Tinkoff Credit Systems

Russian commercial bank "Tinkoff Credit Systems", despite repeated attempts to criticize the "work" on his reputation, enjoys in modern Russia is incredibly popular. The success story of this bank is different from anything that could be seen on the bank loan market. And all because Tinkoff - the first bank in the Russian Federation, which was to position itself as a "remote".

Until now, there were no open any bank branch, despite the fact that he is working successfully throughout the country. The only office "Tinkoff - Credit System" is in Moscow. All work is carried out with customers through the Internet and by phone. However, if we consider that the basic rate of the bank is made for the provision of credit - it's very convenient. Many clients come to Tinkoff is due to the fact that the need to appear in the office no. Credit card can be obtained from the comfort of your own apartment.

The success story of the bank Tinkoff

Tinkoff - Credit system: yesterday, today, tomorrow

Bank "Tinkoff" originally specialized exclusively in the design of credit cards to individuals. The client can go to the website of the bank, to provide all necessary information about yourself to get the card, wait for the decision of the bank and, in the case of a positive outcome, get a credit card to your postal address. All simple. And even slightly increased interest rates on loans to customers not scared: too many people do not like to communicate with bankers, but here it could be avoided.

Over time, the bank began to produce and debit cards to customers, as well as offer the service of the universal deposit. However, for the development of the bank it is necessary. While here, "Tinkoff" distinguished: deposits can be easily replenished, and if necessary to withdraw funds at any time and without any sanctions.

At the beginning of 2012 the last bank deposit program "SmartVklad" was rightly called one of the most profitable proposals in the banking sector. Contribution can be replenished using all popular in the country of payment systems, terminals and through various organizations. With every new bank will automatically accrue to the deposited funds in the form of a bonus and a half percent, which excluded the possibility of loss of funds to the commission of the SS.

Already in April 2011, "Tinkoff - credit system" consisted of about a million customers by the end of the same year the bank began to use the services of one and a half million Russians. Deposit and loan portfolio showed growth of 120% per annum. Experts call this increase aggressive, however, the profitability of the bank just grew and grew its revenues.

Oliver Hughes, president of the bank, said that the success of Tinkoff largely lies in the skillful use of human psychology. Cash loans the demand, the lower the client has to come to the office of the bank and collect documents. Online cash loans - a product that allowed the bank "Tinkoff - credit system" to gain popularity in no time. And, despite the fact that the bank does not offer customers major credit products (mortgage or car loan), he was able to take a decent niche in the lending sector. "Tinkoff" rightly been called one of the most successful technological projects in the country.

Today the bank demonstrates steady growth. In the tasks for the near future is a goal - to achieve a high level of customer service through the gradual introduction to the work of the bank schemes that are utilized successfully in the world's leading banks.

Today, the "Tinkoff" quite successfully operating a program for automatic crediting customers who prefer to shop online. In this segment of the market, the bank has almost no competitors, because the very niche only beginning to emerge. There is every chance that it is "Tinkoff" will take a leading role in it. Today, the Bank's partners are several dozens of online stores, many of which are one hundred largest virtual points in Russia and popular abroad.


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