Box with kisses

One day my father punished his 5-year-old daughter for the loss of valuable things and deneg.Eto was Christmas and the next morning brought a baby gift and said, "Dad! This is for you! »
Father was pleasantly surprised, but very offended when opening the box, I saw that it was empty inside.
He said angrily: "Do not you know that when you give a gift, it must be something to put inside the box?»
Baby, looking from the bottom up, with tears in his eyes said, "Dad, it does not pustaya.Ya filled her with so many kisses that she was full of them».
The father sat at the same moment, put his arm around the shoulders daughter and asked for forgiveness.
Throughout later life his father kept the box next to his bed, and when he felt heartless or when it was difficult - he opened the box and took out one kiss, remembering how much love he put the baby inside.
Each of us has a box full of kisses and inexhaustible love of our children, friends and God.


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