Do not see the output? Shoot! "Tinkoff Credit Systems" continue to be creative

Builder from Ekaterinburg Vyacheslav Abramchuk wanted to buy a mobile phone and in 2011 issued over the Internet credit card.

"I took a loan of 16 thousand and a half years regularly paid. But there were frenzied Commission, as a result of the debt is not reduced at all. I put four thousand on the card, and to repay the loan is only a thousand rubles, everything else - eats Commission "- discovered and told the press Vyacheslav, who had not occurred saying" on clothes stretch one's legs "and the idea of ​​reading a contract with Bank.

Phrases such as "I'm angry and just waved his hand, stopped to pay", "contract lost" - perfectly illustrate infantilism 25-year-old proletarian incapable for their "want" to see its effects. As a result - today mobile Fame has been around 50 thousand rubles, without taking into account that the young man had already paid.

However, the level of IQ Fame creates problems in the first place and it is his personal matter. While the bank "Tinkoff Credit Systems" - a public institution responsible not only for the credit and debt collection Vyacheslav Abramchukova, but also for their idiocy creators who invented people sending these cards.

"We are all debtors a helmet!" - Quoted "Komsomolskaya Pravda" a bank employee from the Urals.

"We already know about this card. Such methods are "knocking out" of debts are illegal. There is only one legitimate way of debt collection - court. And for these cards can go to trial on criminal charges "Trying to bring to suicide." After all, there are people with unbalanced mind that after this card really can not adequately react - says Chief Counsel of the municipal center of consumer protection Yekaterinburg Ioannina Golubev. - Now we are preparing a statement to the court, the prosecutor's office and the central bank that issued the bank license ».

And in the bank "Tinkoff Credit Systems" explain that this picture - "testing one of the formats work with malicious defaulters who do not go to the contact with the bank».

"The Bank thus wants to say that there is nothing wrong with no debt," not to shoot, "do not have to be made on the run, but you can restructure the debt, if the get in touch with the bank", - explained to the newspaper in a credit institution.

Uralets Abramchuk meanwhile decided to use resonance and wrote a statement to the police station of the October district of Yekaterinburg on the fact of death threats. Reluctance to pay: you take other people and their return something!

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