Forget the goal in 2014

The author of this article - the entrepreneur James Clear. He is interested in the psychology of creativity and habits that help people to be happy and productive. Most recently, he wrote a motivating story, which we Website Read it carefully and decided to translate for you. Because, it seems he was right.

- We all dream to achieve something in life - to achieve physical fitness, build a successful business, to create a happy family, to write a book, or to win the championship.

Most of us start the way for all these wonderful things with specific goals.

Recently, however, I found a much more effective way to achieve the desired.

It's all about the difference between aim em> and system em>.

That's what it is:

If you're a coach: your goal - to win the championship; your system - daily training team. If you are a writer: your goal - to write a book; your system - the schedule of how and what you will be writing a weekly basis. If you are an entrepreneur: your goal - million business; your system - sales and marketing. , the really interesting question:

If you completely ignore the objectives and focus only on the system if you can get results? em>

For example, if you train the basketball team and forget that your goal - to win the championship, and concentrate only on the daily workout, you will succeed? I think so.

So, here are three reasons why you should focus on instead of the target system.

1. Objectives oppress nas.

When you are running on the target, if you say, "While I was not good enough, but I'll be better when I will achieve the desired».

The lack of such thinking - you accustom ourselves postpone the happiness and success for the future: "As soon as I reach the goal, I will be happy and successful».

Solution: follow the process and not for the purpose. em>

Goal setting is a great burden on us. Imagine if I could set a goal to write two books for the year? I get scared even at the thought of it!

We expose ourselves to unnecessary stress to lose weight, to achieve success in business or writing a novel. Instead, you can simplify your life by focusing on the daily execution of the planned schedule, but not on the big order.

When you focus on progress and not on the volume of the work, then you will begin to enjoy today and even improve their achievements.

2. The objectives are not important to the long-term progressa.

You may think that the goal is to maintain your motivation on a long journey, but this is not always true.

As an example, training for a marathon. You work hard for many months, but once the competition to an end, come to naught, and your workout. The goal was to run a marathon, and this distance behind, so the goal is no longer motivating. When all your efforts aimed at achieving the objectives that will push you forward after reaching the desired?

This creates a kind of "yo-yo effect" when a person is constantly moving from work for the purpose to a lack of work in general. This type of cycle does not allow you to build on your success in the long term.

Solution: forget about instant results. em>

For example, you have come to the gym and felt a tingling in the leg. It's just a sign of fatigue. You can do exercise through force, but it is better to remind yourself that you like to play sports all my life and decide to finish the training that day.

In this situation, the orientation of the target required to bring training to the end and to achieve planned. Because without achieving the goal you start to feel like a failure.

And thinking on the basis of the system have no difficulty in order to continue to move forward. It is based not on the number of sets, and then to stick to speakers not to miss a workout.

That is why the system is better purposes. The goals are short-term. The system works in the long term. In the end, the progressive development always wins.

3. Objectives provide a false sense of kontrolya.Vy can not predict the future.

But each time, setting a goal, we are doing just that. We plan where and when we find ourselves. We are trying to predict how quickly achieve the desired, although we have no idea what the circumstances and difficulties arise in our way.

Solution: create feedback. em>

Feedback loops are important for building effective systems because they help keep track of the small details that predict what will happen with the whole system. Stop trying to predict the future. Create a system that will give yourself to know that you need to make adjustments.

Love systematic.

This does not mean that the objectives are absolutely useless. Goals are good for planning your success, and systems are good for moving forward.

I propose officially declare 2014 the "Year of the sloth," all of you to have slowed down and focused on the process.

Goals set the direction and push in the short term, but well-thought-out system is advantageous. It is important that you had a system. And most importantly - keep moving.

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