Top 5 "good" hackers of all time

In a previous article I described the hackers, who early in his career involved breaking into computer networks of large companies and government organizations. In the same article tells about the people who did wrong and reprehensible did. No, they just contribute to what we see now - the rapid development of computer technology.

I would like to mention that in the last article, the term "hacker" means a person who breaks into computer networks and steals information. In the same article under the same term 'hacker' means a person who understands the PC and much better than other networks.

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Stephen Wozniak

It is a living legend, who left the University of California, to devote himself to his dream - the development of the personal computer, which could be used by people who can not be called IT-professionals.

Steve Jobs, the current head of Apple, in that distant time voiced the idea of ​​selling the computer as a fully assembled PC. Wozniak is first reacted with skepticism to this idea, but Jobs was able to persuade him. As a result, the first personal computer to Apple was assembled in the garage. Then Apple I in the amount of 100 pieces was sold to local dealers for the price 666, 66 dollars apiece.

The story we all know - Apple became multibillion corporation, and Apple's PCs are perhaps the most famous "personalkami" in the world.

However, it is worth noting also that Wozniak in college was able to learn how to make free long-distance and international calls through the «Blue Box» - a fairly simple device that bypasses the imperfect mechanisms of exchange of the day. As a result, Wozniak and Jobs, and then, make calls and to whom would like.

Tim Berners Lee

Without this man, probably 9/10 of the current computer geeks and hackers would never be what they are today. The thing is that Tim Berners Lee is the man who invented the World Wide Web. In 1989, working in CERN, Lee predlozhdil project to create hypertext documents, interconnected links, which could greatly facilitate the search for and compiling information. Initially, the project was used on the internal network CERN.

After a while the technology is beginning triumphant journey around the world. By the way, Tim Berners Lee wrote the world's first web-north, the world's first web browser and the world's first WYSIWYG editor, which was a single unit with a browser. The main literary work of this man can be called the book "Scourge Wide Web: Origins and Future of the World Wide Web." In this book, the author tells all about the process of creating a Web site, its concept and its vision of the Web.

Berners Who is Professor Emeritus of many universities, including Oxford, an honorary member of a huge number of companies and associations. He does not rest on its laurels and continues to work for the benefit of the Internet. It seems that this is one of the most honored "hackers" of all time.

Linus Torvalds

Well, who does not know about Linux and its creator? Probably, soon babies with mother's milk will absorb information about open source software and the operating system Linux.

Linus Torvalds, in his own words, have fun, trying to create the best operating system that it can only create. The work on this operating system, but rather, on the core of the OS, started on the PC Commodore VIC-20, 8-bit home computer. Then the work moved to the Sinclair QL, the base OS for which served as an operating system written by Torvalds. Actually, it was not yet a full-fledged operating system, but only a text editor, assembler + a few games.

Kernel for Linux-based and was created back in 1991, and everything is not called Linux, and Minix. After Linus Torvalds put your creation to the General Court, the community of programmers from different countries immediately rushed modifying the kernel. Currently, only 2% of the current kernel is written by the Linux Torvalds. The rest - the work of the international community.

Richard Stallman

This man is the "itinerant preacher" of free software. He has been working on the purity and precision of terminology free software. He believes, for example, that instead of the term "closed-source" is to use the term "proprietary software", and instead of «Open Source» he proposes to use the term "free software." According to Stallman, the term «Open Source» hides the fact that the real purpose of this software is free.

Stallman is a very popular figure, to whose ideas listening community of programmers. Of course, not everyone agrees with what he says and does, nevertheless, Stallman was able to win the respect of many thousands, if not millions, of their colleagues. In his honor, even named one of the asteroids.

Tsutomu Shimomura

His fame that network security professionals received some unusual way. No, he did not invent anything that would impress the world. The only thing that this man did - helped the authorities to capture Kevin Mitnick, one of the most famous hackers of all time. About him we have already told, casually mentioning that detention contributed Shimomura Mitnick.

So, at the end of the 20th century, Shimomura was commissioned by the US military for the development of improved models of software obepecheniya SATAN (Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks), is an automated vulnerability scanner. This project was developed until 1995, after which it was abandoned.

So, the military, hoping to get a powerful means of controlling the Internet, ordered Shimomura create advanced model of this "Satan". About ordering heard Mitnick, who broke into a computer Shimomura searching source SATAN. ​​

The attack did not go unnoticed, and Shimomura roused half the US military, which workers and detained Mitnick. In general, since Shimomura and is known as a man caught Mitnick.



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