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"What begins Motherland? - The main action that makes a real success in the sale of your object »

Article number 7
(Update by the author in June 2013)

"In principle, there is nothing too ...
For a man with intelligence ... »
 - Secretary Vera,
film "Office Romance»
It turns out that most people do not like to write! No, I am not of those who can not. I'm talking about literacy. Do you know why? Interesting? Oto Well, as they say in Ukraine. There is a nasty little trend: Earth's population is growing every year and in proportion to the falls (!), The percentage of people for whom the transfer of ideas on paper is a common and everyday thing. And parallel to this reduction, there is a (among the working and active people) decrease in the number of people for whom intelligent staffing agencies and recruiting firms even have a special term. They call such a person «Performer» (Russian pronunciation - Performer). Surround the concept of the English word sparingly dictionary translates as a performer. Very poorly, primitive. The initial value is wider. It is a creator, a man who can take personal responsibility for their activity, to do everything necessary (including the establishment of ideas and methods) and bring it to the end, the planned result. And without any coercion from outside. This is a real, constructive leader. Bringing development and progress to their environment.

* Leader - it is only at first glance, the only one who knows how to lead people. It's not enough, it is even only outward appearance. Leadership consists solely in restoring order, otherwise it is not leadership. This definition opens the view of the many interesting things. For example, if a company has a new employee, and as a result of its activity the company begins to lower, "shake", "fever", it is calm and things are starting to steadily move up, then we can say that it is the leader. Do not confuse them with all sorts of Hitler, Napoleon the Great, who, despite his talent, has not been true leaders. As a result of their work the world has become a chaotic and crazy. Many of those who are true leaders, sometimes do not realize that it is they and they are.

But the survival of our civilization is entirely to their credit, and they are easily recognized by a number of characteristic features. One of these signs, of whom I am writing this article, and for the benefit of your business.
So, their number is reduced too. Leaders. And leadership is indispensable in the management and organization of all activities. Now this is almost never taught. The biggest deficit of the market staff is bilingual and skilled managers - and a lot more than the deficit of bananas in shops Siberia under Brezhnev. Needless to say, it is self-confident and capable in the affairs of men? Create and implement ideas to them as breathing. And the first of their step towards the materialization of thoughts in her reincarnation in a really existing thing, event, situation, etc. - that, after his appearance in the physical universe, and will be recognized by all the others as the svershёnny fact - a description of the idea on paper, as existing. And so it was done!
As an existing ... that's what's important. Arrogant guys, not a drop of modesty - at least in this. I'm in one of his articles gave the definition of modesty from a famous master. Oh, spirited! So that especially interesting is that the description of this in great detail and in detail as if "from nature", done. It is prescribed in detail almost everything: time, the status of the situation with the very idea and the environment, the circumstances created by the investigation (in the end), so the prospects arising from the rest, up to minor details. And they are not lazy! Sit down and write a few taps often in the details, and colors, as amended and supplemented, with all the imagination and inspiration. While there is no "vshtyrivat" themselves. Up to the end result - when everything is described in cool, volumetric and amendments shall be required.

Why, they ask? They that do nothing more? A? So there is no such ... Such people are usually very busy. You know who we are charged - who draws, who can, who else could do. For tortured routine cares about profit, troubles with stupid staff, loans, fees and other "pleasures of life" of our time entrepreneur, a writer's activities may seem a bit strange to say the least. But the question remains - why?
And here is why. This is the only effective way to begin the embodiment of an idea - physically. The real beginning of creation that exists only "in the head", in our common, material, world. Only in this way and created reality, or rather, it is a start. What? It sounds a bit Claims and even phenomenal. I realize in this report. But in fact, offensively simple and ordinary mechanics. In the field of technical disciplines - the conventional norm. There's generally a lot of common sense - it is time to share with the "humanities." This is probably because of the engineer or technician-expected actual practice, a useful and working results - his product. What I have here I paint carefully and fully justifies, in their world is simply called - drawing plan. The analogy caught? In our case it is the other term of the control technology is the "ideal picture". But just as the engineer or builder - without a clear and sensible plan or scheme and an entrepreneur - without such a "drawing" of the idea, get what you want will be difficult. Although it would seem - just a piece of paper.
But when this is written - physically - o-ho-ho! Remember the folk wisdom: "What is written with a pen, will not cut down with an ax?"

Incidentally, this is not so easy as you can just think about it. Probably because it requires some intellectual effort. Sami try. "Spirituality" - is not chant prayers on his knees and his eyes to the sky to pay. This responsibility for the future. Therefore, the little people, which were mentioned in the first paragraph. As Pushkin wrote: "There is a higher courage: the courage of the invention, creation, where the plan encompasses a vast creative thought."
This high style, and in a simple way: it's not missed a step (and usually it passes) in the algorithm produce the final result. As an example, one worker digging a ditch, and another buries her. Between them, as in the joke Zhvanetskogo should be a third, which plants trees, but he did not come to work ... Where are the trees? No trees.
Incidentally, it is what I say to you here, it is not abstruse ancient "psychological" delights and newfangled "shnyaga" for secular parties. And not baby talk about manna from heaven. This concise conclusion that follows from the natural laws of the universe, dry fact of a scientific laboratory. To confirm which require extensive discovery in the field of nuclear physics and the nature of man is still in the middle of the last century. Now I do not see much sense to cover the results in this article. Who searches - finds. We are very practical people, and the value of any given precisely lies in its practical application, to the extent that you can use it. You can express this idea in a different way: the information is valuable to the extent that you can make it their own.
Yes! Do not think that I entreat you, or prove something, do not want - do not do. Those who long ago and so everything knows to read (and even more so to write!) Do nothing. TV lacks a head. Here I write for others, for those who have not yet closed their access to the new knowledge, as such. Especially that for myself I know - sit down and write a reasonable "picture perfect" - even that job of work. Just wanted to wriggle out, hiding behind something "more important».

So there is nothing more important at this stage! So you knew it. I do not even know that there can be more to add. Reasonable and sensible man, and so is more than enough. Aha - here! There are a lot of bad habits. But the number and scale of the effects produced wont miss this step and do not write "picture perfect", especially widely popular in the business world. Well, just bezpretsendentna. So it goes. If, having reached this point, you have not understood the whole significance and importance of this technical actions to their success in selling the object - I'm sorry. Well, to hell with it!
Do not be that hard. The main thing is that you just made. Write your ideal picture of your sales, as already held. Please. And move on. There is also lack of gifts, ranging from control over incoming calls, questions, and other makings of working moments at the operations and transactions. There is something to talk. We still talk about it - in the next publication of this series. Detail.

And - dream carefully, you can get it! I'm not particularly original (which, in fact, do not apply) if remind you that life is, in its essence - a game. Ability to live - this is the game to achieve the goals. It's simple, and has long been known. With regard to business and business to games, this idea will mean the following: "The game - a way to maintain interest in the case and the interest in its successful completion." The material in this article is devoted entirely to this idea.
Ability to live and the ability to play the game - synonyms. I have tried here to bring you something with which this ability begins to be put into practice. And I cook in the completion (for you) wisdom in the pure form. The famous philosopher and humanist of the twentieth century, the classic American management, L. Ron Hubbard, conducting research in the arts in 1982, wrote the following bulletin, "the joy of creation»:

"Force yourself to smile -
and soon you will stop frowning.
Force yourself to laugh -
and soon you will find a reason to laugh.
Be enthusiastic -
and soon you will feel it.
The man himself creates his feelings.
The greatest joy in life - creation.
Do not skimp on this! »

Play smart and win! In his creation.

* Italics and underlined - a compilation of fragments distribution for managers and owners of the companies' self-developing business », BusinessForward (Moscow) - Vladimir Kusakin. Issue N 59 on September 8, 2009

For you and respect -
Victor Hudson - entrepreneur, analyst and publicist.
Office «Vector Realization»
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