"... And that's how I became an entrepreneur!"

In 2011, we held a contest on the website E1.ru. Each participant had to write us the most unusual and unconventional short story on the theme: "... And that's how I became an entrepreneur!". The most favorite of the stories we publish below beh censorship:

 - Tired of taking money from parents for fun, now I own a business selling car wash equipment.

 - Summer is already evening, I go back to the lake with friends. Watching the evening Ekaterinburg through the windows of the bus, and I understand that there is something in this life, it's time to change and to start looking for his calling. At first there was a lot of thought, reflection ... to 12 am came the idea to advertise in the newspaper for video services (it was then 17 years old, but the camera in his hands for 2 years). The cost of placing text ads was 300 rubles, while for me it was a large sum - could go to the movies, sit in a cafe and would probably surrender stayed! And then a mysterious and frightening word ... Trade decided to consult with a friend who at that time lived in France and who was the only Online at this late hour in the icq. Her words, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" I remember forever - now always remember them when making difficult decisions. The next morning I gave an ad in the newspaper and a week later I had my first client! Then everything began to turn-spun: advertising has become a best friend, there were supporters, began popping experience. Now I'm with my team (this team (3 photographer and cameraman 2), I consider that the collective - a thing of the past) took photos and videos of social events, celebrations, weddings, video production and scientific films. In dreams there is the idea of ​​taking your own movie)) That's how I became an entrepreneur!

 - One day I was resting on the lake. People were not so much as always, ran the kids, as well as their parents. And then I hear the phone conversation a vacationer. The topic of conversation was the following: I need the tube tomorrow, at least from the ground Get it. Then it occurred to me that one of my classmate has been metals. I then went up to him and say: I heard your conversation, decided to help. In general, we talk to him and imagine he bought it directly without having to travel to the lake, all agreed on the phone. I am of course for it each payouts. After this incident, and sell tubes. )))))

 - I cut and that's how I became an entrepreneur

 - We decided we somehow meet with friends, long time no see, like to talk, drink some wine, a tasty meal, look at others, to show themselves; the question arose with the choice of place, someone did not want the house-there-children and husbands, and the lady of the house would not be free, t.k.nuzhno cook, clean, etc .; in a cafe in Yekaterinburg, noisy, smoky, expensive; here and tell me podrugi- "opened to you, Marina, at a cafe in the village, a cozy quiet place in nature" (and I live in the countryside in the village) -Be gostyami.Pogovorili We constantly forgotten, and then fell down on our heads crisis, the branch of my company was closed, and, as they say, there would have been a blessing in disguise, I decided, as you can depend on all sorts of employers and spend their forces to increase their income, I'll try to work on sebya.Nashla Minded and Now together we began to gnaw hard entrepreneurial bread!

 - In 1996, I was 21, I went to university, and ever nebylo money. On May 9, I came to the Square 1905, bought the same place on the square in a stall balloons, stuck a stick in the lawn in the square and began to inflate balloons mouth, tied to a stick and sell. It was at first ashamed of course, but used. What is surprising, but people began to actively buy the balls! Taki was running all day in a stall that is located at a distance of 10 meters, and bought balls. Puffed out something on the order of 400 balls. That's earned his first entrepreneurial thousand))))

 - I woke up ... the sun was shining bright ... In my head there was a great myl: Why work for someone else's uncle ??? ... And so I became an entrepreneur!

 - Hello everyone!!! I opened as what, Fast Courier & quot; and attracted me ads for the sale of the pavilion, products & quot; also next to the house, rang the bell, talked and decided to try -Because the money was not enough borrowed from a neighbor at interest to him, too, so it was interesting to not give)))) and gained pavilion podzakupil goods even when, Park 'market I was ... And so I became an entrepreneur!

 - I did not have money. I really wanted to eat. And so I became an entrepreneur!

 - In 2000, in order to make money, we bought in Chelyabinsk 200 kg of sausages and deli meats for resale in the markets of the Sverdlovsk region, even without being entrepreneurs. Trade without documents predprinimatelstve.Potom lest they bear responsibility adminisirativnuyu registered IP. So we have become entrepreneurs. The most amazing thing about this story is that the first day of trading in the mini-market, a tax audit was carried out, we almost got caught and did not unleash the penalties it prompted us to begin to make out the entrepreneurial dokumenty.Kolbasu and delicacies sold completely all this was our first enterprise capital.

 - Every lunch I brought colleagues cakes, baked mama.pirozhki that everyone likes, asked for more and bolshe.Tovarischi Staldom ordered from other departments. then salad, then lunch. So I and my aunt became entrepreneurs. aunt's business, however, was short-lived. About a year.

 - It was the usual May Day, when Mr. K. left the door of his future office. Standard strict suit, a little weakened tie - yet it seems it was too hot, in one hand and briefcase in the other stack of paper. It happens that in May, strong winds blow. Not often, but it happens, but, nevertheless, this wind was swift and not nearly as predictable. And when Mr. K. busy trying to catch a ride securities arm, another merciless wind, who do not care for the Lord of the firm C., snatched from his hand his precious pile of papers. Beautifully flew, picturesquely so ... Meanwhile, I walked just a block away from the place of shocking events. Shel himself walked, planned shopping to do. The mood is excellent, the weather is almost perfect ... Oh, the weather - I decided to look at the sky, do not inflate if the breeze Tucek us to Vecherko. And then I kind of flies directly in the paper "charisma." Well, read the paper. A4 format, 4 pages. Title - "Charter & quot ;. ... Read the row of "Barnyard" (JSC "RIG) represented by Director General ___________________ (the founder). Hmm ... and the director is not established, I thought ... Well, register yourself? And straight to the tax)))) It seems to me, now I think is called ... "preprid ...." "..... pripred" ugh! "Entrepreneur" Oh! I think Mr. K. long will negotiate the transfer of ownership)))) Shopping Shopping and Charters and now fall from the sky! In both!

 - It was in the evening ... it was not something to do ... And that's how I became an entrepreneur!

 - "... And so I became an entrepreneur!" - I'm going to tell your children, drinking amazing cocktails, sitting with children at the large pool at his villa on the Mediterranean coast.

 - My husband and I came to the market by retailers to spin a new point. A little work, the owners decided to close it, unprofitable. We have asked us to sell container. They took the money and began to spin on. Braley goods mainly for sale. Found suppliers with interesting offers. We worked hard. And ... come true !!! The point earned begun !!! It is now 10 years of experience !!!

 - First, a child age of 8, I took from our garden kabochki and pumpkin drove into town and prodovat them near the store and being successful, then probyval zhevachtelnye gum and any little thing like that it does not matter after that I slowed down to business ... As they mature in the company of his father worked as a loader-forwarder operator PCs in the primary, a storekeeper and a manager as they say have learned to work with lower stage, after all this, I realized that I could manage a small firm and provide the city their goods ... And that's how I became an entrepreneur! From childhood dream to follow his father and become Komersant like this before it was fashionable to say tepr have to dream big, to grow to the level of Oligarch)))

 - I gave two different sexes hamsters ...

 - I was 10 years old, it was in the long-running '84. I was walking home from school, and to meet me with the usual question starsheklasnikov hey man give 5 cents. One of them is probably the most compassionate offered to play "vibrating conveyor" my 5 cents, like so honestly I take them. The boys were all from the "concepts" such as money won is "sacred." Well, eventually I beat them all, and I had about 2 rubles. Boys appeared "not to miss", I realized that I am lucky, and within a week they collected clientele with whom I 50% winning play, and 50% gave the roof in their face. then luck is over :) That's how I became an entrepreneur


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