11 keys to the true purpose

Through the true purpose of man knows himself and fulfills its purpose. Everything connected with the desire to make someone a certain effect, and is aimed at, not to be, and seem - is a false target that lead us from ourselves.

Success always has a causal - and in the life of each of us has only two options: to accept the fact that we have, or take responsibility for changing my life for the better and start acting.

Want to do and do - two big differences. Dreaming need active. Realizing his true purpose, you will find the power and will not be able obediently go with the flow, you will want to become a master of your life.

11 keys to the true purpose

1. Think writing. The goal, which is not on paper, there is.

2. Ask goal definitely answering the questions: what, where, when and how?

3. Limit the goal in time: the goal with no time - it's just a dream.

4. Think of someone achieving your goals will benefit, except you?

5. Formulate goal in the affirmative in the present tense.

6. Divide the goal into sub-goals, prepare a detailed scenario of achieving the goal.

7. Take responsibility for your actions toward the goal.

8. Identify the interim results of achievement.

9. Think about the end, not the means of its implementation. Specify the final destination and go.

10. Create an image of the future, where you have reached the goal, and fix the image.

11. Behave as if success was guaranteed.


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