Buy Prince

My daughter is 5 years. Daddy loves her, and every day after kindergarten repeated the same story: go to the store and buy everything you want doche. Fighting was tired, and useless. The daughter also likes to play computer and recently became involved in a series of toys Barbie as the Island Princess, Mermaid, etc. At the same time she has a lot of questions about vzaimootnoshniyah between a man and a woman try to satisfy curiosity.
Once we go to her home, she asks me about princes, etc. After some time, he asked: "Mom, you're the prince met?" The answer is, yes, met, your dad. And as the conversation continued: "When you grow up, and you'll find his." She turns abruptly, his face expresses indescribable range of feelings, the same thing happens with the voice, and the question: "How do I find ?! Me that his dad will not buy? "


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