Tinkoff-Agarkov. Reconciled?

A resident of Voronezh Dmitry Agarkov, who tried to sue the bank "Tinkoff Credit Systems" 24 million rubles (more than 750 thousand dollars), entered into a settlement agreement with the bank.
About Reconciliation said the TCS-bank, posted on its website.
Dmitry Mikhalevich lawyer Agarkova, confirmed that the text of the press release of the bank has been agreed with his client. However, he did not comment on its contents, citing the need not to disclose further details of the agreements reached.
In 2008, Dmitry Agarkov signed a loan agreement with the bank "Tinkoff Credit Systems", including the necessary documents are not standard profile of the bank and its own version of the credit agreement.
The document Voronezh, in particular, have a zero rate on most credit and provided millions in fines for changing the bank unilaterally terms of the contract.
"The joke has gone too far»
"The conflict is not constructive, so we decided to complete his gentlemanly, by removing Claims" - are reported on the bank's website words of its president Oliver Hughes.
Hughes also said that he agrees with "Dimitri is that banks should better clarify the terms of service to customers».
The report also cited the bank's own words Agarkova, who called his action a joke.
"In 2008, it was just a joke, when I made my application form and submit it to the bank instead of the official form. But the joke has gone too far. Of course, I do not recommend this way other people do. Before a loan need a lot of time to think and to examine the conditions of the bank, but, if so agreed, it should comply with the conditions, "- said Agarkov.
Hughes also said that "as Dmitry not always a good thing applies to credit cards, we released him for debit card Tinkoff Black, for which the bank charges a 10% annual interest on the map and pays cash back to 30% for certain types of purchases." < br /> Claims 24 million rubles
As reported, the Voronezh received an offer for a loan from the Bank of TCS in the mail in 2008. According to media reports, he scanned the resulting profile, removing all logos TCS Bank.
"In 2008, it was just a joke, when I made my application form and submit it to the bank instead of the official form»
Dmitry Agarkov
Changing conditions prescribed by the fine print, he pointed to it, that the loan is issued at a zero rate and the lender has no right to demand from the borrower commissions and penalties.
The new agreement, approved by the bank officer, was the obligation of a credit institution to pay 3 million rubles for each violation of terms of the agreement.
Bank broke the agreement with Agarkova in 2010, but in August this year Voronezh announced that sues "Tinkoff».
The total amount of claims he estimated at 24 million rubles.
In turn, the owner of TCS Bank Oleg Tinkoff Agarkova accused of fraud. In his blog on Twitter, he wrote: "According to our lawyers, it is not 24 million, but the real four years for fraud get».
He later wrote that in the case of Agarkova "was a forgery, greed, collusion is likely with the bank».
After that Agarkov prepared a second lawsuit - the protection of honor and dignity, this time in relation to the Oleg Tinkoff.
He also announced that he was going to leave Russia. According to him, he feared for his life because of threats owner TCS Bank.

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