10 fun exercises that will help you become a more successful entrepreneur

In this article Neil Patel will tell you how to develop all the necessary skills for conducting business.

Deciding to become an entrepreneur, I in the first place, faced with a lack of skills and knowledge. I was not able to think fast and speak without preparation, could not sell bad and interacted with other people. This list is endless... what do you think I took? Give up? Of course not! Instead, I have developed all the necessary business skills. How? I have developed 10 unique exercises that have helped me in this.

Exercise # 1. Use random words during the commercial negotiations in order to achieve the sales you need to learn how to quickly and accurately find the words. You can't know in advance exactly what the question asks the interviewee, so you just need to be able to think fast. To learn how to think quickly, you should start to practice "selling" calls involving a friend or colleague. All you need is to install the phone on speaker and ask a friend or colleague to "throw" random words that you could use them in the following remark.

Here's an example: I was negotiating the sale, and my friend asked me to use the word "tan" and "sandwich" in the following sentence. And I told a potential client: "With your experience and my knowledge of marketing, we will do so much that we will be able to relax on the beach the next 6 months, sunbathing, enjoying the Beers and burgers."

At first this game can seem daunting, but with time you will become much easier. With this exercise, you will also be able to develop creativity and increase confidence, so necessary in sales.

Exercise # 2. Find 5 facts Prepare for each business meeting and phone call. Pay attention not only to information about the company, but about the man with which to communicate. Maybe it pays you the organization, but the decisions are the people working in it. You can collect quite a lot of information about the man, just typing his name in Google, and using tools like Rapportive. In addition, there are social networks today, people's lives are largely public. Know something about the people working or representing a company, of course, important, as we all prefer to do business with those who are like us. Collecting a little information, you will increase your chances to make the sale. Also it never hurts to learn how to become a good researcher. If you become an entrepreneur, you have to accept that you will not always be the answers to your questions, so you should learn to look for them yourself.

Exercise # 3. Do something controversial or even ticklish on publimetro is what restrains most of us. In business, as in life, you probably care about what you think about the surrounding. Therefore, most likely, afraid to do something that might be regarded as indecent or shameful, and allow others to judge you. One way to deal with this problem is to do something sensitive in public. For example, to lie on the ground, on the sidewalk, barely dressed and lie down for 10 minutes. Of course, the first time you will feel very awkward, but then must get used to it. Doing something like that every week, you will begin to think less about what others think about you. Ultimately, this approach will surely have an impact on the entrepreneurial life, and you will begin to do everything necessary in order to achieve success (of course, we should not stoop to the actions that contravene the norms of ethics). The last thing you need to do is let fear or emotions to hamper your progress.

Exercise # 4. Every day on the news, Pick a few news sites to taste and review them every day. It could be BBC or CNN – lack of sources of information will not be exact. Daily reading the news, you will have a detailed understanding of current events. Why is it so important? Here are two good reasons to read the news every day:

1. Current events affect business in the world if there is something serious, you may expect that this event is negative or positive impact on your business. Therefore, you should be aware of all that is happening. For example, one of my friends has the gun business. He noticed that after every school shooting, his sales skyrocketed. Any case of use of weapons is terrible, but he needs to know when it happens, not to write off the resulting surge in sales in the marketing success of the company.

2. People talk about what's going on in the world you visit business meetings or during any other communication required by your business, you will surely face the fact that people will raise the topic of current events. If you are knowledgeable about what is important in the world, then surely impress competent and intelligent people. In addition, it will help you to maintain conversations.

If you're wondering what sites I'm browsing, it's the BBC and the Economist.

Exercise # 5. Remember their figures Speaking with entrepreneurs, I notice that they don't remember much, you know what they forget? Figures on their business, starting from the fact that how much is up to its margin.

As an entrepreneur, you will get clients and consumers, which will definitely put you in a difficult position if you will ask you the following questions: What are your costs? How long will it take before the results appear? How many clients do you have? It seems that these questions are elementary – the way it is, but many entrepreneurs fall into a stupor because you forget or simply don't know the answers. But if you are not able to answer such simple questions, how good you are at work? So think of your interlocutors.

The lack of a comprehensive answer demonstrates your inexperience and questioned the viability of working with you. Examine all the numbers relevant to your business, learn them by heart. This will help you to better understand your business and show you what needs to be done to stimulate its growth.

Exercise # 6. Have fun You need to know how to have fun whether at a party, entertainment event or during a routine meeting with friends. Think back to your childhood... You enjoyed life, right? You sat back, laughed and worried with your friends great moments. Adults often forget what it means to have fun. All we can think about is work, but really, forget about having fun is bad for business. You burn yourselves out quickly, and this will lead to lower profits.

But what can you do? (you ask) Over the years, I realized that just to produce a quality product or service is not enough. Some people for business, you must get along with everyone, who applies to him. You need to understand how to entertain others. Entertainment does not necessarily have to fly into penny. You can organize something as simple as a mud run in a small group of people. Anyway, the main thing – fun. Thus, you can affect the size of its client base, increasing it.

Exercise No. 7. Stop judging people Who likes to condemn him? For example, I don't like... But we are all human, and by nature we laid the tendency to judge others for the way we dress, look, speak and generally live. But you should not condemn others. Let everyone live as they want, if their actions are not contrary to ethics. If a person is happy, you should be happy for him. Taking on the role of the judge, you begin to close yourself a door, that is, voluntarily waive all potential business partnerships and make enemies out of nowhere.

But how to stop judging people? Every time someone does something that causes the conviction, say to yourself, "I'm not going to judge him." I know that sounds stupid, but it works. After a while, you give up the idea to blame others.

Exercise No. 8. Stop talking vain I don't care whether you are the most successful in the world babbler... People hate that. Stop with the hints and get to the point. Next time, relax with friends or colleagues, try to speak shorter. Of course, you don't need to cause anyone discomfort excessive straightforwardness, but when it comes to Affairs, there is nothing better than to speak on the case.

If other, for example, employees or potential customers, start to walk around it, try to stop them and make the conversation more substantive. You definitely don't want to put someone in an awkward position, but in the end, each with the right approach, you will understand that you need to get to the point. Not everyone will like it when it is stopped, but most of them will get you more respect. This approach will emphasize your confidence that the result can lead to new business.

Exercise No. 9. Lead the conversation "about nothing" within 30 minutes You have ever tried for half an hour talking about stupid things? Sometimes it may be difficult to conduct a half-hour dialogue even on the most relevant topics! I suggest you to start with the restaurant, bar, cafe or any other public places where you could meet a random person, which is unlikely to intersect in business. Walk up to a stranger, start a conversation on the most empty, silly topic. Try to maintain a conversation for 30 minutes. If you notice that the interest of the interlocutor to the conversation melts, end it and find someone else. You will be hard the first 5 minutes, but then you may be able to get to the 30 minute mark.

What does it do? Thus practicing the skill of dialogue. You will be interesting and will attract the attention of the audience – all of these skills are simply necessary in business. Without the ability to carry on a conversation, you will not achieve anything outstanding.

Exercise No. 10. What was she wearing and what did you do?Memory is what's important. If you don't remember the little things, how are you going to keep in mind is it serious? As a child, I could not boast of a good memory, but now I remember almost everything. How? I was playing with friends in one useful game. Each time, getting somewhere, we have considered random women, and after the party, asking each other what they were wearing and what I was doing. The reason why we considered it women, simple – parts of the female form are difficult to remember. As for men, their appearance is usually typical jeans and t-shirt, so, not even concentrating on not remembering, you can always guess.

Start studying the people around you, paying attention to any details, from clothing to action and facial expressions. So you will learn to memorize large amounts of information, This exercise helped me learn how to remember all the important details regarding my company. I don't need to record or keep track of important tasks... all stored in my head.

Conclusion as an entrepreneur, you will face a lack of a range of skills so necessary for success. So what to do? Instead of give up, try to develop everything you need. To develop the ability not to do something boring (like reading books). You can use quite a fun exercise, for example, those described above. These methods helped me and some of my friends, so why not try you? How else will you be able to acquire useful for the entrepreneur skills? published

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