20 days in the Karelian forests

As an intellectual from Moscow planned to spend 20 days in the winter forests of Karelia, built a hut there.

While fresh experience, I decided to unsubscribe otchёtik, not shelving them.
Yesterday just back from Karelian forests. Plans were - hulk. I wanted and hunting and fishing and at the same time build up for a new hut. And basically I like to recall the old - in those places where it I had my site and I have lived and hunted in the dugout hole so kunichku. Nostalgia tortured, had stayed away from the computer ... And it's time to relax a bit, that would not hand himself imagined, if only for the keyboard to me fastened.
Autumn was wonderful. Long chose the time that would have thrown in the site to date - it is desirable for a week before freeze-up. What would you have time to catch the bait rybёshki and more time to build up to the onset of cold weather. But prevented the plans for the work and the quirks of nature. In short, I was late and missed greatly. From this whole trip went awry.
Well, that is-and it is. It is too late to correct. I'll start from the beginning.
I gathered together out of habit thoroughly. With a take of about 150 kg every payload. These are mainly products and tools, boat, nets, traps. Too heavy for a single, but calmer.
That's all my wealth - even Csernus looks at me with suspicion - an hour if the owner did not move wisely? How he is going to drag it all, I do not if I wanted to harness?

But I have somehow familiar. To the station he helped me get my faithful companion for burbot fishing and institute a good old friend. Drove in his car.
The train brought imperceptibly, one pouch, and when the conductor assessed the volume and gasped that baggage is too much - it was too late))) - the train started.

At the destination station I met another friend - worked together on the expedition. He brought me as much as possible on his way to his car. And then there were no roads - to sail on a boat.
Thank you, friends! What would I do without you?

Has pulled in the dark things in the river, we parted. Comrade went home, and I spent the night on the beach. Tired, so that even the fire did not divorce. Just wrapped in a sleeping bag with his head and fell asleep. At night I heard some rustling on the sleeping bag and realized that the snow falls. Late the same ... with this thought and fell asleep.

A morning was merry. Everything was in the snow.

And inflate the boat soon looked like something not very organically in such a situation.

I have a new boat, wonderful! "Burbot" called. Thank you Misha from the Moscow Commercial Bank "Stalker", which produces such wonderful sudёnyshki here. Without any hesitation I want to advertise its products! Wonderful work "barge". With a length of 4 m 4 accommodates a lot of load, and thus itself weighs 9 5 kg! Just a dream tramp single.


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