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The next time when you are finally able to get your work, think about the fate of one guy. His name is Rob. Rob - the diver; It works for the company Global Divers in Louisiana. It is engaged in repair of equipment for underwater drilling. What follows is his e-mail, sent it to his sister. She sent it to the radio station 103.2FM, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, has announced a contest for the worst accident in the workplace. She won the contest.

"Hello, Sue! Another letter of your brattsa- "scum & quot ;. Ha Last week I had a trouble at work. I know that you recently were also grieving the service, so I thought that listening to my adventures, you perk up and realize that you are not all that bad.

Before I tell you what happened to me, I have to tell you some boring technical details. As you already know, my workplace - on the seabed. Ha workplace I wear a suit. This - "wet" suit. At this time, the sea water is quite cold. So we are not to be cold, come up with is this: we have a diesel industrial water heater. This piece of the $ 20,000 sucks water out of the sea, it heats up to a pleasant temperature, and then pumps it down to the diver through the water hoses that strapped with tape to the air hose. Damned ingenious idea; I have used it several times without any problems. When I descend, and start to work, I take the hose with warm water and I stick it in the bottom of my wet suit. He filled in all the warm water, and you work just like sitting in a hot tub.

Everything was going fine until I felt the itch in the ass. I, of course, scratched her. That just exacerbated the problem: ass was downright burning fire. I took the hose from the wet suit, but it was already done. Terrible suffering, I finally understood what had happened: the water heater sucked out of the sea jellyfish and pumped it to me down my wet suit. Because my back nevolosataya, jellyfish could not attach to it. But my ass crease less fortunate. When I started to scratch what I thought was a simple itching, I rubbed his crease jellyfish. I reported to the chief about the problem of communication. His instructions were unclear, as he, along with five other divers, hysterical neighing. Hado to say that I stopped working, and then I was ordered to do three terrible underwater decompression stop, which took 35 minutes before I was able to come to the surface to get through the last decompression chamber. When I come to the surface, to me there was nothing but my brass helmet. After I got out of the water, I was approached by the nurse, and crying with laughter, handed me a tube of cream, which ordered to rub in the ass as soon as I get into the camera. Cream extinguished the flames in the ass, but I have two days could not walk on the great need, because the ass was completely plugged tumor. So the next time you get in trouble at work, think about how much worse you would be if your ass stuck jellyfish. Now, repeat after me: "I love my job, I love my job, I love my job ...."


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