That is why men and women think differently

We will not deny that men and women are very different from each other. American comedian and marriage expert Mark Gangora believes that the difference lies in the apparatus of the brain of men and women. Website published an excerpt from his speech in which he on behalf of the man very simply and lucidly explained his point of view.

"Women - being much more complex than men. Men arranged much easier. And the main difference between them from each other in how ustoreno their thinking.

Let's start with men. Brain man is unique. It consists of a small box. We all have our own box. There is a box for the car, there is a box of money to work for you, for the children and even your mom - somewhere in the basement. We all have boxes. And yet there is a rule: the box should not touch each other! When a man is discussing a particular issue, it is precisely this box, takes it opens up and discusses only what's in this box! And then he closes the box and puts it in place, but Only very carefully, so it does not hurt other boxes!

Woman's brain is different from the male brain. Brain woman - this is a big tangle of wires. There everything is connected to everything: money is connected to the machine, the machine is connected to your work, the children are connected to your mother, everything is interconnected
And most importantly, in the brains of men have such a box, the existence of which most women do not realize. This box is nothing. True. It is called "Box About Nothing". Of all the boxes in the brain of a man is this box - his favorite. If he could, he would have sat in this box all day. That is why we, for example, go fishing or sit in front of TV. Women can not do this. They do not understand "box About Nothing." And nothing irritates a woman, as a kind of man who does not do anything! ยป



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