The gentle smile of a predator ...

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The gentle smile of a predator ...


"Well, and what will happen is your positive response?»
 - From / f "The Taming of the Shrew»

Uncertainty - a terrible thing ...

It makes even the most ridiculous intelligent and wealthy - in many guises and their - man. When and if he is in his personal incompetence. Or - a lack of awareness ... that is almost the same. And suddenly the situation requires him to "keep face" or "do the proper form."
Not many have enough honesty to simply ask: "Why is it so? Explain - I do not know ... »
Yes, at least to start with, it is to say to yourself, heh ...
Honesty and generally very lacking now. But in this case, its lack of a killer.
And in all aspects.
In the subject of the sale - even more so. And in the field of sales of commercial real estate and business is "much more" - three times. This area of ​​activity is very good illustration of the words of the philosopher of the twentieth century Ron Hubbard:
- "In the absence of knowledge of security does not exist. All defended in life comes from knowing »
After all, the problem, in fact it is that people do not know anything and ... and do not do anything with it. Just like that - nothing.
More precisely: anything worth doing is not. Instead, it would gain the necessary knowledge and data used all sorts of "replacement"; as that - fixed ideas, stereotypes, opinions "authorities" or some nonsense still under the general title "Instead, what would ...".
And in the subject of the sale of the guard at all ... !!! - You can shout. And it's time. There's even a correct determination of the sales not only do not know, but even worse: there is "everything, all and everything KNOW ... AND LONG!»

This clinic ... and almost not treated.
Sometimes I almost entertained when I see that people here have a vacuum and the gaps that "loudly indignant, says a lot ...." I'm just asking such a person that, in his opinion, is the word "sale»?
Often the response is required from me as from a professional prodazhnika in commercial real estate, a considerable exposure ... and tolerance. As from the person who engaged in the creation, organization, implementation and control of the action line sales for the specific needs of the customer and objects.
Runaway they are ... these answers.
Oppressive staggering.

Especially when it's complete incompetence (read: stupidity) was encapsulated in a frankly vulgar, rude arrogant wrapper Dixit self-righteousness from scratch.
Type: "Yes there Che? Grab the loot - all sales! Business somehow ... ».
For an illustration of this is fine episode brilliant film with Evgeny Evstigneev as Professor Preobrazhensky on Bulgakov's novel "Heart of a Dog» ...
About the "council of cosmic scale," Comrade Sharik. This is so funny!
Eerily recognizable ... for now.
Remind them it's worth it:
Ha! "As all share!" ... Tin ....
I would have laughed, his pleasure, if not moral standards and if it were not so sad it's over total. Yes, if not my understanding that it's just a defense. Privacy is such a person from what he does not know really, and therefore afraid ... how likely it the unknown, afraid of people with more cave time.

Anyone who knows the device of the human mind and how the mechanisms work and automatisms of his mind, he is easy to understand and very importance and significance of sales in the world, and true to their definition. I will give here your own definition for them, namely the formulation, which itself is applied in its activities:

 - Sale of this HELP.
IT help in making a faithful man, and effective solutions for its problems and in his situation.

In fact, the sale - is the art of changing one view to another.
"The art of change OPINION" - noticed?

Seller, prodazhnik, the man who sells - is a vehicle for other areas of his fear and uncertainty in the field for his knowledge and understanding ... in a different state.
And for the sake of acting it is already in this state, as the only one in which victory is possible at all.
Interesting thing here is that this concept of sales profess all sensible and ethical professionals in this business ...
I am specially interested in the many personal relationships with them, and often watched from their colleagues in sales so to speak "on indirect" signs. In style, in their technology on behavior, in their relation to the quality of its people and influence them. And the fact that they now sell, meaning virtually no ... for themselves. Typically, these are people of high integrity and they are not engaged in "money for everything, everything ..." or "all in a row - to anyone." Simply, they are able to sell everything, but it does not mean that it will do.
It is this and rescues them. From many such ordinary and customary in this field, such as: stress, downturns, degradation, or what is called bad luck, fate ... and so on.
From time to time some of my new clients at the beginning of our conversation on the subject with their sales of commercial real estate, ask questions, or rather a certain kind of ... it's one question this, and sounds almost always the same:
- Ah ... But you ... you ... YOU personally dodge that can sell my ... (name of the object) ??
My answer is also the same: "Of course!»
And not always my confidence immediately meets at least some understanding.
But it's true - people can sell everything, everything, everything ... even the most stupid and horrible. Vtyuhat, made to vanish, push or insert - that's a slang in these guys is ... "type sellers, traders' ... different. That's just long it differently will not continue, and they will come out after so sideways and with a hand that will not find ... and not to themselves only.
Now, in the autumn of 2014, and by the way, and can be understood by many so here's an example ...
Tell me another year or two ago, except the elected units, someone could imagine to assume or even imagine it? That suddenly, almost on a level place, with nothing actually - most people in the Russian Federation there burning hatred for the inhabitants of a neighboring country? That normal and ordinary people on the other side of the state border overnight became "enemies", some "ukrami", "Bendera" some (God, and this is still what is ?!), "fascists", "Natsik" and stuff like that - an endless stream of dirty!
Here's how it here - appears !?
Where? From the sky fell SAMO?
No, my dear and kind!
It was SOLD!
With the kind of "soft" smirk predator ... gradually, softly, planning, and slowly, gradually. For 15 years it was sold. And it is sold! A very large number of people.
These ideas and these opinions have been changed from the usual and normal - for new and SUCH.
I'm not even talking now about customers or sales of these "sellers" - this is for my article, and it does not matter, and do not necessarily ...
The phrase "SCOPE vested interests" easily and immediately puts everything in its place, right?
The bottom line is that to sell at an appropriate, long-established and proven technology can even be such a nonsense as - has suddenly appeared - "genetic" mutual (!) Hate "Ukrainians and Muscovites» ...
And if there are sufficient resources and means quite successfully obtained even that. Each of those who had sought and everything you need to have. This is from the time of Hitler's known. No - after still receive their sight, to them that it was "vpendyurit" in the sentimental upakovochke. But that is not all ... and the train left already, and it's already been done ... black.

That there must be something there? TV, media and money - and everything.
And yet: advertising creates rumor, rumor provides opinion, opinion enjoyed by those who paid and supervises advertising ...
Even (and more!) At the level of nations, states and nations.
Everything is very old ... like this world. Nothing new.
No wonder most excellent reporter, from monsters, which now not - Alexander Nevzorov - once said that "he was not at home, and the TV, and the TV news that he was just not interested ..." because that is really new there there is NOTHING.
Of course, there is no new. There is nothing and there is no other sales. What's new is on sale?

That's it.
And I have so carefully ask about my reliance on certain hotels or buildings ... in terms of sales.
And indeed!
And why is it I have such confidence?
Strange, is not it?
Moreover - for elementary sales of commercial real estate just does not need that kind of money, such control over the media and such power to the TV, as it is necessary in the sale of two of hatred, once fraternal, people.
Everything is much simpler and cheaper. Just need to sell - and not "offer" if this distinction clear to you.

I can tell you here and now about the new sales. This internet. Once you have personally read this article, you netizen. And we believe that once you're here, on the Internet, and all the rest - too. This is a good, common and common misconception ... unconsciously, as if the "default". And generalizations ... obscene, in my naive.
As in the example of the "information war" in the text above, and as it turned out really, internet ¬- sucks in terms of sales and advertising. It does not create a rumor, and it does not cover MANY audience; He is too selective and interactive ... for REALNYH sales. And very expensive in comparison with the efficiency of other channels of conveying information.
And in these key positions he soundly beat and globally inferior to the media, TV and simple sensible ideas ... any promotion. Even in those cases where absolute lie sell, complete idiocy and this nonsense ... as in the example above with the obvious for so many "Internet users" classic black propaganda.

If the thesis of "forming an opinion of the target audience" for you not empty, then everything should be understood in terms of selling your large property and commercial real estate.
Sell ​​- and will sell!

Just do not be confused with trade sales. Trade is an activity in which the sale has already been established ... well, at whom - like how honored, but they already are. And the sale itself is a process and technology that make it possible to get a result in the form of an exchange of the object of bargaining on other value.
This process, like any other, it is planned, organized and run ... as well as conducted, maintained and controlled to achieve a proper outcome.
And it is highly desirable for this outcome - competent and professional people in their sphere of activity ... with the same "soft" grin of a predator, but with a more constructive intentions.

That's when you can still sell EVERYTHING.
Well, you know, I hope.

Then here's a quote from fellow journalist:

"The future has to be built into the present. This is called a plan. Without it, nothing in the world can not be good »
 - Georg Lichtenberg

Successful sales YOU!
And planned.

For you and respectfully -
Victor Hudson, entrepreneur, analyst and publicist.
Head Office «Vector Realization»
Active sales of commercial real estate and business for the owner.

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