Suicidal few secrets of sales, or how to sell snow to Mount Fuji.

The first button - Stories.

Imagine the situation you are dealing with your friend and you need to believe it, then that's it that's it that's better than TV, and both of you are not an authoritative opinion in the knowledge of televizorah.Kakoy method is better?

1.Zharky dispute with a friend through the facts of the elongated ears
2. You can tell a story about how your good friend of TV bought this brand of TV, was very pleased with the purchase and how the real master and expert in his field, has recommended it to you this brand.

The cut? Do you want to believe you? It is not necessary to become an authoritative opinion, enough to tell a story about how authoritative opinion recommends that it is not something.

Tell your customers a story about how much benefit your customers received, joy and happiness. And this method really works!

The second button - Why are you doing this?

To sell something, you want to call as much as possible the confidence of the buyer. And very often a subconscious question the buyer, why are you doing this? Why do you sell it? Why do you lower prices than theirs? And is there any trick in a freebie?

Always tell people the reasons why you are doing this, tell the truth.
Always specify the reason for your action, but not much to impose, here, too, should have its own face. This will increase the credibility of your person, as Honesty is usually appreciated by people.

The third button - Specification and technological terms

An excellent method of increasing consumer confidence in tovaru.K example of such a phrase, full of specifications.

"The gel-shampoo" Green Krapivka "has been tested in clinical trials and has shown very good results, brittle hair in the roots increased by 57% to 23% and 20% of the tips in the trunk.»

What kind of tests? Who were they held? Why 57%? No one does not know and will not be checked. Your case to say the other thing to believe. You do not check the laboratories, all the interest in your PH soap Dove.

Scan will not run no one, but the choice of course will make the better.

Therefore, resorting as often as possible for such a reception as the specification, use as many numbers, dates, and so on, for example, "it was founded in 1898" or "Buyers are more than 10 years, are pleased with our achievements».

Use as much detail in the description of your product. The Specification and technological TERMS credible and allow the buyer to make sure that you know what to sell and how you present your special case.

Included in the howling presentation characteristics, you increase your confidence with
information. Gives it more weight and significance. Well nobody is still not
He knows that 99, 4% is the same noodle, as well as 100%!

The fourth button - Facts and truth

Act PR: «The people set up favorably when know the facts»
Facts allow you to control the situation ...


One of the masters of copywriting dashed such malyavu for
one of the department stores:
"We bankroty.Nash debt of 125,000 dollars in excess of what we
able to pay. We know that this ad cause our
lenders throw at us dubem. But if you come and buy our
product tomorrow, then we will have something to settle with them ... If not, we
Khan! »

Instead of yelling, the other stores: "SALE!" He said
the truth about why people should, in his opinion, to make their purchases
in this store.

And this advert saved shop ...

Other announced the same maestro for one of the owners of a clothing store
It was such:
"We have accumulated a lot of stupid raincoats, from which we want to get rid»
The next morning, the entire stock of these stupid raincoats sold out!

TRUTH load!

Always be sincere in your texts and people feel it, they'll emotions of his sincerity!

The fifth button - FAQ or eliminate problems in advance

An excellent method to calm the customer in advance about the possible troubles, ask questions and do the same to answer them, use the dialogue form submission informatsii.Naprimer

And will this method work in Africa?

The course will, because if the African will cut my finger that he, too, flows blood, they also have two legs, two arms and golova.Oni the same people, and hence this method will work in Africa.

Create a FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions, to make life easier for themselves and advance to destroy all customer concerns.

The sixth button - Curiosity and its use in all areas of advertising.

If you are sending an e-mail inviting groups VKontakte, or just spamming wherever possible, always possible to use such things as titles.

But they must be used wisely, and here we must be sure to observe two rules.
1. Your headline should not be similar to spam or advertising
2. Your headline should induce insane curiosity and desire tyknut on it.

Here is an example of erroneous headers, which 95% of users send their angry curses.

"Dvd disks at half price»
"Super slimming program»
"Sales of refrigerators»

I hope enough to understand that all of these header clearly violate both the pravila.Nu I think you probably have faced and are facing in internete.I also yawn or angry at the sight of such information.

And how do you like these titles:

"Do you want to manage people? Ask me how ... »
"I know how the world works, check out?»
"You're something is missing ... from where do I know?»

The first such titles do not look like advertising and are of interest and lyubopytstvo.I you like to invite to test, learn, and in fact the link))

But the scope of use of curiosity does not end on the title. Curiosity should be used everywhere! Motivate interest and makes references to information and the user will be hard to break away, as will be around so many interesting and curious references eyes scatter.

More interesting examples of curiosity:

One businessman capitally mired in business. He had a pile of debts, supply
frustrated, and no way did not shine ... He has been attacked
creditors and generally felt most prehrenoveyshim way ...
He left the office, went to the park and sat on a bench and put his head
hands ... Suddenly appeared in front of him Dzyadok years 70ti ...
"I see, my dear, Torbay you something?»?
said the old man
Businessman howled and began to ease his soul talking about their
problems ...
After he uttered, the grandfather said, "I think I can help you ...»
He asked the name of the businessman signed a check and gave it to the poor man with the words:
"Take the grandmother ... In a year we will meet at the same place and
you give me debt »
After that, he disappeared as quietly as he had come ...
Entrepreneur looked at the check and was stunned ...
It was a check for half a million dollars, was signed by a man named ...

A continuation of the online =)) And I think many would want to climb on my website after reading such stories.

The main structure of the use of Curiosity!
Writing motivation, pluck it really busy or interesting Meseta and providing a link to which we want the people moved. It's simple!

There are many ways of how to use this button will literally
Cause a person to take the next step ... is large range of
intriguing banners to a subject such as "Search ..." you
never did ...


Seventh button - "Oh, no five minutes later we will no longer sell donuts with 95% discount !!»

How to motivate a person to buy right now? Of course, to create the illusion of benefits and limit the effect of this predlozheniya.Luchshe motivates the idea that they might lose something than
the opposite of what they can buy something.

For example, the words "until October 10, you can buy a new bike we have a discount of 50%»
on a subconscious level, it acts as the inscription "If you can not buy a bike now, you will lose 50% discount».

Narrow always buy goods faster and more !!!
Ask any collector of stamps or any other crap. What is more valuable? Mark which is at all or the mark which is the only vas.Otvet obvious, now that you know this truth, and you can use it in practice.

It is rare to imagine anything! The main thing to know how to above, I described some of the methods.
Rare - so valuable! Valuable means you can sell))

Make very very valuable suggestions and limit their circulation or the time and such actions will work. Even if the "Value" is extended behind the ears) The main thing that the time was short, and the value above human understanding.

Button eighth - Guilt.

It is a very effective method, though with what the parties and very cruel with respect to customers, well, unless you're finished moralist, the method will suit you.

Use guilt buyer against him climb into his head and include a sense of guilt. Here are a few examples to help you understand how to use it, and the other senses, such as anger, hatred, etc.

Here's a perfect example of the use of guilt in one of the luxury boutiques:
Visitors are greeted at the entrance of a charming 5-year girl in a touching patched dress, with big eyes and a big bow. For starters, it asks visitors see not
Does it have blossomed bow, and then gravely asked, what is he going to
purchased at the store?
After answering, she said she is very grateful for it, because "if my mother would buy her a new dress ..." She gives him a charming smile and watched closely until
poor guy hanging around the store ...
It is unlikely that someone from visitors was simply to get out of the boutique empty-handed.

Examples of the use of guilt, like I said, plenty!
Doll that says a child: "Take me with you, I want you to live!" In the
when he takes her in his arms in the store ...
Refugees ...
Beggars ...
Cripple ...
Kidalnye office, "timeshare»,
charity events ...

Now think about how you can use the other senses as motivators?
For example anger, think of some fact that the buyer of angry at something or someone, and you are such a good and comely can take money from him, and away with the bad uncle. Give people a problem and sell the solution)

Button ninth Guarantee buzz

It is a guarantee of getting pleasure from the result of an action ...

Use here such schemes, in order to cause an irresistible confidence of the buyer.
Give people a guarantee that you have the best product. It comes down to the following scheme:
"Get us the sausage in the dough and if you do not feel the saturation of hunger, we will return your money»
The magic words "we will refund your money!" These words give comfort, provide peace of mind that you are not deceived, taking your money and run.

These words give very great confidence in you as an honest professional. And after the refund scheme, may contain a lot of nuances in which the buyer can not return the money))

For example, "Buy Sosikov and if you do not find in it the meat, we will refund you the money" put a condition that will never be broken, but the words "We will return your money" has to be magically hanging in front of the eyes of a satisfied customer. Of course I do not recommend to use such methods, but if you are very greedy, then this is for you.

In general, you'll sell a lot more than to return and sales will cover all the costs of this vozvrat.Po not be afraid and enjoy a button!

Button Tenth - FREE STUFF and benefits

One of the most powerful reasons motivating this FREE STUFF! FREE, what a pleasant word, you can get a very delicious horn-cream cone, with a crisp, filled with roasted nuts, chocolate chips and a gorgeous cherry filling inside FREE if you buy this excellent mug with your name at a discount of 50%.

As you are such a proposal? Always offer bonuses for values ​​higher than the purchase, if you want to visually reduce the value of the goods or overstate the value of free applications.

People can even buy, not because of the product itself, but because of the Super excellent free toaster, which goes to the refrigerator. Give people as much as possible BENEFITS !!! JUST BENEFITS!

For example, you decide to buy a new sofa, you go and look at the shops, in one you just buy a sofa, and in the other you buy a sofa, and for him still a great gift mini vacuum cleaner for sofas.

The answer is obvious, you buy something that is beneficial, and it does not matter that the sofa of inferior quality, and the vacuum cleaner is generally made in China.

Do as many lucrative offers for free and how much can that people get out eyes from such generosity.


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