The failed products global brands (30 photos)

Very often, popular brands are using their big name to expand its borders and conquer new markets. However, not every brand can easily integrate into any industry, and sometimes outright failures occur. On most high-profile brands unsuccessful decisions I'll tell under the cut. Green Coca-Cola. Knowing the tendency of people to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right, «Coca-Cola» released a new version of the drink called «Coca-Cola Life», which is positioned as a healthy alternative to the usual «Coca-Cola» and has a green label instead of red. But without knowing it, the creators of the green Coca-Cola Life countered her classic drinks, using the word «Life» and green means life, thus showing that the red color means death.

Food Colgate. It really was one of the strangest product line extensions in the history of marketing: brand Colgate decided to use the brand name for the production of food! It is easy to assume that they are not a great success, and never left the American market. Perhaps marketers assume the following scenario: people eat foods Colgate, brush their teeth toothpaste Colgate, then the cycle repeats.

Players Microsoft Zune. Zune, developed together with Toshiba, was Microsoft's answer iPod player from Apple, which diverge like hotcakes. But Zune failed to take sufficient share of the market, so as iPod owned about 65%. October 3, 2011, Microsoft announced the cessation of production and sales of Zune, encouraging users to switch to Windows Phone.

Crystal Pepsi. Crystal Pepsi - a kind of Pepsi, but without caffeine, released in 2007. It is marketed as a healthy alternative to classic drinks. Sales, soaring, it was immediately after the news, quickly plummeted. Consumers are accustomed to brown Pepsi, and in transparent or blue version, it does not suit them. According to David Novak, the creator of Crystal Pepsi, it was his best idea in life with the worst performance.

The camera Apple QuickTake. QuickTake from Apple, launched in 1994, was one of the first digital cameras. It was equipped with 0, 3-megapixel camera, which makes the image size of 640 × 480 pixels, and built-in flash, but could remember only 8 shots. In addition, you can view photos only on the computer that was extremely uncomfortable. The cost of the machine is an impressive amount of 600-750 dollars.

Chips, Frito-Lay WOW! The new line of Frito-Lay, which promised low-fat chips, was too good to be true. In fact, the company replaced the fat in their products on the compound, called "Olestra", which subsequently led to serious digestive problems for many people.

McDonald's Arch deluxe. Trying to diversify the menu, fast-food chain launched intended for an adult audience burger arch deluxe. New burger presented to the public in 1996, has a more "complex" flavor. But the visitors McDonald's, love has the usual burgers, did not accept the new burger. Not accepted.

Drinks Life savers. Drinks Life savers

Perfumes Harley Davidson. It is known that Harley Davidson is very loyal audience. Even beloved motorcycle brand may go too far. T-shirts and lighters still did not go far. But when the brand began to produce its own perfumes, fans were not happy. Maybe people do not want to smell like a motorcycle.

Ford Edsel. Car sales have started with great fanfare in 1957. The actual car is not sustained its requirements: too many promises the company gave a preliminary to his account. In the first year it sold just 67,000 cars. Or maybe the fact that the front bumper looked like the toilet seat?

Yogurt Cosmopolitan. The magazine has 58 international applications, is available in 36 languages ​​in more than 100 countries and on the right, is considered one of the most dynamic brands of the world. But everyone has to do what he is good at it. In the case of Cosmopolitan - a release of magazines instead of food. Experiment with the release of yoghurt brand suffered a resounding failure: all products disappeared from store shelves within 18 months from the announcement of sales.

Ready Coffee Maxwell House. The company describes the product as "a great way to meet new flavor of coffee." The essence of the product: a cup of coffee, have poured into the bag. The only problem - the bag can not be reheated in the microwave. First, it was necessary to pour coffee from a bag in a mug. But this is "not quite ready for the coffee." Consumers prefer to pour into a mug of coffee from the coffee machine.

New Coke. In the late seventies, early eighties, Coca-Cola faced a more serious competition from other manufacturers of soft drinks. To remain the first, the company decided to stop selling classic drinks and go to the New Coke. Consumers were outraged. The company had to urgently return to the classic formula. Conclusion: from the good deed goes unpunished!

Breakfast mates from Kellogg. The idea of ​​breakfast cereal manufacturer was simple to a disgrace: just mix the cereal with milk and add to the set of a spoon - tasty and healthy food ready to eat! Kellogg did not realize two things. Firstly, retailers are not stored in the refrigerator cereals, and thus bundled warm milk. Nobody likes cereal with warm milk. Secondly, in the advertisement said: parents are sleeping, and the children themselves "ready" breakfast, but the packaging was Breakfast mates are not designed for children!

Pepsi AM. In the eighties producer of soft drinks had an idea: "Why not take the place of a morning drink a can of Pepsi?». After all, at the Pepsi have caffeine, so it is a natural substitute for coffee. However, Pepsi AM failing expected sales.

Lemonade Frito lay. At first glance, it's a good idea. When you eat salty chips (Frito lay - the largest producer of potato chips under the brands Frito, Lays) - thirsty. Lemonade could quench their thirst. Just in people's minds the name of salted crisps are not associated with a thirst quencher.

Smokeless cigarettes RG Reynolds. In 1988, when even passive smoking was seen as a serious threat to health, RG Reynolds (produces such cigarettes as Camel, More, Salem and Winston) has launched a smokeless cigarette Premier. Payment for the lack of smoke became unpleasant taste, which is not like smokers. The result - a failure.

Underwear BIC. BIC has made a name for itself in sales of disposable products. Disposable razor blades, disposable lighters - all in demand. Disposable underwear? People could not build a "selling" the association between underwear and other products BIC. Moreover, the idea of ​​buying sexual accessories company, which makes pens, not really like women.

Internet TV Microsoft. In the mid-nineties, the company offers users access to the Internet through a TV receivers. Initially, property interests and has attracted users who typically shun new technologies. They also caused the collapse of the project. New revenue they did not bring and constantly demanding more features and improvements. In 1997, Microsoft shut down the project, which was never more than a million subscribers.

Yogurt Shampoo Clairol. Experts noted that sales of shampoo «The touch of yogurt» failed in 1979 because no one wanted to wash your hair yogurt (since consumer preferences have changed). Some even used the shampoo as yogurt, that is drinking! Naturally, it was associated with serious health disorders and multimillion claims the manufacturer.

Mineral water Rocky mountain spring water from Coors. If you - one of the largest beer brands, it is logical to assume that even the most loyal to your followers will not buy mineral water under your brand. Rockies spring water company used for beer production, however, the sale of its most have failed. I have lost the main ingredient - alcohol.

The energy drink Cocaine. Cocaine was positioned as an extremely powerful tool "recharge batteries" in which the caffeine content higher than the same amount of Red Bull in 3, 5 times! The drink withdrawn from stores in 2007, when US regulators said rightly that the manufacturer is positioning Cocaine «as a permissible alternative to conventional drugs." Cocaine may be willing to try to track him down in European online shops in a pair or two of American stores.

Earring magic Ken. Barbie and the company has gone through many changes since the start of sales in the distant 1959. But none of reincarnation was not as unsuccessful as Earring magic Ken. Toy has dubbed "Ken-gay," and parents have expressed outright dissatisfaction with the new toy trendy outfit. As a result, the company was forced to withdraw from the toy store.

Bottled water for pets. People tend to pamper their pets. It is reasonable to suggest that you buy a bottle of your favorite cat or dog. No! The idea has not worked. And God knows why)

PDA Apple Newton. Well ahead of time, Apple debuted the first versions of the Newton handheld computer in 1993. The product failed due to high prices (over $ 700.) A massive and negative PR'a. Direction, however, was chosen right.

DeLorean DMC-12. In 1973, car enthusiasts John DeLorean (John DeLorean) left the walls of GM, to establish its own automotive business. The first and only car DeLorean Motor Company became the DMC-12 - a sports car with a body made of stainless steel and the door in the form of the bird's wings. Sales began in 1981, but just two years later the company was declared bankrupt. During this time, it came to light less than 9000 cars. World famous car was fantastic thanks to the trilogy "Back to the Future," in which an eccentric scientist and inventor Emmett L. Brown converted the DMC-12 in a time machine.

Leatherette DuPont. In the sixties the company began to promote Corfam - normal leatherette. The company has shown that synthetic leather is perfect for tailoring of women's shoes. But DuPont forget about comfort. Corfam was cheap but not the most convenient alternative to natural leather. Genuine leather is softer. In addition, manufacturers of shoes made of genuine leather, fearing competition from Corfam, began to reduce prices and improve quality. This project determined the demise of DuPont.

Aspirin Ben-Gay. Ointment Ben-Gay - an excellent remedy for pain and aching joints. But the idea to swallow Ben-Gay in the form of tablets failed.

Betamax VCR from Sony. Betamax VCR hit the stores in 1975. A year earlier, Sony introduced another VCR VHS. By 1977, four companies selling VCRs format VHS. The two formats are used interchangeably. The user can choose between Betamax and VHS. The result is known.

Mountain bikes Smith and Wesson. Market research showed: consumers appreciate the company not only as a manufacturer of quality firearms, but in general "as a producer." Since 1997, S & W provides mountain bikes for the needs of law enforcement agencies, security services and ambulances. In 2002 the company began to offer the consumer a wide bicycles. Although the stories continued, "like" the secret services, they are not ordinary people hooked.



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