more than 160 exhibitions of her works.

Alisa Selezneva

Cult Alice Selezneva was a harbinger of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Not less. The cult has appeared thanks to the efforts of the writer McGee and director Roman Kachanov, who also gave the world Cheburashka. "Unearthly" girl with big eyes and a special, warm look. The role of Alice in the movie performed by Natalia Guseva Katya Prizhbilyak. Works that Alice works, created over forty years, and the author, by his own admission, did not follow some well thought-out "history of the future", describing the adventures of the heroine. Alice was not just a girl, but the first girl who managed to visit space in Atlantis.

The unusual fate of the girl, her adventures have created a whole layer of cultural layers that were far removed from the original image. Popularity Alice underlines the fact that the people began to appear jokes about her and comic songs. The song is "far from perfect" was an absolute hit. Interestingly. "Beautiful far" - is, in fact, of Paradise, but in the context of Soviet culture were all sure about communism.



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