Magic wand over!

If beauty - this is the only thing that saves the world, then ditch it once and for all, can also only one - and it's incompetence.

This world is sick, and incompetence - it is just that it is the most chronic and deadly for him (and for us, as it is part of) disease.
I, on the extrinsic my modesty, keep silence about the present "superior", the institute's university education, and that, and how, there now is formed. Firstly - I am afraid to get carried away, and secondly - it's common knowledge.

But my hair stand on end - in all the places on the body where they are still there - when I see the offer of "assistance" to the student that has become so, as familiar to us as the dominance of propaganda brazen idleness, stupid consumerism, perversions of any kind and promiscuity, pornography, drugs, and other infectious garbage that so diligently imposed on us openly prostituted media under the name "creature comforts." So familiar, how much, and death. I doubt very much that I am the only one who catches the eye of texts with, or similar to, the content, "Help Students - abstracts, course, diplomas to order».

Simply Magic Wand!
The key to a wonderful life, passed from hand to hand to one another idiot ...

What do people think that this offer? What motivates them when they make this a "just business"? Well, that's just interesting!
Just wondering - how to feel ... something to think about and how this person will behave when he learns to surgery, on the operating table and under the scalpel of which is his favorite people, to whom he had sold "a diploma under the order» ??

PPV! - It is fashionable today to reduce the popular cry of the Internet ...
Should I resent that mess and besprosvetu that reigns sovereignly in our environment ... and not only in medicine or politics?

At one time, for a long time, when I myself was looking for some answers to their questions, your "magic wand" that will help in the then-new for me, and still a very interesting and exciting business - the services for the sale of commercial real estate of its customers - I was shocked.

I was a real culture shock when I am fully aware ... absolutely ruthless understanding ... What is the situation in the services sector. AS being there "things" and yet whom, and why. Now I have got used to this, there is the effect of novelty, but then my condition could be called a very precise Russian word - surprise. Now I know I can do with it and do it, and then I found myself in a situation where the painfully accurately understand - if I, as a well-known fairy tale character, I would venture to say to the public his "The king is naked!", Then I do not understand ... is the least. I realized that I was waiting for. But risked not pay attention to it for the chief. For the sake of success - their customers and their own.

Maybe it's not the most rewarding activity - leading to an understanding of the real situation - but the guys who are still accustomed to assume that the earth is flat, it becomes less ...

And those who could see the facts on the other side of the "authoritative opinion", an opportunity to achieve their personal New World.
Well ... who looks to see - see. Who seeks to know - is.

Unconditional classic modern management, L. Ron Hubbard, one of the my favorite of his articles "leadership success" of his famous series "Marketing", gives two definitions of the most fundamental factors in business. And that is extremely valuable for me personally, his words are accurate, concise and provide incomparable ease of understanding of the subject of the applicant.

I still remember what his state of enlightenment and admiration from the ensuing clarity in mind, when it is already at the beginning of this short article read -
"You either are in demand, or increase it, or CREATE ...»
Truly - the wisdom in simplicity!

The Free - Will ... and it is possible, with due skill, be the cause of creating a demand anywhere and on anything. Here are just a good idea at the same time to understand and that you yourself, and your inner circle, sooner or later - but inevitably, too, will be a consequence of the implementation of this specific demand. The only good news as this one, to the sad often overlooked, but extremely important for the results of its aspect, too, is possible for learning and for use with success. Although this is another side of the coin, and perhaps a topic for another article.

I do not know what's up with wands on the market of consumer goods and services ... they ran out, and whether all "on sale", I do not even matter. I just know what the real magic of success in any company, in any business and in any business on the planet, what would he or lay.
And it is not enough and it is not surprising that the magic of both the most expensive and the most scarce "commodity" of the world - particularly when it comes to management and sales.

Name it - competence. And the price - the future!


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