Our eyes - a window on the world and on what state they are in many respects depends on our perception of reality. It is known saying: better to see once than hear a hundred times
. The teaching of yoga covers all aspects of human life, including the maintenance of good condition. And it needs to comply with the rules of hygiene and the eye every day to allocate 10-15 minutes to perform simple exercises for the eyes.

Exercise "Trataka»
This is a very effective exercise for the eyes. It has a positive effect not only on the vision, but also on the mind. Exercise develops discipline, concentration ability, without distraction to external irritants. And the success of any business depends on how much we are able to focus. With "Trataka" exercises can improve vision and develop concentration.

In the center of a sheet of paper, draw a circle with a diameter of 2 cm Select one of the three colors. Black, blue, green and paint them circle. Attach to the wall sheet. Sit in a comfortable position and relax. The circle should be at eye level at a distance of about 1, 5 m. Quiet lighting.

Look at the circle, not taking his eyes. Try not to blink. The eyes do not strain, they should be relaxed.
You should see only a drawn circle and nothing else.
It is advisable to do the exercise in the morning and evening. The duration of 10-15 minutes.

The effect of exercise on the condition of regularity:
the development of attention in daily life, thoughts become calm and clear operation of the brain significantly increased and improved vision.

The complex yoga exercises for eyes
A set of exercises for the eyes proposed by yogis, it is recommended to do everything, but it is especially useful to those who have nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Doing exercises should be sitting in a comfortable position, the back should be straight without fail.

✔ Exercise for eyes 1
Start with the eye massage. Breathe in through your nose and close your eyes. Slowly exhale, massage the eye padded palms. The direction of hand movements: to the nose and on the nose. After exhalation hold your breath and place your palms on your eyes. Stay in this position for as long as you can. Then open your eyes and take a relaxing breath.
Exercise should be done once. It can be done, and when the eyes are just tired.

✔ Exercise Eye 2
Look straight ahead. Take a slow breath and simultaneously turn the eyeballs to the left and down. While in this position, as you can not breathe. Slowly breathing, vernitec to its original position.
Exercise do 1 times.

✔ Exercise for eyes 3
The exercise is performed once similarly to exercise 2, but the eyeballs turn into the bottom right corner.

✔ Exercise for eyes 4
The exercise is performed once similarly to exercise 2, but both eyes need to look at the tip of the nose.

✔ Exercise for eyes 5
The exercise is performed once similarly to exercise 2, but the sight of both eyes is aimed at between the eyebrows.

✔ Exercise for eyes 6
The rotational movement of both eyes in the following order:
the lower left corner
the lower right corner
tip of the nose
Then the movement is repeated. Make it should be during the pause after exhaling, until the desire to breathe.

✔ Exercise for the eyes 7
The same rotational movement of both eyes, but in the opposite direction:
the lower right corner
the lower left corner
tip of the nose.
Repeat several times during the pause after exhalation until the desire to breathe.

✔ Exercise for eyes 8
Massage the eye, described in Exercise 1.

✔ Exercise for eyes 9
This completes the exercise complex. For its implementation need cold water.
Type in your mouth so much water to swollen cheek. Make lean forward, eyes wide. Take the hands of tap water and splashed it in the wide-open eyes. Do not blink. This should be done as long as the water in the mouth does not warm up. This is usually about 15-20 paddling. Exercise, too, is on pause after the exhalation and only once. Then pour the water out of his mouth and massage the eye.

The water in this exercise plays an important role: it stimulates blood flow and strengthens the organs of sight, massage eyeballs, tones the nerves and, as a consequence, improves eyesight

. Regularly performing this simple set of yoga exercises for eyes, after a while you will certainly feel its positive effect.


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