Walk on the ice castle in Kemi (29 photos)

Kemi - small but cozy town near the border with Sweden. On its territory, on the shore of Botany Bay every winter you can find wonderful and the main attraction - the Ice Castle. Every year come here dozens of adults and children to experience a lot of impressions and experience the atmosphere of the charm of the snow sculptures.

In fact, if it were not Lumilinna in Kemi doing absolutely nothing. In order not to be unfounded, I show some photos - a large part of the city looks like.

Virtually the only city attractions - Kemi Church, built in 1902 in the style of novoklassicheskom. The city still sort based steam museum ship - the icebreaker Sampo and Yahti sailboat, modeled on the XIX century, but neither the first nor the second did not get to see.

The same church, side view. Beautifully Reigning. The only pity was closed.

Winter in Lapland - a stunning beauty. A lot of snow, and that dirty porridge, which he usually turns into more southern latitudes, and this, white and perfectly clean. Another distinguishing feature Finlyadii - if somewhere path is provided, it is sure to be carefully cleaned. During the time that we were there, I have not met a single path or a road, which would have been noticed. Even if the road - a country road in the taiga forest.

Architecture - a kind, a lot of wooden houses.

Quay. Indeed, the cultural center of the city - here are just a gallery of precious stones and Snow Castle.

Along the waterfront - buildings. From entertainment - snowmobile rentals. You can rent the machine and drive around the bay.

The local is clearly not afraid of the cold. On the street, I think, 15 degrees below zero, but in general, it is warm and sunny.

Gulf of Bothnia. In the winter - a platform for snowmobiling.

A pointer to the waterfront. Left - Snow Castle, right - gallery of precious stones. All interesting - next.

Entrance to the castle. In general, the castle is interesting primarily because each year it is different. We are, judging by everything, hit the magic cave and ... «Angry Birds». Tourists are quite a lot, and even across the Finns. But only heard Russian speech.

The area of ​​the castle blends into the infrastructure of the waterfront.

In general, the bright walls of houses and other parts of urban design in the north is especially pleasing to the eye. Without it, the picture would be pretty boring.

Inside the castle seems endless structure with a lot of interesting buildings. For example, there is an ice bar and several rooms for drinking strong drinks bought there. For example, one of them.

Another room - from my own experience I can say that a hot mulled wine in such a situation - extremely beautiful.

Lamp more close-up. Eyes completely uporotyh, but still very cute.

Literally every wall inside the complex - a work of art. We see that with great talent and love cut.

In addition to the carved out of snow elements inside - a lot of ice sculptures. All shines and shimmers - an unforgettable sight.

The corridors in the castle looks something like this. Unaccustomed to get lost - the location of the rooms and halls is quite chaotic.

Actually bar inside. Stand on the left, but remained behind the scenes. Generally, for good I would have to shoot with a tripod - then managed to capture the atmosphere, but I'm afraid I would have left in Kemi and only picked up on the way back.

The holy of holies - the shelter pigs. From the depths of the hall frowning angry Ptah.

To scale - the corridors inside the fortress. Incidentally, this is the hotel. Well, anyway, it looks like a hotel. On each door - plate number. Inside - bed covered with skins. The idea is that in a normal sleeping bag is quite possible to spend the night. And the rest of his life to treat frostbite kidney.

Another corridor (they have been there a few). Photos from the show rooms will not, because in addition to the bed in nothing more and no. Exceptions are suites - where the walls are decorated with carvings and more creative lighting. But still a bit crowded - not the panorama was there to shoot?

Hall with dragons. More precisely, the fact that the left of them.

Tropical forest with palm trees and Piglet.

Exit the castle hall with ice sculptures.

Some evil and vest with a saw.

Runaround penguins. These I particularly liked.

In general, there is still a lot of interesting things have been - could climb to the tower and explore the neighborhood, for example. It can be on a rollercoaster ride tubes.
In general, there is a paradise for children's paradise - if you go to Lapland for Santa Claus to watch, then be sure to look in Kemi, take a stroll on the snow castle.

Source: dkorobtsov.livejournal.com


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