Pioneer joke

I worked in the early 90s in the pioneer camp counselor. In what - I will not say, shame ... And there was a toilet, not particularly remarkable, a standard wooden country house with a pit latrine, with a slotted board with a point, all such know. But if you come to this house with a rear hatch was detected there (for Cesspool hose) and, if the flap fold, it was possible to look inside and see the visitor ass sitting on ochke. As soon as the pioneers of this learned, then immediately came up with a joke - a long stick dressed stuffed with sand, rubber gloves and, once visitors inside pioneers sneak to the toilet, threw back the hatch (stink, incidentally, was terrible), and shoved the outstretched glove of right ass sitting on ochke.
Horror !!! I myself fell victim ... an indescribable feeling when during a bowel movement you have enough for your ass from the depths of the cesspool as cold as a dead man's hand !!! I almost turned gray !!!
We (counselors) were confiscated this terrible device, but one day, hard drinking, decided themselves to play this joke to someone. They hid in the bushes, waited for the visitor and made all of the above. It turned out to be the wife of the chief of the camp ... I will never forget how, knocking on the toilet door, he sped along the central avenue, getting tangled in his pants, and some on the run from fear, 100-pound heart-rending screaming aunt scaring guests at WEEK-end parents pioneers.


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