The child should grow up in a team.

The child should grow up in a team. This basic truth occurred to my father, when I was finishing sixth grade. School, friends in the country and in the courtyard of the team for some reason he did not consider, and I, in his opinion, had just once in your life to go to a real summer camp. Grandma's moans and timid objections were mother father sternly ignored. After all, he, like a parent simply had no right to deprive me of the pioneer childhood.

It was the final decision - to raise all the links and get a ticket to the "good summer camp" where, in his opinion, I had fun and exciting
spend 28 days in the company of new friends that I will certainly appear.
I must say that while I was fond of chemistry, and is not that part where I had to cram formulas and delve into the deeper meaning of the periodic table, open a great writer of Russian vodka. The main concern I have is just the practical part of the science lying in the plane of the pyrotechnic where you can blow up anything, or, in extreme cases, burn. I think many people have passed through it. Parent about my hobby, f course, knew ...
As a result, in mid-June he came to the country happy and proud father said that the issue resolved with the camp. According to him, he got to his feet and all, it took me a huge work permit to camp on the second shift. This is not just a secret camp √ he said. This camp chemists. Time passed quickly before departure. I dreamed mugs, rich chemical reagents and new friends √ winners Chemistry Olympiads.
It seemed that in front of me waiting for a cheerful and clean energy voiced enthusiasm happy childhood, so familiar to us all the popular while pioneering television series "Three cheerful change."
And then, finally, after two weeks, provided with red suitcase and recent parental admonitions, I would sat in the Pioneer bus with a sign "Camp Crystal" on the windshield. In my suitcase
They were signed by the things on the list, your favorite sweets and a subscription of the magazine "Young technician" in the past year. The bus moved off and took us somewhere on the border of the Moscow region.
We are not deceived. The camp was indeed a camp chemists. In the full sense of the word. True chemical circles there was not (as, indeed, and all the rest). Just 20% of the pioneers of vacationing there were random
Muscovites, ironically trapped in this pioneer's paradise, and the remaining 80% - children of local residents serving sentences "on the chemistry" on a nearby chemical plant. In general, as the saying went, so I went, and, mind you, to pull.
Entertainment in our camp there were not many, but rather one - Labor Troopers. Twice a day we went to the nearest collective farm fields and performed together for the collection rate in the old cans Colorado
beetles, bred in the same year in incredible numbers. At the same time we have had an incentive: pioneer, has collected more than anyone, was allowed to make a fire, which then ruthlessly collected by us all unhappy
arthropods. Leisure same bedtime not want to remember, even now. The only outlet in this joyless life in the camp was our leader Timur. He had two great qualities - love of literature and gular seizures, slightly reminiscent of epilepsy. I must say, that it they do not happen often - I remember only twice. Both times it saved our pioneer leader Angelina drilled through with a spoon handle, always hanging around his neck Timur. But first Angelina asked the camp commander to replace her partner. Head flatly refused, arguing at all: "Say thank you, that though such you this ** found any camp." We were just twelve years is quite annoying, but on the contrary √ filled our attitude towards the counselor of some mystery and romanticism. With love for literature Timur it was much more difficult. He was
Monogamous. Of all the literature he loved only one book, re-read it regularly and knew by heart entire chapters. Surely, warmed his soul and that he is the namesake of the protagonist of that immortal
product red commander and later the grandfather father of Russian economic reforms of the early nineties. This beautiful tale pioneer so sunk into the soul of our leaders, he decided, with our help
finally to make it come true. In one piece, he sunk especially. If you remember, in the courtyard of a lonely old grandfather timurovtsi managed to fold scattered wood in the woodpile so that this grandfather did not even
I remarked. Santa is nice - and Timurovtsev well. And a good deed done and have kept incognito. According to our Timur, we had to repeat the feat.
Among the most desperate (read hooligans) it was formed reconnaissance group, which authorities counselor was released from the collection of the Colorado potato beetle, and sent to the nearest village with a mission: to find the right grandfather, and try to engage him in touch. Higher camping guide Timur in his plan decided not to devote √ banned for sure. And then, as the saying goes, everybody loves a winner. The team returned only after dinner, tired, proud and slightly reeks of beer. In the report vozhatskoy senior group seriously he looked at Timur, sustained theatrical pause and said, "There is my grandfather." Timur gleefully rubbed his hands together - gone case - says.
According to intelligence, the right grandfather lived in forty-minute walk from the camp and satisfy us on all counts. However, to enter into direct contact with the grandfather of the scouts could not (probably the grandfather already had
repeated experience with the pioneers of our camp and you try to approach truce, swinging a heavy stick, he gave a monologue in which there were only printed words "Itit", "Mother" and "Pioneer
svolota "). However, after a survey of the local population, it was found that the grandfather is thrown native, served in the city, she lives alone and is in dire need of assistance. But the greatest interest to us is the machine of wood,
dumped his grandfather in the yard and a barn, where they can be folded into a neat woodpile.
The next day after breakfast Timur personally went to reconnoiter the terrain before the operation. He came back for dinner in extreme thoughtfulness. Picking up on our own serious
eyes, he sadly said, nothing comes out. Noticing his grandfather. Like it or not, notice. During the two hours that the nettles with binoculars were eight times out into the yard. And will not distract - suspicious
painfully. √ Timurovtsev them that it was easier - they're grown up, know the terrain, the people. And we have no chance unless ... night. In the case went to the 00:30 when finally it was dark, and the camp
asleep. Timurovtsev group consisted entirely of our party and a few people from the senior squad (their leader Timur was a friend). Total accumulated forty people. In silence, in the tracks, we chain
deep into the night forest, feeling a minimum of intelligence, leaving behind enemy lines to carry out reconnaissance. In place of the profit to the second half. Light my grandfather did not burn. After waiting
Ten minutes, then entered the yard and built in two chains.
The truth had to break the lock on the gate and the shed, but it's the little things. With wood coped quickly - two hours. I did not disappoint anyone. Everything worked as one, and everything went well. Even locks were hanged for the type of back. In
beginning of the fifth we all tired but happy lying on his armored beds. Timur was all chambers and all expressed gratitude. It was nice to go to sleep for the remaining three hours feeling this
hero - Timurovtsev, who made a good deal and was completely disinterested in this case unknown. Before that we read about this in books only. This could have ended, but in fact this story
It had its continuation. The next day, the entire village was awakened by a heart-rending cry of his grandfather: "S *** Dili, bitch, kill! ". After that, the grandfather told the whole village in paints
the pioneers, cold winter and the wood, without which it freezes "a * Beni mother." Neighbors managed to calm grandfather hour and a half, and promised to help with the firewood and general help, then my grandfather sighing heavily,
I went to the barn.
Right out of the gate open at his grandfather looked neatly folded stack of full-width to the ceiling. Even the most inveterate village men have not heard before, and half of the words uttered by his grandfather during
the next twenty minutes. Well, they could not because timurovtsi know that in the depths of the barn can lie anything else that you may need grandfather. Well, just could not, and God
with him, because to shovels and other equipment grandfather managed to get on the third day, other necessary things difficult rustic farm saw the light of day in five. However, his bike he was able to release from captivity of wood-only two weeks, moving the remains of wood from the shed in the shed.
RS This story came to the camp commander. Timur was called on the carpet, where he suffered a third seizure, then the chief sent him home. Grandfather of the pioneers of the proposed aid refused twice,
while greatly adding to the already rich vocabulary of a pioneer lots of interesting words. I change before the end of the camp did not dosidel. A few days later there was a parent in the form of an amnesty day and
I was taken away by her mother back to the country. In the movie "Three cheerful change" I finally gave up, but now I can honestly say with confidence,
that I, like all of my friends was a real pioneer childhood.


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