Do I need to tape up the webcam on laptops

Stickers and slides are used in order to reduce concern about perverts watching your every move. Even the FBI Director says stick the camera on his laptop.

Last five years technology industry makes a camera for our devices better and better. With the development of the era of surveillance has emerged a whole industry of anti-surveillance. The market is full of cheap stickers and branded plastic slides which can close the front camera on your phone, laptop and even on the TV.


Researchers have long security showed that a hacker can hack into the camera and watch any on the other side of the lens man. To assess a potential threat, imagine being able to capture the camera your own device.

I must say that warning has finally found its audience. Last month, FBI Director James Comey told the audience: "I stick with the camera tape, because saw a man smarter than me, which does the same thing."


A number of accessories against surveillance

American company that sells a variety of goods for offices, Idea Stage Promotions, describes his device to close the webcam Webcam Cover 1.0: The "hottest item on the market."

For example, cable channel USA Networks sent reporters this accessory with the inscription Mr Robot as advertising the new season of the popular hacker series.


The closure lens of the webcam is not a new invention and has long been known to those who know that the Internet is watching you constantly. Political analyst of the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Eva Galperin said that since the acquisition of its first MacBook Pro with the built in screen of the camera in 2007, she constantly closes her eyes.

Organization EFF started to print their own stickers in 2013. They also sell and distribute stickers that say: "These removable stickers technology anticline that is impossible to crack". The speaker said the EFF for this reason that people buy them all the time.


Set of stickers EFF

So the fear of Webcams has penetrated deeply into pop culture. The trailer for the new biopic "Snowden" Director Oliver stone includes a moment when actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays the main character during an intimate moment with his girlfriend nervously looking at the webcam.

I wonder is this just paranoia?


Frame from the TV series "Mr. Robot"

We know that it is not just about fiction. In 2013, researchers showed how to activate the webcam of a Macbook without turning on the indicator. It couple said that the hacker had uploaded the video as they have sex, after he hacked into their smart TV. According to the records of the Federal court, the FBI knows how to use laptop camera to spy on users. And where there is fear there than to make money, isn't it?

Washington firm CamPatch describes itself as "Mercedes-Benz in the region of the chamber is closed with tape". The founders created a start-up in 2013 after I heard the briefing of the Pentagon devoted to cyber security. "Experts talked about Webcams how about the new "attack vector"," says generally Director CamPatch Christy Caraballo.

According to Caraballo, the company released more than 250 thousand patches. The wholesale price of the product – 2.79 US dollar. Speaking of income, Caraballo mentioned a six-digit number.


However, not all succumbed to paranoia. Expert in private life, Brian Pascal, who worked for the company Stanford and Palantir Technologies, believes that without proper modeling threats such methods are excessive.


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Others before this is not reached. So, an expert in cryptography at Johns Hopkins University's Matthew green says has not closed the eye of the camera, because "he's an idiot". "I have no excuses for why I don't take it seriously. I just decided in the end to see me naked is punishment enough".

Cam video paranoia, apparently, is only the beginning. Consumers are buying new devices that may become tools for surveillance. published


Author: Artem Franich


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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