On the brink of life hacking law

Holes in the law and shortcomings in the system. ordinary people are often overlooked, lawyers contend, but enterprising people ... monetize. I suggest to read about 10 layfhakerah who think outside the box, respect the laws and the system simply deceived;) Look further!

Against bank banking methods

A former law enforcement officer 42-year-old Dmitry Agarkov find fame all over the world thanks to his joke of the bank "Tinkoff. Credit system. " He scanned the mail to send him a contract and the fine print has made it their own changes, adding that the interest rate on the loan and the commission for issuing cash of 0%. The Bank has signed this document simply because none of the staff did not re-read the contract. After two years of using a credit card banking Agarkova it was filed, which the court refused to satisfy. Their rights through the courts began to swing himself Agarkov, decided to sue the credit organization of 24 million rubles, but after many trials, both sides went to the world.

Year VIP-services for free

Chinese Kwong Yee Ifs In a whole year was a customer VIP-area of ​​the airport, but so never and nowhere did not fall. Airport service to customers business-friendly hotel offers a range of services, the cost of which was supposed to have been already included in the ticket. Among them was a first-class catering, bar, recreation area - all at the same time for free. Kwong d'If, once bought a ticket in business class on an airplane China Eastern Airlines, each time he put off, thus extending its "membership" in the VIP-club Yushu Airport Xi'an. Every day he is registered to dine at a top level and then transferring your flight the next day, got home safely. This was repeated every day for a year, until he finally was exposed: the fact that his name was on the list of passengers on board had not appeared, and the transfer of the flight, he carried the order of 300 times.

Wage labor of programmers from China

The security department of one American company once discovered that a member of staff spends too much internet traffic to search for videos, as well as regardless of the activity of Internet browsing websites Reddit and eBay. It was found that forty specialist software simply delegate all their work to outsourcing professionals from China. By the way, for the services of Shanghai workers he had left only a fifth of personal income, so that the viewing of video from seals and online shopping it is also a good idea to pay extra.

Bypass the anti-smoking law in Minnesota

In 2007, Minnesota in the United States was adopted by the anti-smoking law that prohibits smoking in bars. In the winter, one of the visitors of the bar did not want to go to smoke on the street because of the severe frosts, respectively smoking public stayed at home, and the owners of bars and restaurants lost profits. Loopholes found a rather unusual. According to the law, you are freed from the responsibility for smoking in the wrong place, if you are an actor and play a role that requires cigarette smoking and tobacco use. Since the law does not specify whether it concerns only professional artists or amateurs, owners of local bars Barnacle began to organize the evening theater performances, where all the staff and visitors become actors. The format of these "actors'" parties went far beyond the state to the delight of fans of American tobacco, and in spite of the guardians of the law.

In holiday at the expense of the manufacturer pudding

In 1999, an engineer from California, David Phillips came across a joint advertising campaign manufacturer desserts and new airlines. Terms of action states that for every 10 promotional codes with a pack of pudding buyer will receive 1000 miles, he may at any time be spent using the services of the airline itself. After uncomplicated calculations by David Phillips estimated that, having accumulated a sufficient number of miles he can fly made free, and if the price of the pudding while a fraction of airline service, then offer extremely profitable. As a result, he bought 12,150 pudding packs, which cost him $ 3 140. Miles as he managed to accumulate as much as if he spent on tickets $ 25 000. As David himself with so many pudding failed, the product has been donated to the Army salvation. Thus, the charity has saved him $ 800 taxes. As a result, the Phillips family three years flying for free, and this story is partially formed the basis of the film "Punch-Drunk Love" with Adam Sandler.

Teens who profited on fans of "strawberries»

Two young guy from New Jersey placed an ad in the New York Post for the sale of set of 10 top movies marked XXX for only $ 49.95. Typically, a set of 10 tapes worth not less than $ 100, and the proposal seemed very profitable for lovers of the genre. The main condition of the transaction was the payment by money order or check by post - cash and bank cards are accepted. Customers were many. Enterprising guys have opened a bank account where the transfer of funds from checks received. His company, which opened an account, they are assigned sounding name CHILD PORNOGRAPHY VIDEOS INCORPORATED. Thereafter, an adolescent is sent back that because of the large number of people willing they are unable to meet all the orders. By letter of apology was applied a check for $ 49.95 from the company CHILD PORNOGRAPHY VIDEOS INCORPORATED, but to cash them no hurry, so as not to arouse suspicion. Although all of the checks and the score was absolutely legal, clients are not fighting for their rights for ethical reasons.

The flaw in the system of credit cards CitiBank

In CitiBank have a credit card, which allows you to return 5% of the purchases to the account of the phone operator Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone and others. Check telecom services is carried out on the basis of Merchant Category Codes, delivery and finance and carry out the determination of their status MasterCard and Visa. Airtel launched its e-wallet that can be funded by credit card, internet banking, and use the money when shopping online. MCC (4-digit number is classifying activity in the point of sale payment transactions on bank cards) from companies Airtel and CitiBank the same, so the percentage of transactions with the bank cards can be converted to purse a telephone operator, and then send it to the score card. This loophole had to take advantage of many Americans.

Australian Principality of 30 people

In the late 60s the Australian farmer Leonard Kesli got a very large wheat crop. Considering agricultural quotas, entered the state, it could be a problem for him. To increase the volume of the legal sale of grain the government has not collected and on the contrary threatened to take away the "extra" land. In desperation by this injustice Leonard attempted to secede from Australia and declared their land an independent country. So, five families from the province of Hutt River Principality united in Self currency symbols and ruler in the person of His Highness Prince Hata Leonard I. In virtue of protracted litigation the Australian government has failed to prevent this separation process, as the terms of appeal have expired. Thus, in 1972, the province no longer pay taxes, and to this day live in an independent state of 30 people (although passports issued about 14,000). By the way, an example Kesli inspired the creation of many micronations worldwide.

Houseboats in Seattle, non-taxable

Many years ago, the mass migration of residents of the US city of Seattle in dramatically changed his appearance. It all started with the fact that in the early XX century, one of the very enterprising townspeople found that the law of movable property, such as boats, rafts and other water transport, are not taxed, which means that you can build a house on the water and nothing State to pay for it. So, washed Pacific Gulf on one side and Lake Washington the other c, Seattle quickly overgrown houses on rafts and boats. These homes were built mainly those who could not afford to buy land. Over time, the floating houses flooded the entire lake, which led to the contamination of the ecosystem of the reservoir, and state intervention. Number of buildings limited water, electricity brought to the houses, and the status of homes rafts equated to conventional buildings. From shelters for the poor, these houses have become home for a particularly wealthy citizens. Now houseboats are considered one of the city's attractions.

Plane tickets due to US Mint

It is known that banknote denominations costing US $ 1 more than a $ 1 coin, which may be in circulation much longer. In 2010, the Mint decided to increase the circulation of dollar coins, inviting all who wish to buy them online using a credit card. And no limit to the number of coins purchased, which can order a one was not. Jane Lyau Lyau was one of the few who guessed to make money in the following way. She ordered the coins in large numbers using Cash Back card, which allows a small percentage receive a refund of the purchase price in the form of bonus miles from the airline. Then she received the coins with free delivery, carried them to the bank for deposit account, the credit balance is extinguished. Because of gaps in the system, Jane was able to save money on tickets and free to fly on holiday. Other no less enterprising people took advantage of other bonuses, which involves their bank Cash Back credit card. Mint currently has limited sales of coins that can be purchased by one person for a certain period of time.



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