Sales of "grown-up"

Sales - the basis of any business. If they do not have money or not- to "support pants" or the development of the company. you sell or unsophisticated mind? Your system is tuned to the client, or you just think it? Understand that with the help of a coach Asi Barysheva:

My deep conviction - the output is in system sales. The construction of the system, where the costs of customer acquisition and retention is minimized, where the interaction with the customer consists of a sequence of deliberate steps. The organization of the system, which generates two-sided happiness. Customer happiness is related to the gain from the acquisition of the product, and management happiness associated with money signs. And the question - how to build such a system - the question for adults.

What is an effective system of sales? I believe that an effective system of generating sales - a set of interrelated technologies aimed at adapting the product for klienta.Uproschenno: System sales = product + adaptation to the customer.

The higher the adaptation of the product: as a convenience, comfort, clarity, simplicity, fun to customize for the client - the more effective sales system. Relatively speaking, there are two extreme options - "prostyatsky" and "client-oriented" sales. Let's see how these systems work in the sale of cherries.

Option 1 prostetski

Sales of this type are simple and clear. If I work in the sales system - taking the five lads, who are often even my relatives to give everyone a bag of cherries and put them in the metro, where there is a stream of customers. Someone passes, someone stopped someone buys. Long or short it - during the day a bag of cherries for sale. Prodavtsys money back to the base.

Good sales? It seems to be so - because the money earned. Sales are leaving for a new batch of cherries. But let's look at the untapped resources:

First, we do not buy cherries customers who are not sure that it is clean and high quality;
Second, do not buy cherries customers who have not understood that this is a special variety of the sweetest - they are about it no one said, has not and is not shown;
Thirdly, customers who like cherries, the next day can no longer buy it - the seller and gone - they went for the next party;
Fourth, after some time, when they arrived - is - next to them opened supermarket vegetable - such as cherries - only with a sign, with calculations and with a knowledgeable dealer in a white robe.

Cherry is good, the product quality. But there is no adaptation to the customer. Sales of this type of flying.

Option 2: client-oriented

At the other end - the "client-oriented" sales. In this system, I think, how to make sure that all the clients in the metro, at any time could order the kind of cherries, which they like. And we would do it all the time. Then the sale is as follows: the customer can make an order for any metro station via a specially arranged panels. In the process of placing the order, he can choose any variety: red, yellow and burgundy cherry. Plus pick cherries, raspberries, apricots. And half an hour later at home to receive the order delivered by courier polite. The benefit for the customer in such a model is obvious: time saving, convenience, comfort, choice. The probability of a sharp increase in sales. And with it increased and our revenues.

Both in the first and in the second case - good cherry. But in the second case - the adaptation of the product for the customer above. "Client-oriented" sales for the same produktevsegda give us more volume.

As sales of the two types look at the corporate market?

It is not a "nice numberĀ»

At the time, I worked with the company "VimpelCom". The company seriously invest in the development of new technologies and worked in the picture "klientorientirvannyh" sales. Accordingly, the organization had developed techniques and methods that make the customer buying process more intuitive, convenient and enjoyable.

After some time, I was invited to co-operate large regional mobile operator. The situation was complicated. The company's sales were characterized as rather prostyatsky. Accustomed to a monopoly position, the operator is not actually set up and adapted offer for the client. And, accordingly, it was virtually helpless in the face of a strong competitor.

I was invited to a time when the regional market left "Beeline" brand. It was very significant from the standpoint of system sales, and very sad in terms of sales. If earlier in some areas operators have 90% market share, now began to fall off and the subscribers in batches go into the "Beeline". The dramatic events unfolded and the corporate market.

Here is a typical story of corporate sales manager: "I went to his large customers, offer additional services connected to it, and he said to me - and I'm now in the" Beeline "moved." I said to him: "Why have you moved, because we get you the same price with all discounts?". Client: "But he offered me a beautiful room." "So I have a lot of beautiful rooms!". Customer: "Well, you did not offer! I'm sorry. "

Thus here - gracefully, using beautiful rooms including flowed large customers.

To counter attack nedetskiy strong competitor to regional operators had carried out systemic changes in sales management. It is only with the surface it seems that the client left because he was offered a beautiful room. But if we look deeper, it becomes clear that for this specific result required:
Develop technology to communicate with the client;
Train sellers working with this technology;
Translate training in specific work practices with each client (as is known, from training to specific actions - the gulf, and the specific individual actions to performance standards - even 100 miles);
Develop tools that were forced to move from the client's usual supplier (beautiful room - only one of the instruments);
Organize the work of vendors active offers;
Motivated sellers on the activity, confidence, overcoming the resistance (in fact to lead the customer from the usual supplier is much more complicated than just sell a service).

Before regional operator was an adult choice. Or leave it as it is - and put up with a decrease in market share, or begin the difficult changes to optimize the sales system. The company set to work seriously!

Conclusion - "client-oriented" sales are always stronger "unassumingly." In this advantage. But "klientorientirovnnye" sales require us to introduce new technologies, adaptation of the product for the customer. And this is a minus. It is difficult, sometimes risky and always requires us to perseverance and determination.

But as soon as the system develops, one clings to another technology, another - for the third, the thread for a needle, needle ... Together, they dramatically increase sales. We achieve that result, which wanted!


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