My 5 years. With the computer for a long time to you, so there is no problem from it. February 23 was a neighbor visiting. While the adults quietly, calmly drank
50 grams of the children played together in the machine. Somewhere in an hour was my attacker to the owner and asked him "Uncle Andrew, and you do not have toys, can I install? ". That is not focusing on the meaning of allowed (he computer is used only as a messenger of news and forecaster weather and if something is wrong then I provide weekly assistance for the beer, though, even if it works once a week is still going on beer, for women - a good excuse). Before leaving home, my son promised to come tomorrow after garden and crack the toy.
The next day, calling stunned neighbor.
 - Listen to and I've got a bunch of toys appeared when you put them to me?
 - Yes, I do not. You're allowed himself yesterday I put them.
 - Yes? Then go ka knam. There are a couple of issues.
It's been two months. Result: I was with a neighbor after the beer has never esche not drink. But my small now has a steady source of income sweets and grateful pupil, who is older than his 25 years.


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